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There is a legend of a hidden Edan. All are looking for it, but there are enemies.

All are in search for it, either in small bands or alone.

((Keep in mind this isn’t modern time, like a Lord of the Rings thing going))

Character Template:

Name: (Full name please)
Birth date:
Race: Elf, human, sorcerer, witch, dwarf,

Physical Appearance
Clothing: (style: emo/punk, fancy etc.. elaborate a bit on it please) Please try for at least 50 words. We want to fully understand what your character looks like
History (Explain where your character comes from. Surely he had a childhood right?

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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Name: Dizzorie "Dizie" Goldnight
Age: 15
Gender: F
Birth date: Unknown
Profession: Healer
Family: None
Race: Mage
Alliance: None

Physical Appearance:
Eyes: One green, one brown
Hair: Waist length, strait blond hair. Normally pulled back into a pony tail.
Build: 5'11, thin arms and waist, long toned legs
Clothing: Normally dressed in brown/green tunics and
hide slippers, she carries a brown hide bag of herbs and stones strapped across her shoulder. She has a tree staff with a glowing blue orb on top and blue/green/red crystals inbedded in the wood.
Weapons: Tree staff and gems/crystals
History: Abandoned as a child and raised by the forest, she never wanders far away from it and befriends all animals. The elements raise and guard her, protecting her from evils.
Other: None
Crush: None

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Name:Cameron Roberts
Birth Date:May 7
Family:Cam's father mysteriously disappeared when Cam was 13. He is now the man of the house, and helps his mother (Ellen) take care of his younger siblings. His younger siblings consist of: Courtney(16), William(12), Joshua(9), and Isabella(5).
Race:Half Elf
Alliance:Good... but could easily change his mind

Physical Appearance:
Eyes:Dark shade of green, appears to have black eyes at night.
Hair:Dark brown hair with darker streaks running through it. His hair falls to right above his eyebrows, and swoops to the sides.
Build:Cam has a very muscular, yet slender build. He has big biceps, and a slender waist. His skin tone is a light caramel, and he gets very tan if he stays in the sun for an extended period of time.
Clothing:Most people would consider Cam's style of clothing as either just a normal teen boy or some might call it preppy. Cam often tries to wear whatever is in fashion, even if this means spending a lot more on clothing than he really should. Cameron feels he has to look. Though Cam's favorite outfits usually consist of lose pants, and a tight fitting shirt. He loves to go barefoot, but if he has to wear shoes he great prefers sandal. Though because he is a groom he is usually required to wear a long sleeve shirt, a long pair of dark pants, and riding boots.
Weapons:Cameron's weapons.... He doesn't have any really. Unless you count his fists, and his tongue. Though he has gotten into the habit of carrying around a small dagger, but he doesn't see this as a weapon, he sees it as a tool to help others.
History:Cameron was in early May, to the Roberts family. His father was an acclaimed doctor, and his mother often would go along with his father to help wherever she could. After Cam was born his mother started staying home while his father would go off to doctor people. Two years later his sister Courtney was born, and then William, Joshua and Isabella came along. By the time Cam was 6 he would go along with his father and help heal the sick. Often time though Cam would find himself getting in the way and would just wait for his father outside, helping tend to the horses. When Cam turned 13, a week after Isabella was born, his father vanished. No one knows what happened to him, and now Cam has to bring home enough money to take care of his family.
Other:Is very flirtatious

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Oh and by alliance like good or evil, using what they find in the great edan for good or bad

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Name: Eyaven
Age: 17
Birth date: Sept 19
Profession: healer
Family: Most is dead. Her father is still alive but she rarely sees him. Has a living brother out their somewhere
Race: witch
Alliance: Double, is on the bad side but spies for good

Physical Appearance
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Long dark brown
Build: Slender, small, but tall and willowy, flexible
Clothing: She usually wears gray to mark that she isnt all that powerful for her kind. She wears tall boots to hide daggers, has a traveling cloak and small satchel.
Weapons: Dagger, sword, bow and arrows
History: She comes from the dark side of the valey. Swamps darkness. She was exposed to the good side by a lost traveler. She healed him and he told her of the goodness in Edan and what is could offer. She made the mistake of metioning it to other witches and sorcerers
Other: Can heal almost anything

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Name: Valek
Age: 18
Birth date: June 14
Profession: Hunter/warrior
Family: Mother, 3 sisters, Ivvy 10, Viviett 13, Kaddy 16
Race: Elf
Alliance: Good

Physical Appearance
Eyes: Blue
Hair: light blonde
Build: tall, muscular, broad
Clothing: Seems to always be dressed fancy. But that is how elves go. His wears light blue items. Not to baggy that it gets in the way but not to tight it prevents movement. Sandel like shoes and a dark green cloak
Weapons: dagger and sword
History Grew up in the trees. Is very familiar with forests and animals of them. His father was a warrior before him, killed in the last great battle.
Other: Skilled swordsman

