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Name: Ziva
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Description: five foot nine with waist length black wavy hair and chocolate brown eyes
Other: Came to the camp from Israel
Outfit: Red Sari, Sky Blue Sari, Green Sari, Navy blue sari, all gold inlayed
Crush: Kable
Other: Raja is her mind friend, Has catlike instincts and reflexes, Is fluent in many languages, Transgenic

Name: Raja
Gender: Male
Animal: Bengal Tiger
Description: Orange with black stripes and a white underbelly and pawtips
Personality: Very protective of Ziva
Other: Ziva is his Mind friend

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Name: Moonlight
Animal: Horse, Fresian
Description: All black except for an uncommonly white mane and tail.
Personality: Unknown

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Name: Ari
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Description: Six foot with close cropped black hair and chocolate brown eyes
Outfits: Black Jeans and T-Shirts, Is fluent in many languages.

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