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message 1: by Ella (new)

Ella Drake (elladrake) | 26 comments The SFR Holiday Blitz has started, with 50 SFR titles as prizes. Starts at The Galaxy Express.

"Welcome to the second annual SFR Holiday Blitz!

This year is even bigger and better since readers can enter for a chance to win a selection of over 50 free science fiction romance books. 33 authors and 15 bloggers have joined forces to give the gift of intergalactic adventure and romance.

Best of all, entering is easy: Just leave a comment. Then visit the other participating blogs, which are listed below for your convenience. Many of the blogs feature print & ebook prizes for readers around the globe, so be sure to visit them all.

The deadline to enter is midnight at EST on Sunday, December 26.

Wondering what you can win here at the Galaxy Express?"

message 2: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments Sounds so fun!

message 3: by T.K. (new)

T.K. Toppin (tktoppin) | 24 comments And my book (ebook), The Lancaster Rule, is up at Love Romance Passion -

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore Thanks for posting this Ella!

message 5: by Laurie (new)

Laurie Green (laurieagreen) | 146 comments Thanks for posting the info, Ella. Both SFR Brigade and Spacefreighters Lounge are hosting blogs, too. We were really excited that RT Book Reviews online even promoted the event.

The enthusiastic response to the 2009 Blitz is what inspired the creation of the SFR Brigade last year. :)

message 6: by CaliGirlRae (new)

CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 67 comments Panic in the Lingerie is offering up my illustrated Science Fantasy romance novella on its blog.

It's currently out of print and only being released via limited editions in full color paperback if anyone is interested signing up for an entry. :-)

message 7: by Windypicnic (new)

Windypicnic (garbagebooks) | 29 comments Yes, listen to Rae and come to my blog! ;) This year's SFR Holiday Blitz has had a massive response but there's still time to get your entries in. It would be great if we had some winners from this community!

message 8: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments I entered. And I'll check out Rae's story! Sounds good!

message 9: by Windypicnic (new)

Windypicnic (garbagebooks) | 29 comments Thanks Anna, lots of luck! :)

message 10: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments Shiori, I like your blog. I didn't see Rae's story but maybe I didn't look hard enough. LOL. Not enough coffee yet.

Congrats on the Sony. I have one too. (That was me who recommended Taking Liberty. It saves my name weirdly here.)

message 11: by Windypicnic (new)

Windypicnic (garbagebooks) | 29 comments Just head to this post: and comment with your name/email. Sorry, I've been a bit verbose over Christmas and it's been pushed down the main page!

I'm loving my little Sony - really looking forward to grabbing some of those eBook titles that I couldn't get my hands on before. Thanks for the Taking Liberty rec, I suspected that was you! The blurb here on GoodReads makes it sound like a ride I'd love to take ;)

message 12: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments Yep, I definitely didn't have enough coffee to wake up all the way yet. LOL. I didn't realize Rae's book was one of those being given away in the Blitz. I signed up.

You're welcome for the rec! I really enjoyed it, and I adore my Sony. I have about 300 stories on it now.

Enjoy and have a great day!

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