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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Name: Most kids at Edgeview have nicknames (like, 85-90%). Ex: Cheater (cuz he cheats), Trash (cuz he trashes stuff), Torchie (cuz he lights stuff on fire), Squinty (cuz he has huge, thick glasses)
Grade: 6-8
Talents: this can be a normal talent, like beating people up or writing, or a hidden talent, like telepathy. Lupine Estill, if you put "coercion" I will count that as a hidden talent as a form of mind control.
Background: This should include why your charrie's at Edgeview, if they're new or have been there a while, and (if they have one) if they know about or can control their hidden talent.

A mod needs to approve your character before you can roleplay ((this is so that no one creates characters with talents like "magic" and "controls fire" and so on)).

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

Principal Davis: The principal of Edgeview. Is oblivious to any bullying. Walks stiffly.
Mr. Briggs: The science teacher. Likes to wear college t-shirts and sweatshirts. Nice, friendly. Cares about the students.
Mr. Parsons: Math teacher. Gets angry easily. Bald. Experiments with different teaching methods.
Miss Nomad: English teacher. Super-duper nice. Likes to write poems but is really bad at it.
Mr. Acropolis: Gym teacher.
Miss Crenshaw: History teacher. Into class participation. Likes acting and drama.
Mr. Ludovico: History teacher. Gives traditional lectures. You can take either his class or Ms. Crenshaw's.
Mr. Langhorn: Geography teacher. Yells and shouts a lot. Depends on discipline (that's putting it mildly). Wants to travel around the world but can't. Afraid of flying and has a hard time remembering facts.

Anyone can rp the teachers or other NPCs you can come up with ((cafeteria lady, janitor)).

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Name: Christopher Acton, Chris, Electro
Age: 13
Grade: 8
Talents: technology/hardware, generating electricity
Personality: Acutally likes people but is wary of them, so acts solitary. Likes to help people.
Appearance: Dark, wavy hair, blue eyes, pale skin with freckles. Tallish and lanky. Wears gloves. Usually is covered up from neck downward to avoid brushing against anything electronic accidentally.
Background: It started in elementary school. Any electronic thing Chris touched shorted out. First it was things like computers and lamps. Then it grew to stuff like school-wide blackouts. He soon had a reputation for killing electronic items, and, among kids, recharging dead ones. No school would keep him.
Chris figured out his power in fifth grade. His parents know it too - they do love Chris and want the best for him, but they don't let him touch anything electronic directly. Because he can't use working electronics, Chris taught himself how to fix and build them. He has a talent for understanding the hardware of any electronic.
Chris has no idea how to control his power. In seventh grade he learned that wearing gloves didn't let any electricity escape his fingers. But that doesn't really help him because he can't hold on to some objects while wearing gloves. Has been in Edgeview for 4 months.
**Update** Cuz he generates electricity, he also can't touch metal stuff or any other conductors.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Name: Nathan Ruse, Nate, Pretty Boy, Derek (Derived from Dere-Dere which means Lovey-Dovey), Queen of Hearts, Queen
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Talents: Social Interaction, Making people uncomfortable, Turning the Tables, Thievery, being a "White Collar", [Pheromone Control (limited to emotion of Love/Liking)]
Personality: Free-spirited and wild, Nate hates getting held back. He's always been a problem child, and has used his powers for both good and bad; interchangeably. He's nice and sweet when you get to know him, but can be awfully bratty if he really puts his mind to it. Nate has a smart comeback to almost anything you can throw at him. Because of his upbringing, He can think fast on his feet and has more than one backup plan for anything he decides to do. He loves confusing people and making them stumble over themselves for personal amusement. Has absolutely no respect for authorities, teachers, or adults in general, unless they EARN it. Threats often have little meaning to him. More to be found out XD
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
He has Shaggy White (not grey >.>) hair and often wears a brown coat, even when it's burning hot outside. He wears arm-bands and jewelry, as well as one earring on his left side. His left eye is yellow, but his right eye is grey. He wears a grey baseball cap with a red bandanna tied around his head, with three claw-marks on his left cheek. He often wears black ripped jeans, and almost never wears shoes. Usually has a cocky grin on his face, and has the "bad boy" aura... or whatever.
Background: Nate has been able to use his Pheromone Control as long as he could remember. His earliest memories of using it was to get a guy to buy him something he wanted from a rather expensive toy store. Since then, he's used his ability on anything and everything, ranging from getting girls to robbing stores, or conning teachers out of giving him detention or homework. By 1st grade, lying was a second nature for him.
His parents have already given up on getting him to stray from his horrid habits after 10 long years. They finally turned him over to the police, but Nate didn't resist, eager to find where it got him. Edgeview happened to be his destination. He's a new arrival, but is fairly confident, from what he could get out of his transporters, that he'll fit right in.
Though his jewelry and armbands are pretty, they're stuff that he is required to wear, in attempt to seal his powers. He can't remove the three rings on his fingers, the earring, or the armband (which is actually a cuff-bracelet), which all hinder his full capabilities, limiting him to only being able to manipulate the "love" or "liking" factors of the brain.
[Will add how he got his Jewelry when it is revealed in the RP ^^]
Crush: Will date just about anybody. He's Bi, Go figure. Currently Open :)

