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message 1: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Thomas (alyssathelibrarian) | 202 comments Mod
Sara Shepard announced a few days ago that there will be four more books in the Pretty Little Liars series! The 9th one, Twisted, will be out July 2011!

I am so excited!

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 15 comments These poor girls!! What else can they possibly go through!! Unless its a spin off....

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (bookwormlove666) | 11 comments WOOOT!! I'm still reading the 8th one. I rented the e-book of it, but omg more in this series is so amazing! I can't wait!

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 33 comments It took me 1 month to get the first book from the library! I finishe dthe rest quickly though.

message 5: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Thomas (alyssathelibrarian) | 202 comments Mod
I agree with Hannah, lol. As much as I love this series and I am happy it is continuing, I can't imagine anything else that the girls can possibly go through!

message 6: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 46 comments so there will be four more on top of the eight that she already planned on doing? i hope it turns out good because i love this series but i don't want it to feel like it's dragging on. i wonder what else can go wrong for them.

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 33 comments I thought that she explained everything else amazing well in wanted, what more could she have to explain, unless it's like a whole new story. I agree with jess that I don't want it to drag on.

message 8: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 46 comments i haven't read wanted yet so i have no idea how it all ended or was explained. my cheap ass waits for the paperback version and i haven't been reading lately or been active on any of my accounts so i have no idea if it's out yet.

message 9: by Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (last edited Jan 07, 2011 01:38PM) (new)

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 33 comments It is out, or else I couldn't or anyyone else couldn't have read it. And you know theres something called a library? what do you mean by accounts?

message 10: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (bookwormlove666) | 11 comments The paperback of Wanted isn't out until April =( (I wait for paperbacks too). Library's aren't always in convenient locations. I've read the first 4 chapters of the e-book version, but I like having an actual book, not e-book, so I'm waiting til April now for it to come out in paperback.

message 11: by Jessica (last edited Jan 07, 2011 04:20PM) (new)

Jessica | 46 comments i'm aware there is something called a library, i don't live under a rock. i do have a library card but i prefer to read my own books rather than reading and returning. accounts meaning goodreads and chapters accounts.

jessica - ahhh that sucks! i was hoping someone would be like "oh yah, wanted is out and has been for awhile." i like having an actual book in my hands too, so i guess we'll just have to wait. :(

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 33 comments Actually, I think it comes out in febuary, I'm not so sure though.

message 13: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (ashlee_) I started reading this series last Fall. I have a one year old son and don't have alot of time for TV, but when I saw the commercials for PLL I decided to give it a shot and I fell in love with it! I couldn't stand when it went off the air because I wanted to know what happened so badly! when I found out they were based off the book series I went to the library and they had the first one (shocking, because it's so popular) but I wound up buying the rest of them because the wait-list at the library was too long. I finished the Series in November, and I just finished reading "The Lying Game" her new series. I got my friends addicted to PLL and I can't wait until the series comes onto dvd so we can have PLL marathons. I'm totally in love with it now and Aria is deff. my favorite! I don't have any friends on here yet, because I literally today just started updating my profile- so anyone can feel free to add me, so I'm not such a loner! haha.


message 14: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (ashlee_) Oh, and to actually reply to the thread- if you read the end of "Wanted" it gives a little snippet of a new series, and without ruining the ending of Wanted, for those who haven't read it- it seems to me like the next four books will be a spin off of PLL, with only one character from the series staying. I don't know if she's keeping all of them, but in my opinion Wanted summed up all the questions, but at the VERY end, it seems like there's room for her to add onto the story, does anyone agree?

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 33 comments I personally think that she should either keep all of them, or none, because I've grown attached to all of the characters and can't just imagine one. I can't wait till it comes out.

(Oh, and you don't have to answer this if you feel like I'm intruding, but you have a one year old son? How old are you? I don't mean to be rude, I was just curious because I am only in Junior High, and am now wondering if I should have waited to read the books till I was older.)

message 16: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (ashlee_) Hannah- what does me having a one year old son have to do with your decision to wait to read these books? I can assure you that PLL in no way affected my pregnancy, lol. I'm 19 (just turned 19 on Feb 14th) and I had my son when I was 17, a month from turning 18. I graduated high school early and I'm not attending St. Leo University. So although I did get pregnant at a young age, I'm very wise for my years. I think this series is great for anyone aged 15 and up. If your younger than that, and are mature enough- then have at it. The book isn't all about sex or anything like that, it's pretty much about 4 teenage girls and their lives with a big twist of mystery in it.

Oh, and I also think she should keep all or none, I love the characters and can't imagine the next 4 books to be anywhere near as great as they are now, without all the girls in them.

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