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((Be descriptive (because I know you read what the tittle of this group was so you know that I want you to tell me a story*it doesnt have to be a freaking novel of a post but still* and abide by the rules and you wont hear from me much.))

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Justin sat in class, she wished would end but it has only started. Her eyes locked onto the back of some ones head, wishing to burning a hole in the back. But she cant. And she wont.

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((i may not have explained thjis well, but the inhabitants dont actually go to class, they hide away until the school is empty. Unless they're playing prank. . . but ))

Crystal took note in history, the most boring class she had to go through. Sighing she started doodling on her paper, ignoring what the teacher was saying.

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) (sorry I just got a little confused)

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((its fine))

Edan sat in the basement watching dust fall to the ground. This was his life now? What an adventure. Groaning loudly Edan stretched his arms above his head.

COuld you be anymore annoying? Edan jumped not expecting Barron to say anything.

"What?" Edan grinned he glanced over his shoulder, of course Barron hadn't showed himself. Barron groaned to himself causing Edan's grin to broaden.

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Crystal glanced at hte clock. School was almost over then she would need to head to the library to finish a project due after break. Wasnt that simply exciting. SHe had nothing better to do. Running a hand through her hair she started putting her things away.

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When the bell rang Crstal jumped from her seat and ran to the door. She was the first out in the hall and to her locker that she shared with someone from her Science class. Opening the lock she put a few book away on her side and re locked it. She turned and headed to the library.

"PARTY TIME!" Edan shouted gleefully.

Shush! Barron snapped in his mind. Humans havent left yet, we still have an hour.

"Like I care," Edan replied with an eye roll. He stood and stretched dust falling from his body.

Atleast power down first Barron reminded sadly. Edan consented a bit remorsfully and went ot his human phase.

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((More description please))

Sitting in the library, Crystal brushed hair from her face and started one of the old computers. Slowly, and loudly, it started to power up making a lot of noise. Crystal glanced around, sure people were looking at her and the cause of the bout of noise. But no one was, just a librarian checking a few books back in and laying them on the cart. Turning back to the computer Crystal sighed seeing the coputer hadnt come to the login box yet.

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Andyy walked to her locker, she had forgot her house keys, she was going to ditch again but she had to grab her keys. Andyy opened up her locker and searched for her house keys, she couldn't find them, 'dammit! where did i put them?!' She thought to herself and looked through her bag and then her pockets. She still couldn't find them.

Then she saw someone standing at the corner where the two hallways met, and he was dangling her house keys infront of his face, "Looking for these?" He asked. She eyed him and then started to walk towards him carefully. Nobody was in the hallway, everyone was in class. She reached out to grab her keys but instead he pulled the keys away from her and used his other arm to bring her back behind the wall.

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Andyy tried to scream but her mouth was muffled up against his shirt. He was hurting her, but why? He went to this school, she had seen him before but not in classes. Maybe he didn't go here, maybe he stayed to kidnap kids. No that was stupid, she didn't know why he was here or who he was but she had to get loose from him.

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BAMFsierra wrote: "Andyy tried to scream but her mouth was muffled up against his shirt. He was hurting her, but why? He went to this school, she had seen him before but not in classes. Maybe he didn't go here, maybe..."

((is that some random guy or should it be caleb?))

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((i was thinking it would be billy but it could be caleb ^^))

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((Have it be Billy, and Caleb could see and step in or something..))

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((okaay ^^))

Billy looked at her and grinned, he wasn't suppose to use his powers or reveal his actual self but he'd break the rules and nobody would know. He used his power to make it seem like he was biting Andyy.

Andyy watched as Billy leaned in close to her and he bit her, she screamed and struggled against him. It seemed so real, the pain seemed so real as well. But it wasn't, but she didn't know that.

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Caleb was walking from the locker room. "God... Why does it always take me a f***ing hour to figure out my combo." he grumbled, as he shoved his car keys into his pocket. He turned the corner, and saw a girl being... Bitten?! by a boy he had never seen before. He cringed as she screamed, and softly made his way closer to the couple.

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Tear's started to rapidly roll down Andyy's cheek, the pain was so real that it wasn't real at all then she soon realized nothing was actually happened and that she had screamed for no reason. But just a minute ago this guy was biting her, she swore he was! Or was he..? She was very confused.

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Caleb stayed back, not quite sure what he had just seen... or not seen. He leaned against the opposite wall and tried to figure out what was going on with the girl that had just let out a blood-cruddling scream.

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Billy stood up and looked down at her and threw her keys onto her, it was just a prank. It wasn't that against the rules. He walked away leaving her shocked, mortified, scared for her life and curious.

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Caleb watched the boy walk away, and made sure to remember to never get on his bad side. He walked over to Andyy, "Are you okay?" he asked softly. She's f***ing hot! he thought to himself.

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Andyy looked up at Caleb and wiped away her tears then got defensive and quiet, "I'm fine" She said standing up and walking past Caleb

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Caleb watched her walk past him, and his eyes filled with determination. He followed her, but didn't try to stop her from walking. "Are you sure? Because I was watching, and I'd be pretty freaked out if what happened to you had happened to me." he said.

