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message 1: by Hazze, Tidalstar, Blissmoon, Fallengaze, Sparrowtail, and Colette (new)

Hazze | 330 comments Mod
Gatherings will be on the 14th of every month at Shining Stones. This will carry on until the leaders are finished recapping and announce that it is over. Any cats other than kits and nursing queens are allowed to attend the gathering. Here, Clans will gather and give a recap of how their clan has been doing.

Medicine cats will meet at the Whispering River on the 29th through the 1st of every month. Only Medicine Cats and Medicine Cat Apprentices may come, as well as cats going to be made into Medicine Cat Apprentices.

message 2: by Linda, Inactive (new)

Linda | 522 comments Mod
ohh there'll be a med. cat meeting in... 2 days!!

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