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Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
Hey everyone!

So, I've had a rough time getting through the scriptures lately. Reading the scriptures has always been somewhat of a personal struggle for me, so I've decided to take up a challenge that my friend gave me: to read the Book of Mormon in two weeks during break.

So, that means that over the next two weeks (December 20th to whenever your break ends) I challenge you all to start and finish the Book of Mormon! That does mean that you'll have to devote a lot of time to reading from the scriptures rather than play on the computer, or talk on the phone or watch television or whatever the case may be. But recently I listened to a CE Fireside from BYU by a General Authority. He made an amazing point that I'd never thought of before. Now, these aren't his exact words, but this is the gist of what he said: "With all of this technology in the world - with everything going on around you - is God getting His fair share? Are we focused more on the worldly things in our lives, such as texting, phone calls, computers, sports, magazines, music, etcetera, so that we've lost ourselves in it and have forgotten to give God His fair share of our time and effort and love?"

Have we? Have we forgotten, or even on purpose, taken away God's fair share of our time? I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I won't read the scriptures out of pure laziness when I've been doing other things all day. It's sad, and I want to change that. When God asks so little of us we should be able to do all of that, and more. With a little effort we can be blessed.

So, I challenge every single one of you to read the Book of Mormon in the two weeks over break. I challenge you to let the spirit guide you and strengthen you. In this season of gifts and celebrations, give yourself the greatest gift of all - the gift of a testimony and knowledge of the true and living and working Gospel of our Lord. Give yourself the greatest celebration you could ever receive - a celebration of the Gospel and of its fullness. I bear testimony to you that you will not be disappointed. It may seem difficult at first, but as you read and truly try to make an effort you will grow and learn and begin to love and understand the scriptures more and more.

Please do this. If not for yourself, then for your God and His loving Son, Jesus Christ, whom came to this earth to sacrifice Himself for you as an individual. This is a season to remember His birth, to reflect on His sacrifice, and to look forward to His return. Give Him the gift of obediance and love as you read the Book of Mormon throughout the next two weeks.

Even if you don't finish it in two weeks, but still try, that is worth the effort. After these two weeks are over try to continue a pattern of scripture study and try to finish reading the Book of Mormon. It will be worth it. I promise you this.

- Jayda, your Moderator

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Hannah | 631 comments Thanks! You are great with this group Jayda.

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Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
Aw, thank you :) You're sweet!

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