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Favorite Part?

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message 1: by Thempper (new)

Thempper Murhder Can't Decide

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Uhh...that one part that i was reading...

message 3: by Deedee (new)

Deedee (deehlittle) | 6 comments 1.When Faythe munched on Eric's neck after her partial shift in Stray..
2.Faythe's overkill on Collin Dean- she threw his intestines across the floor (now thats badass)
..You could say I like the gory gross bits best lol

message 4: by Gab (new)

Gab (gabrootzi) | 7 comments The war when they kick evil werecat but! Sorry...I like violence.

message 5: by Poohprecious (new)

Poohprecious | 1 comments Okay I am kind of weird but I love how Marc is very protective of Faythe.....so all of those scenes.......

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