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They were supposed to be going to Greece for a school trip. They were supposed to see Athens and eat delicious food and see ancient temples. But no. After three hours on the plane something goes wrong.

The RP starts at the airport

Appearance: Give a written description and pic
History: Family life? Are the popular? Anything!
Other: What do they like to do?

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Name: Zoe
Age: 16 almost 17
Gender: F
Grade: 11
Personality: She is very sweet, but over reacts ALOT. She loves to laugh and is very caring. But she can have temper, sont make her mad. Not the sharpest tool in the shed
Appearance: Small, pale, clear skin. Blonde hair she bleaches, originally her hair is a soft brown. She adds color sometimes to her hair, right now pink is the choise. Her eyes are a deep blue.
[image error]

History: Twin brother, they are polar opposites. She is very popular, people love her. Her parents are very supportive, her dad works and makes alot of money. Her mom stays home and cleans and cooks. On random days the mom will sign her kids out from school and take them to lunch out shopping anything
Other: Likes to make fun of her brother and the smarty pants he is. She loves singing and dancing and the rain. The rain is her life, and red bull.

Name: Zakk
Age: 16 almost 17
Gender: M
Grade: 11
Personality: Very, very, very, smart. A bit stupid though when it comes to girls. He is kind and caring. If he has nothing nice to say he wont say it atall.
Appearance: Has his natural hair color, a light brown, unbelivably blue eyes. While he doesnt look it he is muscular. Tall maybe 6'2.
History: Twin sister, they are polar opposites. He is a bit of a nerd. Very smart has a full ride scholorship to anywhere he wants. Parents are very supportive, dad works and makes alot of money. Mom stays home and cleans and cooks. On random days the mom will sign her kids out from school and take them to lunch out shopping anything, but Zakk wont go most of the time he worries to much about school
Other: He loves mechanics and cars and stuff. He Runs alot. Loves his sister to death, but knows she hates having him as a brother.

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Name:Andrew Dewyze
Personality:Andrew is extremely athletic, to the point where some people think it's a problem. He is always working out, and won't miss a work session for anything. Because of working out he has a pretty amazing body, and LOVES showing this off to anyone who cares to look. He is very cocky, and brags a lot about how rich his parents are. He isn't the best consoler, and has trouble dealing with his own feelings so dealing with other's feelings is literally impossible for him. Though Drew is very self-oriented he does have a caring streak, and is a pretty sweet guy once you get to know him.
Appearance:Drew is a pretty average guy when it comes to height, he is around 6 feet tall. Because of his working out he is very muscular, but it isn't that weird kind of ugly sort of muscular. His skin tone light caramel. Drew's eyes are a gleaming green color with flecks of golden brown in them. His hair is a dark brown almost black, and he often spikes it up in the front with gel, but if it is left natural the tips of his hair will tough his eyebrows.
Pic: [image error]
History:Drew was born in late December, five minutes before his twin Matthew was born. Drew and Matthew grew up happily in a very large house provided to them by their very successful parents, Taylor and Megan. Drew's life stalled for a couple years after his brother died in a car accident. But now Drew tries to forget about that and is one of the cool, jock guys at school. His parents made him go on this trip because they thought it would good for him to take a vacation.
Other:Drew loves playing any kind of sport, but also enjoys just sitting around and reading.

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Name: Leland Oches (Lee-land Oaks... basically))
Age: 17
Gender: F
Grade: 11
Personality: A little bit outgoing and loves adventure (most of the time) She tends to hurt herself a lot but she really doesn't care because of a high pain tolerance. Anyways, she is usually quiet and her intelligence is above average. She loves learning new things and bouncing ideas to solve things off of other people.
Appearance: She has pale blue eyes, blonde hair with darker underlayers. She usually just wears eye makeup. She is average height and athletic. She has nice curves and is good looking. She has a lip ring on her bottom lip.
History: Well, she got a judge to let her live by herself as an emancipated teen. Her parents were abusive and that was when she took it to court. Her parents are now in jail and she lives on her own. She makes a good amount of money and has time to travel, which is something she loves. She's already in college and plans to be in the intelligence part of the AF. So by herself, she's flourished and is actually very happy.
Crush: ... Zakk???
Other: She loves sports like volleyball and snowboarding. She works out problems quickly and usually in her head. She usually likes to meet other people unless their just dumb, then that makes her mad.

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cool and sure on the crush thing

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 54 comments Name:Sorrow Hyllfrost
Personality:Sorrow is very serious yet she's always loves to play around. She loves having company and hates it when people are mean to her. She isn't the kind of person that can stay mad at someone else for more than 5 minutes and never yells unless she's excited. People can hurt her feelings very easily and she won't hurt them no matter what. She's not a violent person.
History:Sorrow was originally named Tera but she was later on called Sorrow by her family and friends and that had become her name. She has never hurt a person before and is usually seen as an "angel." She grew up in a small village-like place in Massachussets. She later on had moved to Alabama then here. She has traveled to many places before for seeing different members of her family. She was one day attacked while in California by a cougar and has a terrible bite wound-like scar on the side of her neck.
Other:She loves to talk and always loves to garden and does witchcraft with herbs and plants. Yet she only does things with the herbs and plants for healing.

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Sora was.... haa

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Finish and that will be awesome!

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 54 comments I didn't mean to not finish it. I accidentally posted it. And her names is Sorrow.

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ok its cool!

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 54 comments Thx!

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Name: Bree
Age: 16
Gender: femme
Personality: Bree is very flirty around guys, and absolutely adores to be the center of attention. She can be demanding at times, as well as selfish and mean. She does have a nicer side, though, that shows around guys and her friends. She has a witty sense of sarcasm that she uses when she pleases. She's a little self-conscious and is usually seen at her best. She is, in general, a very likable person. Despite her sometimes being b*tchy, she has the personality that draws people to her.
Appearance: Bree is about 5' 6 1/2" tall. She has pinstraight glossy black hair that falls to a little above her waist. Her eyes are a deep navy and are surrounded by thick lashes. Her cheekbones are high, and she has full lips.

History: Bree's mother originally came from Britain, and she has inherited her mother's accented, if only not so heavy. Despite her younger age, she is quite popular and well liked by everyone, older and younger.
Crush: open
Other:She loves to play the guitar and listen to music, as well as play volleyball and soccer. She is a decent artist and sometimes can be found painting or drawing.

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You need to make a guy! We have enough girls


Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) I'll make a guy if you want.

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