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Dovewing | 370 comments Name: Sappheire Silver
Nickname: Saffy, Sunshine
Age: 11
Grade: 8 (she skipped two grades)
Talents: controling light energy. E.g. if she's angry, all the lightbulbs in the room explode, or if she's happy she glows. When she can control her power (later in the rp) she will be able to make light shoot from her eyes and temporaraly blind people.
Personality: It really depends on how I'm feeling when I rp. She could be a goody two-shoes or not care much about rules. Probably the latter, seeing as this rp is about a school for 'bad' kids. Either way, she's nice to people, unless the other people are jerks to her. So... basicly your typical teenage, mood-swinging girl.

Body type: She is thin, as her muscles grow close to her bone. This makes her very flexible, like the contortionists at Cirque de Sole. She has a naturally small build, and is about 5’3”. Despite that, she is quite strong.
Posture: She has good posture and keeps her back straight. She tenses up when nervous, scared, or surprised, then visibly relaxes when she calms.
Head shape: Somewhat oval-shaped, with a rounded chin. She has high cheekbones.
Eyes: Like high-quality blue sapphires, her eyes are a clear, dark blue. They are bright and exited, as if always looking for an adventure, yet calm and wise, ever logical and calculating. Their shape is round a slight hint of an almond shape.
http://www-tc.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/diamo... eye color link
Nose: She has a normal-sized nose; the bridge is not particularly high or flat.
Mouth: Her lips are light pink and her teeth are white. She has a temporary silver filling one of her lower back teeth.
Hair: Pure white in color, her hair falls to the small of her back. It is slightly wavy, and she always wears it either down or in a tight braid. When in a braid, it can be used as a whip. Her bangs have grown out.
Skin: Her skin is smooth and porcelain white. She doesn’t tan or sunburn; the darkest she’s been is a slight peach color. When she blushes, a light shade of pink shows on her cheekbones.
Tattoos/piercings/scars: She has small circular scars on her arm from having blood drawn, little dots that only slightly show against her skin. She has no tattoos, but she often draws on herself or writes bible verses on the back of her hands.
Voice: Her voice reflects her emotions well; it is soft when she is sad or comforting someone, bright and excited when she is happy, when she is mad it sounds like a quiet shout (unless she is furious, then she gets very, very quiet). She is generally calm and her voice has a slightly melodic tone to it. When she sings she is a soprano, and she has an uncanny knack of mimicking singer’s voices.
What people notice first: Her white hair and pale skin.

Shirt: It is a long-sleeved t-shirt in the colder months and a t-shirt or tank-top in the warmer part of the year. It is fashioned out of a dark blue lightweight material and is decorated with silver flames on the hem and edges of the sleeves. In the light, the flames seem to dance like they were real.
Pants: She either wears sweatpants (the nice kind, not the baggy kind) made of the same dark blue material or dark jeans. Both have the same silver flames at the hem, and no other decoration.
Accessories: She had a necklace with a chain of silver and a cross pendant. The pendant looks like this: http://images.auctionworks.com/hi/70/... . Other than that, she wears no more jewelry.

