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Where Shadows or Lights Hang.

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Paul walked in and made a pool of shadow, and dissappeared in it.

David layed on the couch.

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Paul's shadow came. "What?" It looked exactly like him, but it wasn't him.

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Kate Luci walked in and sat in the corner with a few bookshelves. When she saw the titles, she moved to the couch.

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Paul sat.

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"Stronger than most Shadows."

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"Not all." He murmered, pushing the lamp over. "And I'm a shadow clone." ((Like Naruto.))

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The real Paul walked in, the clone merged. "She won't join our side, I checked her mind, we would just have to train to beat her.

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Kate "Mmhmm," Luci said absentminded. I have to protect Aima, she thought, making sure Ashlee couldn't read her mind or something.

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"She won't fall for it, she doesn't have a weakness, it lets her not hyperventilate. She doesn't know that, but I do." He said looking out the window. "We would have to train."

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Kate "What about that Pomona girl? She's already got a temper, she's a water, so she could learn to control blood, and if we get that fire 'boyfriend' of her's to help us, she'll be easy," Luci said. If they were going to use someone, why not an already corrupted person?

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"Ok, but we will train, there are extremely good other elementalists out there."

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"and that Jessica and Jamie."

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Kate ((Who did you say okay to?))

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Paul looked up. "what?"

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Kate "Well, she already has mummy and daddy wrapped around her little finger as well. They own most of the world," Luci could see Ashlee waver.

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He nodded. "Let's do it now. If things go sour, I'll cover the elementals while you get Aima."

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Kate "Pomona already knows a lot about blood. Please, spare Aima," Luci plead outright. "I swear I'll tutor her myself if I need to, plus I already saw her use Blood on her own parents. They didn't even know she was doing it."

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"I'm on it." He dissappeared.

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David walked in. "What are you guys up to?"

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"Yes you where, this isn't the Lightning's Common room."

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He shrugged, and went to his dorm.

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To: Ashley
Hey, I found your phone number on that lightning's sheet of paper, I'm trying to earn trust

Paul started feeling guilty, the blood controller was VERY pretty.

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how do I get her to like like me, the closer she is the better, right?
From: Paul

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To: Ashlee
I am, but she's liking some other kid. Can you give me more advice

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Kate "Just let me handle it? I don't trust Paul, he'll hurt her. I'll make a blood promise to be loyal or whatever, just let me?" Luci moaned she couldn't stand the idea of Aima hurt. If she had to be on their side, she would be innocent and unharmed while doing so.

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To Ashlee
One, I couldn't if she found out I would be killed
From: Paul

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Kate ((I'm sorry, I got confused, it is luci))

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Kate "Please? I'll kill anyone else, just let me take care of her." Luci needed to do this.

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I didn't., besides, why is Luci whining?
From: Paul.

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Kate Luci practically exploded. Her shadows lashed out and she saw rather than heard Ashlee scream. "He will listen to ME, got it? Aima and I have some business to settle, and you will not get in the way of that. You can play your games, but I will always be in charge." She dropped the terrified Ashlee and ran to the lake.

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Kate ((I'll be back in an hour))

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Bree (breej6434) ((hey can paul be the evil guy in the jessica love triangle??))

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He read it and didn't reply.

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Bree (breej6434) ((cause she could be paul's link to aima and she's always power hungry))

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((He's liking Aima, not Jessica.))

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To: Ashlee
((He sends the conversation of what happened
From: Paul

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Bree (breej6434) ((ahh...i missed that part [: all good ))

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I asked her to the ball

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Kate Luci pretended to be hurt. She couldn't let Ashlee on to the fact that she didn't totally agree with her, and that there were other people who were really in charge. She followed her to the Dining Hall.

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