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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Name :
Age :
Gender :
Appearance :
Personality :
History :
Social Status :
Crush :
Other :

[ Kaai so .. we need a topic idea, and maybe could we each make 2 characters ? ]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Yeah definitely! Do you want boy & girl each or...?
And I'm kind of up for any type of roleplay... (: ))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[ Yes. Boy and girl, each. I usually do siblings :D And , you choose the topic.]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Alright, I usually have siblings or best friends, some kind of relation, but I guess it won't matter ^^
But honestly I don't know what I'm into right now. I would so do some kind of Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices rp except I haven't read all the books so, haha, and I'm not even sure if you've heard of them.
Tell me what's on your mind and then I'll try to think xD))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[ILOVEBOTHOFTHOSE~ Read all TMI and read The Clockwork Angel, waiting for the next one to come out :3 And yeah , siblings is better c: and you just go on and make your person and such :D ]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Yeah, I've only read City of Bones and just started Clockwork Angel. I don't know if I should rp until I know everything about the books- I asked for Mortal Instruments books 2 & 3 for Christmas haha.
But you'd have to give me a little bit of time for my charries- I'd have to decide if I should use some I've had for a while or make new ones. And I dunno what type of characters you prefer :/))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[ I like the beautiful scenes >;] want me to make my person first ? And yeah , we can do a TMI one after you've read em all c:. and ... we should do uh... uhh... a School for Gifted Teens ?]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Haha one of my faves- I love supernatural abilities... if people don't screw them up and go blasting people like there's no tomorrow. How cheesy *rolls eyes* xP
But surree go ahead! I think I have some ideas for some scene people ;) ))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[ Haha ! :D Okaay, We'll do that then c:! And ... i dont do that, it annoys me also! And dont comment until i post my person, kai !]]

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Name: Joshua Slack
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Ability: He can manifest the 5 elements ; Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit, and Air. He can heal and destroy with those elements. He can use spirit to help him read the minds of other and do compulsion on them
Personality: Joshua is... hard to explain. He is pretty bipolar so one minute he is one thing, the next minute he is something else.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 130
Braces: Yeah
Piercings/Tattoos: Angel bites [not in photo]
History: He's been going from foster home to foster home and has gotten abused in almost every single one of them from the guys, and raped by the girls. But since he got to his recent one, he met his long lost sister, Stacia.
Crush: Open [:
Other: Ehh.. you'll find out :

Name: Stacia Slack
Age: 14 and a half :D
Gender: Female
Ability: She uses light and pure energy to heal and restore. Her powers are really not meant for evil, but she can do that. If she gives somebody too much good energy, it makes them go crazy, or if she wants, they can die.
Personality: She's bubbly, silly, and likes to lean on other people. She doesn't like being alone and she loved to cuddle.
Height: 5'2 She's a shorty [:
Weight: 100
Braces: Nope
Piercings/Tattoos: Belly button is pierced and she has an angel bite
History: She grew up knowing that she had an older brother but never could find him. And finally she did. And she hasn't been happier, since.
Crush: Open [:
Other: She loves Peanut butter & Oreos [:

Took forever -__-

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((ahhh crap I didn't see that you'd replied. Okay, I'll look at them and find out who I can play haha))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[OMIGOD. Failx33]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((oh and I don't think Stacia's thaatt short haha. I'm 5'2" myself but I'm 16! xD))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[I'm 13 and 5'4. I find that short:D]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Holy shyte okay lol. Still, I think you're tall haha. Well let me find some of my charries from other rps and I can probably post them up quickly. My mom wants me to do some cleaning but that won't take long :P))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[Okay. HURRY UP. Though. Cause i love to RP! :D]]

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mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) Name: Jordan Ross
Age: 15 going on 16
Gender: male
Appearance: description description
Personality: Jordan has always been kind and sweet but funny and outgoing. People love him for how fun he can be and that way he's friends with everyone. He can never hold a grudge either- they say he's always too forgiving.
History: Grew up in California all his life; had a twin brother who died when they were 7 from a drowning accident (James); best friend and adopted sister Trey (see below!); has a mother who's the female version of Jordan- happy and outgoing
Ability(s): you could call him a "shape shifter" but the term is very general. Jordan can manipulate parts of his body to look different, but only human-wise. He can't transform into animals, only people. One of his favorite things about his ability is that he doesn't have to dye his hair, haha
Social Status: bit of preppy/scene mixed; well-known because of his personality
Crush: no one- he hasn't been in a relationship for a while but is pretty content in being single
Other: none for now