Background: She's always been a bright kid- literally and figuratively. She learned to read when she was four and has been devouring (not literally) books ever since. She glows when she's happy, something she has always tried (and failed) to hide, and it is part of theshe ended up here. Her mother was murdered when Saffy was seven, and she found her mother's body that night when she went to get a glass of milk. Her fater (who had been doing experiments with her blood ever since she could remember) left her at an orphanage a few days after. A few grad students saw her glowing one day and cornered her, trying to get her to come with them so they could run tests on her. She got scared and spazed at them, and she accidentily blinded two of the three. All the students ended up with nasty injuries, and of couse nobody beleived her side of the story- the students had lied about the encounter- so she ended up here. She's been at this school for two years now, so she is pretty sure she knows where she fits in.
Other: She is a Christian, and carries her Bible around with her everywhere. It has a white faux-leather cover and it once belonged to her mother.

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fghasdf | 44 comments Name. Leslie M. Douse. He doesn't have a nickname unless "That Guy" counts. A common variation is "That Guy With a Girl Name Derp". Some people call him "Mouse".
Age. Fourteen.
Grade. Eighth.
Talents. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. In other words, being in the middle of things he was never a part of. He can censor stuff. You know, the pixals and *beeep*. All that jazz. But alas, he does not know of this winderous ability.
Personality. He's kinda just...there. Like an extra in a movie. Usually, he's just leaning against something with his iPod on or playing some handheld video game. I'm not saying he isn't social. He just likes his electronics. His grades are usually low Bs and the teachers don't really have problems with him although he has had a problem with skipping class. But he's (mostly) over that now and it was in another school anyway. He has a kinda short attention span in class and in most conversations (not the 'oooh, shineh' kind but still). He has a sorta gray and gray morality and isn't really a do-er. He'll just accept things after a fair bit of moping. He likes gingerbread, Action RPGs, pants with pockets, and hoodies. He dislikes scented school supplies, people in charge, and bugs. He really really dislikes his name and his dad. But he ain't a hater, nope.
Bring up his girly name and he's pissed. Take away his electronic gaming stuffs and he's pissed. Tell him that his dad is coming home for the weekend and he'll spend the whole day angry.
Bakeries make him happy. New video games make him happy. His friends make him happy.
But he's a pretty passive person overall.
Appearance. Average height. Average build, bordering on underweight. Light brown eyes. Almost blonde hair. It's kinda shaggy. Likes wearing hoodies and pants a size too big. His left ear is pierced. It's a silver hoop thingy. Cleans up nicely, but doesn't bother to so meh.
Linkity link
Background. He's been here since seventh grade when...well, when his teachers had a problem with him playing hooky way too much. He also had a run in with some gang. It got rough, but he wasn't a part of it. The police came and he didn't run away like everyone else. 'Didn't think he'd get in trouble for doing nothing, you know? But he and some other guy were rounded up and he was taken to the station. They looked at his record and assumed he was involved. So he was dumped at what's-it-face school ever since.Silly police people. His mom died giving birth to his little sister and his dad is a business man (read: never around). He grew up in the city and stuffs. Blah blah blah it's all lotsa fun . :D

Derp derp. My chara is so boring compared to you all.

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Okay. *ahem*

Saphelle: Pheremone control seems a little...fantastical/extreme...but just a little.
Dovewing: Approved!
Anti: Approved! ((That's one weird talent.))

