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- 대박 - (dopehyung) ~Start~

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Daniel stood up on the bench in the yard and air humped nothing, everybody looked at him and started laughing. He laughed as the teacher Ms.Cranberry came over and yelled at him to get off, and that he had detention for the rest of the week.

Elise had been watching from afar, she was sitting in the corner of the yard doing nothing.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia laughed as the boy in her class, Daniel got into trouble from the teacher. It wasn't the detention that was funny, it was the boy. He was the boy classclown, and pretty damn amazing. But he also had a huge temper, so she felt bad for the teacher.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Izzy kept drawing in her composition notebook that she used for drawing. She finally finished the picture- http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_2juG42WVb_o...

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Daniel laughed and jumped off the table, "Whatever, whore" He said then walked away waving her off. He was trying not to get angry. He had a huge temper and would get out of hand easily.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Izzy smiled with her effort and started to draw a scenary. She wondered what it would be like to draw a lake for a change. She shaded it in after- http://www.holidays2canada.co.uk/imag...

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia laughed and walked over to Daniel, holding up a hand to high five. "Dude, you're like. My idol!" she said in a amazed voice.

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Daniel laughed, "I know" He said high fiving her, a lot of people liked him but a lot of people also feared him because of his temper.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Izzy stood up and grabbed her stuff and went to her locker, putting it away and walked back.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia rolled her eyes, "you're a cocky model" she said in a teasing voice, shoving him a little on the shoulder.

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"Who me? Cocky? Never" He laughed and nudged her

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia laughed and said in a sarcastic voice, "oh yes Daniel, you? Cocky? I don't even know what I was thinking when i said that!"

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Daniel grinned, "I'm never cocky, what are you talking about" He winked and saw Elise staring at him, "What are you looking at?" He asked kinda rudely.

Elise looked away pulling her hood up, "Nothing" She said quietly.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Izzy looked at Daniel then over to Elise. She walked over to Elise shyly,"Hi," she gave a small wave.

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Elise smiled slightly and waved back, "Hello" She said and sat up more pulling down her hood.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Izzy sat down and smiled,"So what's up?"

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia stood there stunned for a second, then said in a sweet and quiet voice, "you know, you didn't have to be rude like that." Then she turned around and walked away.

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"Just sitting here doing nothing" Elise shrugged, "What are you doing?" She asked Izzy and pulled her knees u to her chest.

Daniel rolled his eyes, "She was staring at me, I was just asking her what she was staring at, it's not rude" He said

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia just shook her head as she walked away and threw out her hand as a 'whatever' gesture as she went inside to be ready for Math. Their first class of the day.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments "I'm just waiting to go inside," Izzy drummed her fingers oN her leg,"And I'm bored."

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Daniel rolled his eyes, "Whatever, be a douche" He mumbled and walked inside too, going into Mr.Preston's class, that was his teacher's name.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments ((RP on Zane Institution too Sierra?))

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((oh right sorry xD))

Elise nodded, "Me too. It's so boring out here I mean all there is, is a stupid little jungle gym and grass" She said, "That's it, I mean at least put some soccer nets in or something!" Elise said dramatically.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[should there be only one grade 8 class, or two?]]

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments ((doesn't matter wait what's abouts a 7th grade class cuz I'm a 7th grader!))
"I know right?" Izzy said very seriously,"At least give us SOME entertainment around here!"

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((two, and there should be one grade 7 class o:))

"Exactly how I feel! I'm always over here doing nothing" Elise exasperated.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[Kaais!:DD]]

Alicia walked into Ms.Cranberry's classroom, sad that she was her teacher. She was 90% of the time a real bitch. Mr.Preston is the amazing one.

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Daniel sat in his seat and put his elbows on the table and leaned his head on his hands. He sighed and waited till the bell rang.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments "Well I better get to class. Nice to meet you! By the way. I'm Isabell. But my friends call me Izzy," she stood up.

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"I'm Elise" Elise smiled, "It was nice to meet you too" She smiled brightly.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia started doodling on a piece of paper, singing Baby Blue Eyes under her breath as she did so. But not loud enough for anyone to hear.

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Daniel sat in class being bored, listening to the teacher talk about stupid History stuff. He yawned and started to doodle on the table.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia started drawing herself as a superhero. She giggled at it and the teacher smacked her desk with a ruler. "what is so funny, Alicia? Mind sharing it with the class?"

Alicia broke out into more laughter, "nothing" she said, "could be even more funnier than your face right n-" she didn't get to finish because she broke out into another fit of laughter.

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Daniel yawned again then heard some commotion going on outside of his classroom, he asked to go get a drink and he walked out pretending to get a drink at the fountain while he watched Ms.Cranberry yell at Alicia for what she had said and that it was very inappropriate.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ms.Cranberry's face turned beat red with anger, you could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. "PRINCIPALS OFFICE!" she screamed, "NOW!"

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Daniel couldn't help but giggle at her voice, he got a drink then quietly walked back into the classroom spreading around the classroom what had just happened.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia shrugged, crossing her arms while not budging. "What if i don't want to move?" she said, "you can't deny me of my education. So go on now, teach. I'll sit here. Learning."

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Kids started to get up and ask for the hallpass to go out and either 'get a drink' or 'go to the washroom'.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ms.Cranberry looked as if she was going to have a seizure and Alicia noticed how a swarm of kids were forming at the door. But her teacher didn't notice. She was too preoccupied with Alicia. "I SAID GET TO THE OFFICE!" she screamed again.

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Daniel eventually wandered back outside into the hallway to have one last peek, he saw that Ms.Cranberry looked liked she was going to strange Alicia. He started to chuckle.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia stood up, she towered over Ms.Cranberry by a few inches. "And i said i. don't. want. to. leave!" she said, just a second before the principal walked in. She quickly sat down before she noticed and she turned to ms.Cranberry. "MS.CRANBERRY! What is this all about? Yelling at your students!?"

Ms.Cranberry was about to say something when Alicia said in a quiet and oh-so-innocent, voice. "I was just trying to learn," she said, fake tears forming in her eyes. "And then she started yelling at me!"

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Daniel couldn't help but he bursted in laughter. He laughed so hard he couldn't breath. He walked back into the classroom and fell to his knees holding his stomach, everyone stared at him to see why he was laughing so hard.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia looked over at Daniel, she was trying her hardest not to join in with the laughter, she even managed not to smile, she just thought of serious things. Alicia just out her head into her hands and made crying noises.

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Daniel laughed and all his classmates stared at him, then he was sent to the principals office since he was being dissruptive. He shrugged and walked down to the principals office still laughing his head off.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) The principal came up to Alicia, rubbing her back and making soothing noises, "it's alright. Let's go to my office, okay, honey?" she said, and Alicia nodded, head down, a small smile on her face as she passed Ms.Cranberry and she saw it. Gaping.

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Daniel sat in the principal's office, in the chair he usually sat in. Going to the office was technically a daily thing for him.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia walked into the principals office, head still down and her hair in her face, she couldn't see anything so she accidently sat on Daniel. "WHOA!" she yelled, getting off him quickly, "sorry." she muttered, sitting in the seat beside him instead.

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"Can't get enough of me can you?" Daniel teased. He watched as the principal was talking to the administration person.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia rolled her eyes, "oh yes Daniel. Can't get enough of you at all! It's just too much to even be away from you. I cannot bare it!" she said, holding her heart.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Alicia rolled her eyes, "oh yes Daniel. Can't get enough of you at all! It's just too much to even be away from you. I cannot bare it!" she said, holding her heart.

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