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Carly  (cloud-envy) Nyx paced the ground, which was hard with frost. She exhaled, a misty cloud floating infront of her face. She shivered.

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Ravener walked around the block, trying to clear his concious and think clearly. He kept praying that the cloads wouldn't move from the sky or otherwise, he'd be in trouble....along with a few humans close by

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alaric looked to his friend. "We should retreat to the woods."
Nyx shook her head. "The clouds.."
"And if they move?"
She sighed and nodded

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He changed his course and took a sharp turn, running across the street, in front of cars. Horns honked but he just kept going, dodging into the state park.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) The pair made their way across the land slowly, crossing streets and running through feilds. Nyx was trembling.

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Ziva walked across the street's and into the state park.

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When Ravener was covered by the brush from the cars, he looked back up at the sky. At his angel, the a quarter of the moon was uncovered. He cursed himself for even leaving the house that night but keep burying himself deeper into the brush and away from people.

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Ziva followed Ravener's scent to a stand of Brush.

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((so they already know each other?))

Ravener felt uneasy, his skin starting to tingle beneath. He sighed and leaned against an oak tree, trying to calm down.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Nyx jumped into the trees. Heat and pain ripped through her body, forming her wolf body. She howled violently.

Alaric was just after her, his body thrashing.

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((Yeah, If that's alright with you))

Ziva saw him leaning against an oak, though she was in human form she wimpered like a wolf to see if he was alright

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((its ok with me lol))

Raver wiped his eyes and looked over at her to see why she whimpered. "Hey Ziva, you ok?" he asked quietly.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Nyx panted, struggling to her paws. She nudged Alaric, panicking. If they didn't go soon they'd be found and killed.

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"Are you, you look, out of it." She said concerned, her voice hinted at her Israeli origions.

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He chuckled and pointed up at the sky at the now half moon. "I'm always like this before a full moon, Ziva." he smiled.

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She smiled back. and sat next to him, her own skin tingeling.

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"So you didn't answer my question. Are you ok?" He asked, looking down at her

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"I'm fine, twisted my ankle but otherwise I'm doing good." She assured him.

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He frowned. "How did you twist your ankle??"

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"Leaping down from a roof." She said shrugging.

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"You goof, that's dangerous." he chuckled sliding down so that he was sitting in the grass.

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She smiled. "Eh, I like living dangerous" She said chuckling.

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"Oh really." he smirked and gently pulled her down next to him.

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She smiled as he pulled her down next to him, and she sat easily, Her ankle barely bothering her anymore.

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"Are you going to be ok with running tonight with that?" he asked, gesturing to her ankle.

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She nodded. "It's almost compleately healed." She said smiling.

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"I don't want it to start hurting you again though by agravating it. Maybe we should just walk so then next time it'll be completely better." he said, stroking the top of her hand.

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"Fine" She said. Though she really wanted to run.

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he smiled. "I'll make it up to you, if that'll make you happy."

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She looked up interested. "Sure." She said her eyes glittering.

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"Just name it, whatever you want."

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"I'll think on that, When's the pack meeting?" She said

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"Tomorrow night. Why?"

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She shrugged. "No reason, I just forgot is all" She said running her hand down his chest.

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He nodded, a small small spreading across as he kissed her forehead.

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She kissed his lips and pulled him down so he was laying on top of her

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"This is going to be one hell of an awkward position if we both change." he chuckled.

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She smiled and kissed him again. wrapping her arms around his neck

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he kissed her backly, not wanting to hurt her by being rough

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She smiled into the kiss and pressed her body against his.

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he chuckled and moved his lips down under her jaw

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She tilted her head up, giving him easier access to her neck and kept her body pressed against his.

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he trailed down along her skin, going onto her collar bone but then went back up her neck

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She moaned in pleasure, her breathing gettng faster. She pressed her hips tightly against his.

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He pulled up and looked at her, "Too much?" he asked, a little confused and concerned.

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"No, keep going." She said pulling him into another kiss. "You....feel...good"

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He relaxed, grinning, and kissed her again.

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She ran one of her hands down his chest and hooked her fingers over the top of his pants.

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Ravener let out a small, low growl and playfully bit her bottem lip.

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