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Frankie | 150 comments Name: Noel Claire Becker, Dancer, Show-Off
Age: 11
Grade: 6th. Noel is an A-/B+ student, and therefore pretty smart.
Talents: Noel is an amazing dancer. She dances everywhere she goes and manages to steal the spotlight almost every show.
Personality: Noel is kind. She is charming and can give everyone a smile. She is not really a show-off, but labeled one because of her great ability.
Appearance: Noel has every color of tights, wrap skirt, and leotard she can get her hands on. She wears dance clothes everyday. When it is cold, Noel can be found with a wool sweater or leggings. When not down or in a long ponytail, her brown hair (the same color as her dark skin) is gracefully swirled atop her head and struck through with a sharpened pencil to make a sturdy bun. Noel has bright green eyes and wears a bright pink lipstick that brightens up her face. Noel has common tennis shoes for running, but she much prefers her jazz shoes. She has pointe shoes for when she is feeling graceful, and ballet shoes for every other time. She does have one pair of tap shoes and a few pairs of flats. Noel will dance around school and home, and anywhere else she goes, so watch out.
Background: Noel's parents divorced when she was three, and her mother has always worked the night shift, so Noel has an interesting life. After school, Noel's mom is always prepared to help her with her homework because she has slept the whole day Noel was at school. Just after dinnertime, she leaves and Noel puts herself to sleep. In the morning, Noel awakes to a noisy alarm clock and dresses in her dance attire. She then rides her bike to school, and goes through the normal school day routine. Her mother gets home around nine and sleeps until Noel arrives at 4 p.m. Since Noel dances so much, she has broken at least half the bones in her body. She also has a reputation of hurting others, so, labeled as a threat to herself and others, Noel was sent to Edgeview. It is believed that the administration there might be able to keep her from hurting herself. Noel is new to Edgeview (bound to hurt herself in a new environment) and does not have any 'hidden talents'.

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Frankie: Approved!!

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Girl: Approved!!

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Name: Linda Spade

Nicknames: Fig, Ace of Spades, Lindy, Spade

Age: 14

Gender:Female, no derp smarties~! XDDD

Grade: 8th

Powers:pointing out the oblivious, being somwwhat good at playing War! and Solotarie, and being a some what good(like moi)artist.Her hidden talent is that she can create illusions.

Appearance: I'll find or draw something later, but here's the down low.
Lindy has wavy brown hair reaching the small of her back, and large, navy blue eyes that shift from dark gray to a very pale sky blue.She has a light scattering of freckles on her lightly tanned skin.Lindy usually wears a faded miniskirt that has been bleached in some spots, a light purple tee shirt, and gray and pink striped stockings with light green Converse.When she's cold(which is most of the time), she wears a black hoodie decorated with lace and cat ears sown onto the hood.

Personality: Lindy's a easygoing girl who has her random bursts of spazitic-ness.She can be a little ditzy sometimes and a little mean.Sometimes, she'll swear her pants off, and flip out at someone.Lindy can be very fiesty when she wants.She's probably the most optimistic person you'll ever meet but her feelings are easily hurt.

Crush:...Merp, it's open.

Other carp Grey ain't caring to add: ....XD nothing.

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Sketchy Z Name: Ixi A. Luvre
Nickname(s): Goes by "Gemini", or "Coin". She's usually referred to as "Two-face" by the teachers.
Grade: 8th
Talents: Doppleganger
Personality: She can be a pretty cruel and dark person at a glance, but really, she's just a super bored girl. She's very mischievous and hates being told what to do.
Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_jV241FFac4E...
Background: Ixi was always a troublemaker. She was always a tomboy who dressed as a dude, always died her hair outrageous colors, and hated authority. She hated it so much, that one day, her ability showed up. And that's when things went down hill. She began to gang up on people, beat them up for fun, steal things, hack into computers, send viruses, be the local bad-ass. But, then they came and took her to that school--the dead end high for kids who just couldn't fit the bill. A place for kids who needed to get taught right from wrong. She's been at Edgeview since she was 11.
Crush:No one yet...
Other: Cross-dresses a boy. She's never worn a skirt, dress, or the color pink in her life.

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Sierra: (Damon) Approved

Girl Named Bob: (Keiran) Approved! ((I have a charrie in a different rp with that exact same name o.o ))

Grey: (Lindy) Approved

Silhouette: (Ixi) She can only create one copy of herself, right? Answer yes and she is approved ^^

