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History/fairy tale:
Occupation: (mayor, fighter, etc.)

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (vergeofinsanity) Name: Avery Grimm
Gender: F
Age: 11
Grimm/Everafter: Grimm
Personality: Smart, Kind, Funny
Looks: Long brown hair, grey eyes, slightly tanned skin
Fairy-Tale(if grimm skip)(Can be made-up by you*) :
Speciality: Fighting, Magic
*basic idea of made-up fairy-tale(if grimm skip) :
Other: kidnapped by the hand. trapped somewhere in magic mirror, Sabrina and Daphne's cousin, gymnast, singer, daughter of Rapunzel.

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Name: Sahara Starr
Age: 10
Grimm/Everafter: Everafter
Personality: Sahara has a mixed up personality. She is a confused person, yet when it comes to other people, she knows what is best for them. On the outside, she is bubbly and bright, yet on the inside: she doesn't know what's going on.
Looks: Sahara has looks that changes for everyone: whenever someone looks at her, she looks like the most beautiful girl ever, according to THEM.

History/fairy tale: Sahara is from a fairy tale that was lost centuries ago. She was a young girl, the offspring of Prince Charming and another maiden (affair). However, Prince Charming kept her a secret, visiting her only at night, once a year, at a certain night when the moon shone brightest. Sahara grew up, angry and bitter towards her father. However, many men grew to love her - she had beautiful looks. Word of the beautiful girl spread throughout the kingdom - making wives jealous, and husbands seek just a glimpse. Babies loved her a lot, too. Charming figured he would now announce that the beautiful girl was his daughter, and then, he would take her around the world, making money for the most beautiful girl there was. Just then, though, Wilhem came and took them back to Ferryport Landing. The only girl who stayed behind was... Sahara. Lost for many years, she helped animals, and girls, then slowly built up an army to help her go across back to Ferryport Landing. However, she heard of a curse that kept her in town, if she went in: she stayed right on the other side of the barrier, keeping an eye on things. However, Charming enchanted her, and brought her back in. She has been taking refuge in the Grimm house.
Specialty: Curing the depressed with her looks, driving others mad.

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (vergeofinsanity) Name: Quinn a.k.a. Lightning
Gender: M
Age: 12 (4,000)
Grimm/Everafter: Everafter
Personality: Stubborn, sorta like Puck
Looks: Translucent green wings, brown hair, pasty skin, and changing eyes.
Fairy-Tale(if grimm skip)(Can be made-up by you*) : Changing Winds
Speciality: Transformations, shooting blasts of energy
*basic idea of made-up fairy-tale(if grimm skip) : Quinn is sent on a quest to save his father. His mother, who had sent him on the quest, tries to kill him every chance she gets. When Quinn reaches the prison where his father is being held his mother stabs her husband, and attacks Quinn. Suddenly Quinn shoots a blast of energy from his finger tips a very unusual gift. He defeats his mother and is nicknamed Lightning because of his gift.
Other: Best friends with Avery

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (vergeofinsanity) Name: Taylor
Age: 15
History: was tricked into working for the hand for a few years unaware of her heritage. She only recently escaped but the hand still wants something from her. They want her body to escape Fairyport Landing
Pets: two young grey wolf
Occupation: Mayor's assistant
Other: Avery's sister

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Name: Etzio Grimm (old name: Etzio Porcelli. Sounding of it: Ett-see-o)
Appearance: Etzio has very light brown hair with a very pale complexion. He has startling different - colored eyes - hazel and blue.
Age: 9
Everafter/Grimm? Grimm, obviously. :)
History/fairy tale: Etzio was originally born out of a woman who had been working for the hand. How she knew of them, being a Porcelli in Italy, is unknown. Granny Relda, though, still being sane, made it her top priority to get him one year ago - before going down to Mirror. He now feels very uncertain and unstable - and even a little guilty, since he, himself, wanting to believe his mom was innocent, had painted blood red hand prints onto cars, walls, and more after people were abducted for fun. Or was it for fun?....
Anyway, one day, he came home from a friend's house when there was a note, from his... loving? mother saying she was gone to help the Hand, and that the master had forseen his future - he would go against them. Though she loved him, she had to leave him because he would be a traitor. That night, he heard a knock on the door. By instinct, he opened it, then collapsed, recognizing Granny Relda from the pictures his mother had shown him - saying she was evil. He was carried back home, unconscious, and had intense therapy from Sahara. He is now slowly recovering, with her help. He is going to be adopted, though the Grimms are still working on it....
Personality: Although he seems cheery, he is really very depressed, yet hopeful. He still gets very defensive about his mom, though.
Pets: Etzio has a medium sized dogron - a dog with dragon wings - he got in the Hall of Wonders when he came. Her name is Pilar. (my dog's name!)
Occupation: Right now Etzio is just working on getting better, and believe him, that's way more of a job than almost any occupation.

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