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All of the characters here are for my newest project Rinzler, which will be posted soon.

Meet the Main Character:

Name: Samuel Wayne
Nickname: Sam but only his little sister can call him Sammy
Age: 17
Birthday: July 9 <----this is the day that the original TRON movie came out
Parents: They're mentioned a few times but aren't in the picture, really
Friends: Harriet, Rhodey (<--but you never meet him)
Siblings: Emma, his little sister
Hobbies: Arcade Games, Old Video Games (Atari, Sega: Genesis, Nintendo 64)
Job (?): Doesn't have one, he's a student at a boarding school but wishes he could time travel to the 80's and have his own Arcade, which he would love to call Flynn's
Interests: Old video games and arcade games, 80's music and movies, comic books (Marvel, big X-Men fan)
Confidence Level: He has low self-esteem nor is very powerful but has accepted that fact
Personality: A bit quirky, he tends to be lazy and not the friendliest nor is he mean though, likes to keep to himself. But if need be, he can be very focused, determined and isn't patient this typically occurs only when playing video games.

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Kate ((I love him. He has a nintendo 64? So do I!!))

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