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Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) | 64 comments Name: Jade Conners
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Talents: She can manipulate darkness (summon the essence of night. Like, make it all dark. And if it's dark outside, she can camouflage herself. Think disillusionment charm. That's the result.)
Personality: She's a good kid. Really. She is. But annoying her is a really, really, really bad idea. So...just...don't poke her. Or...stalk her. Or...talk to her when she gives you The Glare. Inside though, she's amazing. She's sweet, and funny, and intelligent, and...can spaz...But she's very sarcastic and funny and (how else can I possibly put this?) a mix of the characters Clary Fray, Isabelle Lightwood, and Jace Wayland.
Appearance: Her hair is a wavy caramel blonde color. It's often in a ponytail or braid, but when it's not, it falls down her back in a soft golden ripple. Her skin is a smooth creamy white, her eyes a bright green, and her smile...bright white. The only imperfection? A huge scar on her arm from a car crash (they said she caused it. They lied.)
Background: Jade has skipped through foster homes since she was seven, and it was clear the orphanage didn't want to keep her there. None of the families really liked her...maybe it's her sarcasm...but it's probably that the darkness tends to accumulate around her and make her generally not likable, even if she is hot. She's new at Edgeview, and it's her last chance.
Crush: open.

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) | 60 comments Name:Cross Elk , Criss cross, Morpho, freak :'(
Age: 15
Grade: 8
Talents: Cross never looks the same. Each time she is seen she appears differently. She always has a small bag of makeup and layers her clothes for a quick change. This makes her extremely helpful in cons.
Personality: She enjoys changing around her personalities to match her disguise, but deep down she isn't ever happy being herself(sweet & funny & all that fluffy stuff).
Appearance: She is never seen as the same person twice. She prefers to appear as a stunning young woman, but can make herself apear as just about anyone. Her affect greatly varies depending on how she is disguised, be it a person of authority or just some face in the crowd. I will reveal her true face if you people can get her character to show it in the rp.
Background: Cross has been held back repeatedly for being consistently 'absent' while she was off playing substitute teachers or working her part time job as a 19 year old waitress. She heard about Edgeview through her inside CIA sources(yes, she has an identity in the CIA as a 25 year old spy) and decided it would be fun to try. Every time they tried to get her to show her face she was able to avoid it, but then they made her wear a tracer bracelet that is almost impossible to hide, so many other students can find her, to her shame.
Crush: none... yet

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Lupine: (Cross) Approved
Lena: (Jade) Approved... um, as long as it's just making things black and turning invisible, she can't, like, get shadows to grab people or anything

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Name: Joseph Hook, Joey, Jo, Seph, Hooky, Invisi-boy
Most people either call him Joey or Hooky.
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Talents: Joey can turn invisible and unnoticeable - no one can see him, hear him, or notice him in any way (this includes if he picks something up or moves something).
He's a pretty good artist. Usually he paints but in Edgeview he only has sketching materials, as well as colored pencils, markers, and pens.
Personality: Joey is naturally shy and doesn't like to share his art with many people. He likes to learn and is a pretty good student (he gets As and Bs). It's hard to get him angry.
Appearance: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e74... ((The boy on the left))
Joey has brown hair and brown eyes. He normally has a rather vulnerable or young expression on his face, despite his age.
Background: Joey can't control his ability to turn invisible. He was a good kid and always went to class, except he would be marked 'absent' for whole classes or even days, despite actually being in them. Because he couldn't give excuses for his repeated absences, he was labeled a truant and, after acing all assignments he wasn't supposed to have been able to do because he 'wasn't in school,' a shameless cheat. Poor Joey was given the nickname "Hooky" because of his last name and because he was constantly "playing hooky." His own parents didn't believe his story, and when he started disappearing from his house, they called the police.
Joey landed in Edgeview as soon as he was old enough. He's been here since sixth grade. He still is noted to skip class, but the authorities are mystified as to where he goes to because it is thought no one can leave the school premises and anyhow he shows up somewhere in Edgeview later that same day, so he couldn't have gotten out of town.
Joey hates his nickname and everything attached to his "truancy" (so that's basically his entire life :'( ). He can't really get angry though so mostly he's just quiet and sad.

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Dovewing | 370 comments Can Saffy have a crush on him?

