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TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 523 comments Name:Kable
Schedule:Geometry, Chemistry, World Lit, Human Geo, Hist, lunch, Art, Russian
App:Tall dark hair blue eyes thick muscular
Personality:Funny Smart uplifting

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 9 comments Name: Aer
Grade: 8th
Age: 14
Schedule: 1.Art 2.Geometry 3.English 4.Lunch 5.Physical Science/Chemistry 6.Geography/History 7.Free Period 8.French
Appearance: Very tall (6'4"), long pure black hair and silver green eyes. Slender.
Anything Special about you: Hah. Lot's of things.

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 9 comments Hey! What's up??
I love your character!!!

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 9 comments Haha, yah, I read your post telling me that. Sorry, I am a clumsy roleplayer, if there is even such a thing,

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♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 9 comments Thanks.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments Name: Karla (means strong)
Grade: 7
Age: 13
Schedule(Periods 1-8): Theater, science, history, lunch, free period, English, math, careers.
Appearance: Long red hair, piercing green eyes, pale white skin, thin face with delicate features, tall
Anything Special about you: been bouncing from foster home to foster home the past 7 years.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 196 comments hi!

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Name: Savannah
Grade: 8th
Age: 14
Schedule(Periods 1-8): Algebra, Biology, History, English, Band, Lunch, Art, Spanish.
Extra Cirriculur: Swimming
Appearance: Tall, tan, wavy long brown hair, green eyes. Has muscles but they aren't very prominent.
Anything Special about you: Best swimmer on the swimming team. She's a bit different, always trying new things and doing stuff others wont. Also, emo.

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Name: Austin
Grade: 7
Age: 13
Schedule(Periods 1-8): Theater,science, US History, lunch, Band, free period, math,english
Appearance: description
Anything Special about you: Emo-ish

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Name: Ali
Grade: 6
Schedule: 1. World history 2. english 3. band 4. lunch 5. pre algebra 6. science
Appearance: with glasses
Anything special about you: always has her book bag on her shoulder, and is of very high intellegience.

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Dessyboo♥ | 68 comments Luna
Geo,chem,world lit,human geo,history,lunch ,art,spanish
App:average heaight dark brown hair wit swoop bangs brown eyes wit gold flecks in them tanish skin petite
Persolity: shy at first can be quiet loves music nd is a flirt
Special: shes a really good dancer

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Dessyboo♥ | 68 comments Who else really goes by luna

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Dessyboo♥ | 68 comments Ha ya id love i if yall actually called me that

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Dessyboo♥ | 68 comments Idk ha

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