Name: Trey Butler
Age: just turned 17
Gender: female
Appearance: description [image error]
Personality: Trey is a tough girl. Some people have pegged her to be a tomboy because she's into sports and "guy stuff" like skateboarding and surfing but you can see her sporting girly clothing sometimes. She has her moments of silence and wanting to be alone but Trey can let loose and smile. Maybe it's because her best friend/brother Jordan rubs off on her. Although she can be kind and sometimes shy, when people mess with her or her friends, Trey can be nasty but tries her best to be good.
History: before she joined Jordan's family when she was 12, Trey used to travel around the world a lot. Her dad was a busy businessman and didn't give a shit about her. He gave her what she wanted but material things never satisfied her. Once Trey was sick of it, she devised a plan in that sometimes-blonde-sometimes-black-or-brown head of hers and got herself taken away from her dad. For good.
Ability(s): Not sure what the correct term is but Trey's capable of making things happen with just her words or feelings, kind of like "stimulated happenings". She's yelled for people to shut up and automatically they do, but it's kind of hard to explain. When she's pissed off, Trey has to really watch her mouth or something horrible she says might come true, or maybe her anger will cause something like a vase to blow up.
Social Status: She's pretty known for her attitude because she can be rude but a lot of guys have tried to take advantage of her because she's a little more petite than the rest of the girls.
Crush: hates boys. Period.
Other: nothin for now


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- 대박 - (dopehyung) okay , you start [:!

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Agh, my brain is fried from staring at the screen and typing for a whole bunch of other rps.... so idk if I can write a good starter haha))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[okaay, i will start.]]

Joshua held a flame in his hand in front of his face, practicing before shooting it at a candle. Smiling at his good work. "Nice job, Josh." Stacia said, coming to stand beside him, "I wish my powers were visible."

Joshua rolled his eyes. "They're visible. You know, you can make light anywhere, you just gotta keep at it. You know that."

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[ just put your people somewhere else, doing something totally different, or something:d]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) Jordan Ross and Trey Butler were hanging out at the park, Jordan watching as Trey kickflipped over and over onto one of the rails of the stairs. He sat on the other one, dangling his legs in the air as she jumped, slid down and landed, grabbed her board and did it again. It was quite a repeating process but neither of them were saying anything.

((Where are they? I mean, geographically speaking- what city or state?))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[ Let's do Canada, yeah? :D]]

Stacia rolled her eyes, "but i don't wanna practice it, it's way too boring. Like, seriously? What the use of thinking about light and love to make light, when love doesn't exist!"

Joshua laughed, "love does exist, Stace. You've just got to believe in it, and believe in yourself, and your abilities will be magnificent."

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Suuureee... btw, I edited Trey's abilities a bit))

Jordan swung his legs a little more and Trey kickflipped a few more times until he spoke. "Are you calm now?"
She landed hard on the pavement and swiveled around, coming to stop at the bottom of the stairs. "Well, I'm not exactly cheerful but I'm close enough."
"It's not going to work if all you feel is indifference," Jordan explained. "You obviously can't channel your anger right now but we're trying-"
"For happiness, I know." Trey looked up at him with stony eyes and shrugged.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[kaaais]]

Stacia rolled her eyes for a second time, standing up and grabbing her skateboard, "whatever. This is getting boring, i'm going to the skatepark. Coming with?"

Joshua stood up, brushing his pant legs, and grabbing his skate board aswell, "yeah sure, I hope there are some hot girls there today,. and not any of those poser hot girl skaters." Stacia rolled her eyes, "you're impossible," she said, blowing out the candle.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((merry Christmas ! ;) ))

"Well, I don't understand why we need to do this in public, Jordan," Trey said, taking up her board and coming up the two flights of steps.
"It's not like anyone would ever make the connection if something did happen." Her brother shrugged. "If you don't want to do it, it's fine." He smiled at her and Trey couldnt help but return it.
"You're contagious you know that?"
Jordan grinned. "Oh I know. If only you would smile around other people too, Trey." She stuck her tongue out and then threw down her skateboard at the top of the stairs so she could do the tricks one more time. This time she kept going, laughing at her brother.
Jordan himself snatched his board and took off after her. "Get back here, Trey Butler!"

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[ughh ... comment on this. just saying hi, cause im too lazy to post anything:D]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((Ahaha okay, no worries, I know how you feel(: ))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua smiled, "I know. But you have to love me. So, it doesn't really matter," he said, catching up with Stacia and she laughed, "well, technically, I don't have to love you. I just well.. choose to." she said smiling, "because well, you're the only family I have so.... yeah."