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"Nothing happened to me" Andyy said and kept walking not even looking behind her to see Caleb. She clutched her keys so tightly because she was afraid that the edges in the keys cut open her skin.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) Milly opened her eyes to find herself sitting in an empty class room, she fell asleep in class and wasn't sure what was going on. she walked out into the hall and looked around, hardly anybody was there

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"So I just imagined a guy was tormenting you?" Caleb asked with a slight hint of amusement in his voice. He watched her walking in front of him, and couldn't help but smile at the view.

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Andyy sighed, "Nothing happened to me, nuff said" She wasn't used to talking this much, especially with somebody she didn't even know.

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) Milly walked through the hallways looking around curiously , she stopped into the library for it was her favorite place to be , she figured someone might be there

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Caleb rolled his eyes. "Why are girls always so stubborn??" he muttered, and wondered how this girl would react to the question.

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"Because were all snobby, ignorant, don't care about anyone but ourselves and were all bitches" Andyy shrugged, giving him a straight up answer.

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Caleb laughed. "I 100% agree with you..." he smirked. He looked around and started to wonder where that boy had gone, but quickly returned his attention to the task at hand.

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"Okay great" Andyy said and kept walking, her hand stung because the keys had cut through her skin and was making her bleed.

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sandra Rosalie creeped through the hallways of the school, looking for someone to play a little game with. She hadn't used her powers in awhile, so she was a little rusty. 'Keep it together' She thought to herself.

(Could Billy and Rosalie know eachother ? )

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Caleb looked at the ground and noticed red dots of... "Are bleeding?" he asked her. He looked at her hand and saw the blood dripping from there, Great... he thought.

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(sureeee c:)

Andyy's hand was shaking and she pulled her sleeve over her hand and tucked it into her sweater pocket, "No, I'm fine" Andyy told Caleb. It kind of hurt but didn't really since she used to cut her wrists when she was little.

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sandra Rosalie decided that she was gonna go look for Billy, she started heading towards the front doors. Making sure no one would really notice her, she didn't need that.

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Billy was leaning up against the wall beside the front doors and had his hood up over his head. He heard footsteps and looked up to see Rosalie, he grinned.

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Caleb let out a loud sigh. This girl's weird... he thought. He was used to girls wanting his attention, and wanting him to notice them... But this one?? Not so much, she seemed the exact opposite as if she wanted nothing to do with him. Well... I'll get her to like me soon enough. Caleb told himself.

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The blood was soaking through her shirt but she didn't notice. Andyy could feel the blood running down her hand, but she didn't feel it drip off of her hand. She kept walking but dropped her keys.

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Caleb saw her keys drop and smiled. He picked them up and slipped them into his pocket. He followed, not always bothering to keep up. I wonder when she'll notice she dropped her keys... he thought with a smile.

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Andyy turned around after a few steps and looked around, "Where the hell did my keys go" She muttered to herself and walked back down the hallway searching under the lockers for her keys.

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Caleb walked up, and pulled them out of his pocket. "You dropped them a while back... Here you go." Caleb said, and held them out to Andyy with a sly smile on his face.

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Andyy carefully pulled her sticky, gooey, blood soaked hand out of her sleeve and carefully took the keys from him wincing at the pain of the cuts the keys had given her.

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Caleb looked at her hand. "You should probably wash that." he pointed out. His mom was a nurse, and though he didn't put it out on display, he had learned a lot of little tricks from her about how to take care of people.

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"My hand is fine now drop it." Andyy said and shoved her keys into her pocket, she then realized that she had forgotten something back in the computer lab. She turned back around and started to walk towards the computer lab.

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"You're the one that ran into me." Caleb mumbled, "But sorry anyway." He looked Lynx over, and smirked. He watched Andyy go, and wondered if he should try out this new girl or keep going after Andyy.

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"I'm Caleb by the way." Caleb told her, deciding to try out this new girl for a while. She's about as hot as that other girl... he told himself.

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Andyy walked into the computer lab and saw her mom's necklace that her mom gave to her when she was a little girl. She grabbed it and walked back out of the computer lab and wandered around for a bit.

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Caleb ran his hand through his hair, and looked down at her. "Cool name." he said with a small smile.

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Andyy walked past Caleb again and walked towards the front doors turning the corner, she then saw Billy and some girl. They were smiling at each other in a seductive sort of way then his eyes averted over to her and he grinned even more and pushed himself off the wall walking in small paces towards her.

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Caleb's attention instantly jumped to Andyy as she walked by, and he watched her walk away until she turned the corner. He turned back to Lynx. He noticed how tense she was, and guess that she didn't want him around her. Is something wrong with me? he thought to himself.

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Andyy started to back up and she ran back around the corner and tripped over nothing, she felt pathetic since she had tripped right infront of Caleb and Lynx. She winced again and curled her bleeding hand, it hurt so bad now since she had just smashed it off the hard floor.

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