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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Name:
Appearance(s)-NO ANIME- :
Best subject(s:
Worst subject(s):
Grade Average:

- K'soo ...
for this one .. i want you to make your character what you would want yourself to look like. Even if it is the opposite gender. [:

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Name: Sophia(Called Fe,Fig,or Faye-chan)
Appearance:Shaggy, dark brown hair that comes to her shoulders, dark blue eyes framed by long eyelashes and black glasses.She usually wears a pair of huge light green headphones, a pullover grey hoodie labled with 'TUXEDO' in big black letters over a pain white tee shirt and dark blue jeans with drawings scattered all over them, rips on the thighs and knees and light orange,green and pink converse hightops. WILL DRAW...SOMETHING.
Migth be anime...-.-'
Personlity:Hyper, fiesty, senstive, quiet.Is very optimistic.
Memorable moment:She once drew and drawing that won 1st place in a nationwide contest.
Family:A brother, Finn(Age 13, is her twin) and parents.
Crush:...Will be found out soon enough.
other:Is a talented artist, and hates when people say the suck at drawing.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Approved , Of course. [:
But I'll make a person later :D

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And that's basically me, just I have a little sister ,I'm almost 13(10 MORE DAYS OF 12 F*** YEAH!) and in 7th grade. XD

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) HAH :D
Amazing :3

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Yus. I ush amazing XD

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Name: Alicia
Age: 14 (she got held back)
Grade(7or8): 8
Personality: She's very shy and bubbly but if you piss her off, you wont know what's coming to you. She is the funniest person you will ever know, and the one person who can break your heart into pieces.
Appearance(s)-NO ANIME- : http://dailybooth.com/AshleaJohnstonX...
Best subject(s: Math, English, Gym, French
Worst subject(s): Science & Geography
Grade Average: A's :D
Crush: None yet :3
Other: She flirts a lot , with boys and girls [:
- When she was about 8 years old, her step father started to molest her, and told her not to tell anybody or else he would start doing it to her younger sister, which she didn't want. And when she turned the age of 12, he started raping her, and sexually assulting her, and he told her, 'if you let any boy touch you, i will kill him, your mother, and then go after your sister, and make you watch, got me?' So she has always been a big flirt, but that was it , really.

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That girl looks like my 8th grader friend Gabby O.O

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Oh really ?

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Yurp. O.O

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Name: Daniel
Age: 15(got held back twice)
Gender: Female
Grade: 8
Personality: Very outgoing, funny and loves to fool around and party it up. He has a very short temper though.
Appearance: http://dailybooth.com/beeFww/11251035
Best Subjects: Photography
Worst Subjects: Everything else
Grade Average: D's
Crush: None yet
Other: Has a thick and heavy British accent.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) SierraSawrRawrs wrote: "Name: Daniel
Age: 15(got held back twice)
Gender: Female
Grade: 8
Personality: Very outgoing, funny and loves to fool around and party it up. He has a very short temper though.
Appearance: http://d..."


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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Name:Isabell/Izzy
Personality:You'll find out later
Appearance(s)-NO ANIME- :Brown/blonde hair with blue and white eyes. About 5'4" and wears wine red glasses. Usually wears black on a regular basis and doesnt dress up often unless it's for a good reason. Always wears a grey hoodie with words all over it in purple.
Best subject(s:Science, Social Studies, Orchestra
Worst subject(s):Math
Grade Average:B

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Name: Elsie
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Personality: Elsie is very quiet and she is very kind and not very social though, she is very lovable and sweet and makes friends very easily.
Appearance: http://dailybooth.com/EnchantedElsie1...
Best Subjects: English Literature and French
Worst Subjects: Math and Geography
Grade Average: B
Crush: Open

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Both Approved [:

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Actually my charrie is me. Not based off of me but I look like that, I usually get B's, and my worst subject is math.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Wow , mine kind of is me , too [:
So it's all good :3

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 75 comments Cool =)

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Mande-- Name: Kelly
Grade(7or8): 8
Personality: Kelly can always take a joke,even if she is upset and will never stop being flirty, so obviously she loves boys. Even though she has those things, she can be really sweet, funny, and defanately loves to party. She's very outgoing, pretty, and social, and has a bit of an artistic trait, plus she's athletic.
Appearance(s)-NO ANIME- :
Best subject(s: World History
Worst subject(s): Math
Grade Average: A's
Crush: Haha.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Can you describe her better ?
It's only okay for Sierra cause she's on her phoone. ;o

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Mande-- Yuppers!

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Mande-- Better?

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) i was hoping for sentances , but sure [:

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Mande-- Oh, I can fiz Ma'am! :D

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Mande-- Done(again).

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Approved :D

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Mande-- ChaYAY!

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Approved :D

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Name: Khristopher
Age: 13
Grade(7or8): 8
Personality: Loud and Outgoing , Very hyper , Always smiling , An all around everyones little sunhine ! :) , But if something upsets him , It really upsets him.
Appearance(s)-NO ANIME- : http://s386.photobucket.com/albums/oo...
Best subject(s: Chemistry , English & Drama
Worst subject(s): Math , French & Gym
Grade Average: 85+
Other: He's Gay. And has two older brothers who bully him about it.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Approved :D

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Name: Aleistar Crowley
Age: 12
Grade: 7
Personality: Gentlemen, nuff said. Aleistar will put others before himself in any situation. Even if it's the worst imaginable, especially with the ones he loves.
Appearance: http://dailybooth.com/Jaayzilla/11927013
Best Subjects: English Literature, Physical Education, Health, French and Math
Worst Subjects: Drama, Chemistry
Grade Average: 95+
Crush: Khristopher
Oter: He's Bisexual and very open about it.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Accepted (:

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faaaanks c:

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Sarah Nolasco (gollywomp) "Name:Isabelle like to be called Izzy
Appearance(s)-NO ANIME- :long black hair pretty blue eyes and white skin
Best subject(s:Math
Worst subject(s):history
Grade Average:80
Other:biesexual gets teased of it by her parnets

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