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message 1: by Denisa (new)

Denisa (deelopa) Hey there!Yeah a very long topic title but yeah xD
Okays, my writing, in my opinion, is very epic. (Okay not really, I just think it's very original-ish)

So i usually post my stories on Mibba or FictionPress... because I'm too lazy here on Goodreads to add HTML where I need italics or stuff. Oh and with mibba I'm a bit lazy since you need to use bbcode... so yeah. xD I mostly post on FictionPress since you just upload it.

Why I post on Mibba is because they have pretty backgrounds and stuff which you can customize yourself... yeah xD Anyways onto some other stuff...

So about my writing; I mostly write fantasy/supernatural, romance, and sci-fi. I can write realisitc fiction... but it's not my faveourite thing to write about.

Yeah... and most of my stories aren't finished because I have a lot or homework still. So I most likely will post new chapters in summertime, but please tell me if there are good.

Oh and FYI, for Mibba you need an account to read it. And my FictionPress currently has more chapters posted in some stories since I haven't had time to to fix is with bbcode... wait did i already type this? Oh well. xD AND BTW some are on Mibba yet not on FP, but some on FP but not on Mibba.

Caution: there may be some "intense" kissing scenes.... though I haven't writing that far in my stories. xD

It Was Accidental:

{Mibba} http://stories.mibba.com/read/290629/...

{FictionPress} Some chapters are unedited

Annelise had a ordinary life (as ordinary as anyones life could be)but when her best friend disappears, well, everything changes.
She loses her first kiss to some random guy and well, to top of the list of bad things, shes stuck in some weird country, unable to leave.

Girl: Annelise Wright
Boy: Benjamin Thompson
If We Go: (Was for a contest but i didn't have time to write... and you get my gig. A Quote and Picture Contest)

{Mibba} http://stories.mibba.com/read/269624/...

Summary: (Will Change)
A girl and a boy who get teased become on of the closest friends ever. But will that change?

Girl: Sarah Farago
Boy: Brandon Price
A Love That Last Forever: (I have a writers block for this one so yeah... plus i lost my USB that had the story so I'm currently trying to rewrite it)



Summary:No Summary
Luck of a Charm: (Yes I know the picture is HORRIBLE at the top... but I was rushing.. okay? I will TRY to fix the picture. Story on Haitus Mode since this was also on the same USb as ALTLF)


I have no way of describing my life in a little summary box. All I can really say that won't expose everything in the story, is that my best guy friend is one. Stupid. Boy.

Girl: Nora
Boy: Jake
More Stories Coming Soon.... just too lazy to Post them :D

Anyone want to edit, or be a beta reader? My friend sin't available right now to help... so yeah. And please Comment or Review! :D

message 2: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer i'm really excited for It Was Accidental, i've started reading it and i love the idea and the start of the story.
If I had to critique something, tho i really don't think it needs much, i would add more detail to the surrounding area like the weather and whatnot, because the scene where Amber "dies" really confused me. was it raining? idk...
tho i really liked the way you portrayed her emotions through her actions:) and i feel like i get a better sense of her personality, though i want to see more of it.

message 3: by Denisa (new)

Denisa (deelopa) GeENi wrote: "i'm really excited for It Was Accidental, i've started reading it and i love the idea and the start of the story.
If I had to critique something, tho i really don't think it needs much, i would ad..."

Thanks for the feedback :)
I'm trying my best, and no it was a sunny day, very sunny day :)

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