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Name: Jurnee Willow
Age: Unknown (Well, only she knows. She's 19)
Gender: F
Birth date: Unknown to others (December 13)
Profession: Assassin
Family: All dead. She never really knew them
Race: Elf/Mage
Alliance: Good for the use of Edan but she assassinates for the people who are evil... will explain later

Physical Appearance
Eyes: Strange, almost unearthly blue
Hair: Long, blonde hair, almost to her thighs. It is straight and she sometimes puts it into one long braid down her back or in a pony tail, but she mostly leaves it down
Build: 6ft 2in(tall) She looks pretty athletic and strong but still has a good figure.
Clothing: She usually has the 'fantasy' type of clothing but it changes from time to time, depending on what she is doing. If to assassinate, she wears black or red leather clothing that is close to her skin and sometimes black or silver metal plates on her thighs, shoulders and chest. But usually she wears silver, almost corset top with arm socks, plates on her forearms, thigh high stockings with boots to her shins, a green skirt with brown leather on the sides that ends right above her stockings. Lastly, she wears a silver guard on her neck.
(i used this pic... )
Weapons: She is great with a bow and throwing daggers. She also keeps a sword at her side and a short sword in her boot. The blue crystal on her forearm plate helps her to cast spells.(she loves to use fire...)
History: Never exactly knew her family. She lived in a small forest Elf village with her mother before there was a raid on it, killing her family and everyone she knew when she was only 5. She fled to the forest and was found by a traveler who took her in, taking care of her before he was killed himself when she was 10. She made it to a cottage in a meadow and was raised by an old woman until she was 15 before the woman died of age. From then on, she's been on her own, traveling and staying in people's houses overnight, but only one night. She got into trouble because she was stealing to get the things she needed to survive. Jurnee tricked some people who wanted to use Edan for evil and she was forced to do some of their work to repay her dept(which is pretty big, i must add). And that is why she has become an assassin for them.
Crush: Doesn't like to get close to people.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 54 comments Name:Sage Matrike
Birth date:December 24
Profession:Herbs and potion-like substances
Family:Grey Matrike

Physical Appearance
Build:5'7" tall, nice curves, light tan skin, muscular but it doesn't show
Clothing:Sage wears clothes that are used for rituals. She wears a pendant shaped like a circle with a pair of silver crescent moons back to back of each other with a black diamond in the middle, a long, black, yellow and blue cloak resembling the stars, night sky and the moon. Wears a long, black tunic with yellow around the ends of each sleeve and around the neck.
Weapons:Twin Swords
History:Since her parents were killed when she was 9, she has been taking care of her younger brother, Grey. After they ran off and moved into the forest, she began the practice of sorcery. She uses her herbs and plants to her advantage and uses them for rituals and spells.
Other:Grey is her younger brother.

Name:Grey Matrike
Birth date:January 2
Profession:Fighting, Hand-to-Hand combat, Martial Arts
Family:Sage Matrike

Physical Appearance
Build:5'5" tall, light tan skin, stronger than he looks, slightly muscular
Clothing:Grey wears a long, black cloak and a black hoodless jacket with a grey T-shirt underneath, a pendant similar to Sage's except it has a full moon with two crescent moons on each side and a black emerald in the middle of the full moon.
Weapons:Double Bladed Staff
History:When Grey was born, he had bright, white eyes that later on changed to hazel and stayed that way. Yet sometimes they change a different color depending on the environment around him. He grew up learning to fight and was amazing at it since he was 5. He never let anybody get too close to Sage because he is very protective of her. He would take care of and help his father around the house and would end up coming home either with all sorts of scrapes and cuts on him until when he had broke his leg when he was 6, his mother wouldn't let him go with his father. A few months later, three men had come to there house and killed his parents, running off later with Sage to live in the forest.
Other:He still has scars from when the men attacked their house and when he and his father would go out and hunt.

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Name:Roxanne "Roxy" Bendary
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birth date: March 9
Profession: Valkyrie Princess
Family: Open
Race: Elf, human, sorcerer, witch, dwarf, Human
Alliance: Open

Physical Appearance:
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Build: Skinny and tall
Clothing: Roxy wear a long armered dress that is cut up to her hip on all side. She has four feather in her hair that are lined up on the side of her head making it look like a fan. on her right hip she has a crestent moon and a star the shine in the moon light.
Weapons: sword and a bow. She got her bow from her father before he died four years ago. The sword is her brothers that want missing two years ago.
History: She was a normal little girl untill she watched her mother die. After that she trained to become a Valkyrie to take revenge on her mothers killer. Her father died on her birthday four years before and two years later her brother goes missing.
Other: She very skilled fighter
Crush: Open

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