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Angel walked down the sidewalk and had her head down with a book in her hands.

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Mika and Leslie sat together under the gazebo's roof, silent as usual. Mika was bored, staring off into the distance while Leslie practiced some of her magic

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Prue, Piper, and Phoebe walked down the sidewalk into town.

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Angel seen the 3 sisters but kept walkin.

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"I'm Bored Les, can we please go?" mika asked, looking back at her and then at the path back into down.
"Yeah i guess."

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Prue was talking to Phoebe about skipping classes and Piper was trying to be a Buffer and stop any possible fights between the two

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Mika and Leslie finally headed back into town, walking silently. Mika was ahead, while Leslie drug behind, keeping her eyes on the ground.

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Prue sighed and decided to pick the discussion back up when they got back home,

Piper sighed in relief

Phoebe sighed in exhasperation

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Mika looked around and saw three women, who must have been sisters. He smiled at the one, thinking she was beautiful.

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Prue looked over and saw a man looking at them, she smiled and waved a bit with her fingers trying to be inconspicuous.

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He grinned and waved back. Leslie nearly walked into him and frowned. "Why did you stop?"
he didn't answer.

((can you rp in moonlight too or are you too busy??)

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((Sure I can.))

Prue saw his sister nearly run into him and her smile widened.

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"Well would you look at that. Someone's finally caught your eye." Leslie giggled

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Piper and Phoebe were walking ahead and suddenly noticed that their big sister wasn't with them. They looked back to see her trying to gather up her nerves to cross the street to greet the man. They smiled at her happily.

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"They're magic too..." Leslie whispered, they both crossed the street to them, Leslie going to the other two sisters while mika went off to try and flirt with Prue

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Prue smiled at Mika as he approached her.

Piper and Phoebe rolled their eyes at each other, Phoebe suddenly gasping as her eyes glazed over, She was having a vision. Piper braced her sister.

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"Is she ok?" leslie asked shyly.

"Hey." Mika grinned at her

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Piper nodded, "She's having a premonition" She said catching her sister as she came out of the Vision almost collapsing and breathing quickly.

"Hi" She said blushing a little bit, tucking her long black hair behid her ears, revealing her stunning gray eyes.

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"Damn. I didn't know they get that bad.' Leslie went over closer to help her.

"So do you always walk like your on a runway or did i just get lucky to see that?" he winked.

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Her blush colored her cheeks as she nodded in response to his question.

"What was the vision about Phoebs?" Piper asked her sister whose breathing got slower, Piper nodded abentmindedly at the other girl's inquiry.

"Them" She said nodding her head to the flirting couple.

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he chuckled. "Well it fits you, miss."

"What about them?"

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"They're in trouble, a great evil is after them." phoebe said leaning against Piper.

"Thank you" Prue said, her gray eyes looking deeply into his. then she felt a shiver run up her spine And quickly spun Mika to the side to dodge an incoming fireball.

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Leslie's eyes windened as the fire just missed her. Mika pulled her down, covering her incase another came at them

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Prue struggled out of his grasp trowing the demon towards Piper with her telekinesis.

Piper flicked her wrists and the demon exploded in flames

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"Well so much for looking dangerous." Mika muttered.

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Phoebe looks at Prue. "Nicely done but he's not the strongest thing after us" She shouted at her.

"Thanks for just now telling me" Prue shouts back going down to her knees the laying on her back beside Mika.

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"Let me guess, your being hunted by demons." he said, raising an eyebrow at her.

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Prue nod's "Thought we could loose them by not using our powers," She said then shook her head. "I was so foolish, I didn't mean to put you and your sister in danger" She said looking into his eyes.

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"Well if i had paid attention, that wouldn't had been a proublem for me. LEslie can take care of herself, though, im pretty sure."

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Prue nodded. "So can Piper, Phoebe is the one I need to protect" She said.

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"She's not gifted?"

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"Oh she's gifted, but she's gifted with Levitation and Premonitions." She said smiling at him.

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he nodded, not much surprised.

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Prue smiled at him. Showing her white teeth

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He tried to smile back at her.

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She kissed him on the cheek and rose to her feet, holding a hand out to help him to his feet.

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he blushed and took her hand, pulling himself up.

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She smiled, "We have a stable, Outside the town, you want to ride with me?" She asked him. Flirtatiously

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He looked at leslie, who shrugged then looked back at her. "Sure."

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She smiled and took off to run, keeping a hold of his hand.

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he ran to keep up with her

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"Oi, prue is the most athletic witch on the planet." Phoebe said exhausted.

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"Yeah i'll say." Leslie chuckled

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"Come on, we better catch up, She'll need help if more Demons decide to show up" Piper said taking Phoebe and Leslie's hands and running after her older sister.

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leslie tried to keep up with the rest of them.

Mika looked at Prue with a shy smile.

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Prue smiled back. They arrived at the barn in no time. She pulled him into the barn and closed the doors then turned on the light.

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he looked around, observing the barn, "Nice."

leslie watched the doors close. "Why'd she do that?"

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Piper smiled.

"She wanted privacy" Phoebe said knowingly.

Prue smiled and kissed him on the lips.

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Leslie raised an eyebrow but said no more.

he was shocked but kissed her back

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