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The leader of a Tribe takes responsibility of the Tribe. This cat can be either male or female. The leader usually decides what is best for the Tribe, such as going into battle or moving locations. The leader is usually the most experienced cat in the Tribe. The leader has a second-in-command, or second for short, that helps control the Tribe.

This cat, either male or female, is appointed by the leader. Seconds usually watch over the camp and make sure nothing is wrong. They will report everything to the leader. This cat will usually send cats to fight or hunt.

The Healer treats the wounded and sick. They have a good knowledge of herbs and medicines. The Healer usually has a Healer Apprentice that they teach.

This group is the life blood of the Tribes. They hunt, fight, and protect their territory and Tribe members. They also will sometimes teach Younglings how to hunt, fight, and navigate the dark alleys.

These are youngs cats over six moons of age. They tag along with the Protectors and learn from them. Younglings have no assigned mentor, and will learn from whoever will teach them.

This cat is a Youngling that trains under the Healer. They learn how to use herbs and treat their Tribemates.

Mothers or she-cats kitting are Queens. They look after the Tribe's young. These cats mainly stay in camp to look after their kits. Once their kits become Younglings, the Queens can either become a Protector again, or stay a Queen.

These are the newborn cats, five moons and under. They stay in the camp under the protection of their mother.

These are the old and retired cats. They are usually grumpy. The Tribe looks after the Elders and bring them prey, water, and bedding to repay them for their service to their Tribe.

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Cats of a Tribe roam around as they please, but the camp is where the center of activity is. The camp is usually located far from human activiity. The Protectors are usually the cats who sleep outside of camp. Protectors visit the camp time to time to check in with duties, but they usually roam around.

Cats become Second-in-command when the current Leader appoints them as so. Once the Leader dies, the Second will become leader and appoint a new Second. If both the Leader and Second happen to die on the same day, the Tribe will choose the Leader who they think will do the best. That new Leader will appoint a Second.

Tribes compete daily for territory, sometimes even stealing kits. It's a harsh life. They are in constant danger of being captured by humans. New York City has a group of people which the Tribes like to call Catchers collect stray animals and send them to the Pound.

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Note: Storm Tribe does not have any sort of organization. Their system's only important position is the leader. Their members are NOT separated into Younglings and Protectors. Their Queens, Kits, and Elders are labeled clearly though. They have no Healer to care for the wounded, so if one cat gets an infection, it's likely that cat will die.

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