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) They spent some more time chasing each other on their skateboards around the park. Trey was laughing and trying not to fall off but Jordan managed to catch up to her and lightly push her. She tumbled onto the grass, still cracking up as he came to a stop so he could sit next to her.
"Ah, I love you too much, J," Trey giggled, staring up at the sky.
"Of course you do. Everyone does." Jordan snickered as his sister poked him.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua's smile faltered for a second before he plastered it back on and took his sisters hand, "well, i'm an amazing family member, so, yeah! Who cares if i'm the only one" he winked and squeezed Stacia's hand before letting go. "Race you there" he said before booking it for the skatepark.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) "Well, would you look at that..." Jordan murmured, his eyes somewhere behind her.
Trey twisted on the ground, her white-blonde locks getting in her face. To her surprise, a dandelion just feet away was growing... It took only seconds for it to rise up when normally it should have taken days.
"Looks like you and your happiness are finally at work."
She sat up and brushed herself off. "Makin weeds grow? That's reassuring."

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua was ahead at first, but he was no match for Stacia, who beat him by temporarily blinding him with light that he tripped and fell, so she ran ahead of him, laughing the whole way. "BEAT CHA!" she yelled as she touched a light pole outside the skatepark.

[should it be an indoor or outdoor skate park?]]

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((hmm I like the idea of indoor but I said that they had landed on grass..... But we could just mentally change that so it doesn't matter to me(: ))

Jordan just chuckled at her reply. "Aaand she's back."
His sister scoffed. "I was never gone," she answered, then giggled. Getting up off the ground, she offered a hand to him.
"You know, it's about time you made new friends, Trey," he commented.
"What are you, Mom? You always seem to act my age and I'm nearly two years older." Trey rolled her eyes.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[okay then, there can be grass inside >;3]]

Joshua caught up with Stacia as she walked inside the Skate park, breathing heavily while she was laughing. "THAT WAS SO UNFAIR!" he yelled, loud enough that almost everyone turned and look at them.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) ((haha okee))

Jordan and Trey turned towards the doors, along with most people in the park. "Right there."
"What?" she asked, looking at him.
Her brother nodded towards the girl and guy that had entered. "Them. Go talk to 'em."
"Wha-? No!" she teetered on her board, surprised. Before she could do anything, Jordan pushed her, sending her skating over to the two, arms flailing as she tried to maintain her balance. God, now I look like I don't know how to skate, Trey thought.
When she finally rolled to a stop,almost bumping into the guy, she glanced at them and smiled a little. "Sorry..." Then she decided to be outright and shrugged, explaining, "My brother thought I could use some new friends so he pushed me on over here."

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) "Oh look, Josh," Stacia said laughing. "What a great new way for you to make a girrrrrrrlfriiiieeennnddd." she said, laughing as she skated away. "Stay there and talk amongst yourselves, good luuuuuck!" she said in a sing song voice. She made her way to the half pipe and grinded all the way down.

Joshua turned to the girl next to him, he was blushing, he knew he was. "Uh, sorry. For that. My sister is a little...." he made a crazy motion beside his head. "I'm uh, Joshua, by the way, Josh, if you want," he said, sticking out his hand.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) Trey, slightly amused, chuckled a little, watching the girl skate away. Looking back at Josh, she smiled. "Hey Josh, I'm Trey." Silently she thought to herself how she actually admired his hair... It was different from the constant perfection her own brother spent on his all the time. An hour in the bathroom every day...
Looking back at him she waved a hand, trying to get Jordan to shoo and go talk up josh's sister. He just shrugged and grabbed his board, plopping it down at the edge of the halfpipe before plunging into the sea of skaters. Turning back to Josh, Trey said, "My younger brother, Jordan."

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua smiled brightly, "the one who pushed you out of here?" he said, laughing a bit, the smile from it reaching his eyes.

Stacia did a few tricks then decided she was bored with skate boarding, at least for now. So she just walked over to a bench on the opposite side of the park of Joshua and the other girl. Watching them with a smile on her face.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) "Yup, that's the one," Trey laughed, nodding. She gestured towards his board. "I'm surprised I don't see you guys around... Go to a different school?" Ugh, it was like a bad pickup line! But she didn't really know what to say.

Jordan didn't even skate back and forth in the pipe, he just went from one end to the other, stopping in front of the girl. Smiling, he looked at the space on the bench next to her. "Hey there, do you mind?"