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Sure! ^^

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Melodious Euphony | 85 comments Name: Mariola, Red, Mari, Lola, Cinema
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Grade: 8
Talents: Astral Projection, the ability to project images from your mind for a limited amount of time into the real world.
Personality: Mariola is very soft spoken and kind. She never says a mean thing about anyone EVER, so it's odd that people are scared of her. Then again, maybe not, seeing as she never talks and is always alone.
Appearance: http://wapfje.deviantart.com/art/Imog... She has unkempt mouse colored hair and raggedy clothes. her features are vaguely Russian and she's not supermegafoxyawesomehot. She has a unique type style and beauty.
Background: Mariola is a bit off. She has been transferred from several different mental institutions for just flipping out at random times, but that hasn't messed up her personality. Her family life has sadly been less than substantial. Her parents neglected her, leaving her to figure out how life works.
Crush: OPEN

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod

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Claire | 1 comments Name: Bob Smith
Nickname: Hunter (I think you know why.)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Grade: 8
Talents: Well, he is a hunter, but along with that, he can make real voodoo dolls. ACTUAL voodoo dolls, that can affect a person.
Personality: He is rough and tumble, but he seems to be quite quiet.
Appearance: Tall, a red head, quite gangly, like Ron Weasley.
Background: He is at the research facility that everyone else is going to soon. So he isn't at Edgeview yet.
Crush: Open. In teen girl terms, single and ready to mingle. Ha ha ha.

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) | 64 comments Everley Carstairs, the forgotten Shadowhunter wrote: "Name: Jade Conners
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Talents: She can manipulate darkness (summon the essence of night. Like, make it all dark. And if it's dark outside, she can camouflage herself. Think disillus..."

See, no on remembers her and she exists.

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
I'm sorry. :(

Um... how epic are her powers, again? Because "summoning the essence of night" sounds a little more... superpower and less supernatural.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) | 64 comments It's like Saffy's powers, but the opposite.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) | 64 comments So, essentially, when it's dark out, she can perform the equivalent of a disillusionment charm, and make a room completely dark, but the longer she holds it, the more likely she is to black out.

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Dovewing | 370 comments I remembered her. She is, after all, Saffy's twin.

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Ok... approved :)

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) | 60 comments hey bobs... can i have Cross reappear? she was one of my fav charries... pwease?

message 31: by Bobbie, Superpower: Speed (new)

Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
sure thang

message 32: by Lupine Estill (new)

Lupine Estill (psychesp) | 60 comments YAY!... i guess I'll have her disguised as someone the entire time.......

message 33: by Bobbie, Superpower: Speed (new)

Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Wow, that took a long time for you to reply

message 34: by Lupine Estill (new)

Lupine Estill (psychesp) | 60 comments you're one to talk... i thought i'd quit this group...

message 35: by Bobbie, Superpower: Speed (new)

Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Oh yes, I freely admit that I'm a hypocrite. Sorry.

message 36: by Lupine Estill (new)

Lupine Estill (psychesp) | 60 comments mhm...

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Name: Carlotta Spears (Carlie, Aim)
Age: 13
Gender: F
Grade: 7th
Talents: Hence her name, her skill with a bow and arrow exceed most.
Personality: Easily angered, proud, loyal, but is a bit of a dark horse - she doesn't like letting people in.
Appearance: Short, spiky brown-black hair. Sharp hazel eyes, lightly tanned. Tends to wear short striking dresses, with a quiver hanging on her back the entire time.
Background: She grew up in rough alleyways, her and her family fighting to stay alive. In the struggle, she was forced to join youth gangs, and after being in fight after fight - killing over 10 people under 18 - , being caught and warned far too many times to count, the straw broke the official camel's back and she was sent to Edgeview. Completely new transfer.
Crush: None so far, could develop if anyone's brave enough to penetrate the protective walls she's put up around herself.

(I know everyone else has a hidden talent, but really, I've done way too many of those in the past (different sites etc), so yeah. I'll be normal - though violent - just to spice it up a little. Dunno why I'm saying all this, I just felt like it had to be explained...? I dunno.)

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Finally, someone without a hidden talent! :D I've been wanting a normal person for a while now... >_>

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You're welcome. ;)
Cheers! :D

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Frankie | 150 comments But Noel...

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Bobbie (bobbiesquares) | 296 comments Mod
Oh, sorry Frankie. I guess I just thought that Noel's dancing was like her secret power ^^*

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Aren't most 7th graders 12? Unless she skipped a grade...

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Ok well, change her age to be appropriate, and you're good to go!

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