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Tribe Skills: Like their name suggests, the Moon Tribe is typically good at hunting under the moonlight. These cats are excellent at stalking though the shadows and ambushing other cats in the darkness of the night.
Tribe Personality: These cats are true to their heart, not afraid to question others. They tend to be a bit more hostile than the other Tribes. Some are nicer than others, but overall, Moon Tribe is not one to sit still. These cats would rather fight than think. Ambitious as they are, these cats are completely loyal to each other.
Prey: They mainly eat mice, birds, anything they can find in the dark alleys.


Their territory includes a few blocks of the south side New York City. Mainly dark abandoned alleys. Human activity is rare here. A few humans live here, but not much to pose much of a threat to Moon Tribe.

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Tribe Skills: These cats are especially good at leaping far and high. They have strong powerful legs to help them jump to remarkable heights and lengths.
Tribe Personality: Ice Tribe tends to be a half-half Tribe. They aren't that hostile, but not very nice as well. They will do what they need to do to keep their Tribe running. Like Moon Tribe, they are also very loyal to their Tribe.
Prey: Mice, birds, anything they can find. Sometimes garbage, as food is sometimes scarce.


Their territory is the northwest side of New York City. About one-third of the large city. It has more human population than that of Moon Tribe, but not as much as the Fire Tribe.

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Tribe Skills: The cats of Fire Tribe have a muscular build, and are strong. They have a bit more strength than the other two tribes.
Tribe Personality: These cats are head-strong and very loyal to their Tribe. They will follow their leader's command without question, although sometimes will question commands. Fire Tribe cats are brave and won't let anything intimidate them.
Prey: Scraps of food left by humans. Mice, birds, anything they can find.

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Living in the center of New York City, Fire Tribe is bordered by Moon Tribe and Ice Tribe. Their part of the city contains the most heavily populated part of New York City. Humans are found everywhere, and it's hard for cats to navigate through crowds. They are most vulnerable to attack.

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Lifestyle These cats have no organization of any sort. They have a leader, but no Healer or Second.

This "Tribe" is a group of rogues and loners, and some kittypets. They have gathered here to take over the city. Why? Well, we don't really know. They just want to kill off all of the other Tribes and take New York City's alleys for their own. Greedy and power hungry, these cats are very powerful. They plan to strike soon.
Tribe Personality: These cats are extremely fierce and merciless. They will kill off any Tribe cats they find, wether they are kits, queens, or elders. Hostile and aggressive, they always choose to fight rather than negotiate.


They live in a huge junkyard. As gross as it looks, it has an advantage. In the middle of the junkyard is a tunnel. This tunnel spreads out all under New York City, and some paths lead to the territory of other Tribes.

The other 3 Tribes do not know about these cats

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