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua laughed again, "what a brother, and uh, no. I don't think so, at least. Considering i just moved here" he shrugged. "What school do you go to?"

Stacia was staring at Joshua so much that she jumped a little when someone talked to her. "Uh, what?" she asked, looking up at the boy and it seemed the world stopped for a second. "Uhm, yeah. Sure. Go right on ahead," she said, turning back to watch Joshua.

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) Trey said, "Oh... I go to Clark- it's one of the newer schools they built a few years ago." She wrinkled her nose, thinking of how other high schoolers thought Clark kids were snotty and rich. Not even close. "You?"

Jordan sat himself down and followed the girl's eyes, seeing his sister and the guy. "That your brother?" he asked, smiling at her. He added, "That's my sister- I shoved her over there, literally."

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua smiled, "what a coincidence. I am going to be going there , too. Since my sister goes there. But honestly, if she weren't there. I'd never look at the place twice. It's filled with kids too full of themselves to even notice the little people."

Stacia smiled, then she laughed, "HAH! Really? Oh, so you're the brother. Huh. Well, nice to meet you," she said, turning to face him, extending her arm out for a handshake. "I'm Stacia. Sometimes Stacy. And you are...?"

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) The smile faded a little from Trey's face. Normally she would have taught him a lesson but since they just met and he was new, kind of cute, she could make an exception. "Whoa there, probably shouldn't have said that to my face," she joked, grinning a little. "Do I look like a snob?" She stepped back as if to tell him to get a good look.

Jordan grinned a little. "Yeah, that'd be me! It's my pleasure, Stacia." He shook her hand, answering, "And I'm Jordan..." Looking at her for a moment, he asked, "Do you go to Clark? I might have seen you once or twice."

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua took this as an opportunity to check Trey out, his gaze lingered all over her until it fell on her lips. "Nope. You don't look like a snob at all" he said, thinking how his type wasn't snobs, and she was just his type.

Jordan smiled then sighed, "Yep! I go to Clark, or as my brother so rudely puts it 'The school for rich and snotty with their noses stuck so far up their asses they don't learn a thing.'"

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) She'd seen that look before- Trey's cheeks flushed a little bit but it wasn't just flattering, it was part annoying. Every time she had gotten a look like that, the guy always wanted something from her other than who she was.
Folding her arms, Trey shrugged a little, smirking. "That's what I thought." She reached out to poke his shoulder. "You're lucky you're cute 'cause I would have pounded your face in for thinking I was." She might have sounded like she was joking but still kept her guard up.

((haha don't you mean Stacia?))
Laughing, Jordan asked, "I guess some other high school kids got to him first, eh? Don't worry, my sis and I won't portray any kind of richness or snootiness." He smiled. "And for the record, the school's educational stats are pretty high," Jordan said, then laughed.

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Joshua laughed, "I'm lucky i'm cute, eh?" he asked, winking and looking at her again, thinking about how... beautiful she was. Yes, that was the word. She was beautiful, stunning even. And he couldn't think of anything other than how much he wanted to just... touch her. Even if it was only to hold her hand.

((OOPS. Yeah. Sorry. Got messed up with people D:))
Stacia laughed along with Jordan, her smile reaching her eyes, "Uh... no. not really. Just by... watching them, he just got his idea, and oh, really?" she asked, "that's good then, because you seem pretty cool. And I know. I'm a straight A student and still learning things."

mariah ash ♡ (i’m back from hiatus) (you-noia) Trey smiled and looked away. After a moment's silence she jerked her chin towards the rest of the skate park. "Well, I don't want to keep you from what you came here for. Show me your skills," she said, grinning.

((Haha no problemo))
"Why thank you," Jordan answered smiling more, truly flattered. Not to be cocky, but he wasn't surprised, everyone liked him. "Straight A's? That's really good." He thought for a moment. "You spoke of your brother as if he didn't go to Clark. Did he move here or...?" Jordan wondered what might have had them separated. "Or had he gone to another school?"

((HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even though I have 3 hours haha.))

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) [[LOL. One for me ;)]]

Joshua smiled, grabbing his board, then on a second thought, decided against it. He was never too good at skate boarding in front of people. "Uh... how about.. you uh.. go first?" he asked, rubbing his hands together.

Stacia sighed, "well... we both live in foster care. And i really had just met him. And no, before you ask, we aren't not related. We're truely brother and sister. We were just... separated at birth. For some odd reason." she said, looking anywhere but Jordan. He knew there would be pity in his eyes, there always was.

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