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message 1: by mahmud (new)

mahmud 707 (76kermit) | 2 comments that speedy guy

message 2: by Gabriel709 (new)

Gabriel709 (gcgsk8rvamp) spiderman

message 3: by Quinn705 (new)

Quinn705 | 15 comments molly hayes

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul Dinger | 18 comments Batman is one of my favorites. And why not? He is still a huge badass who can take down literally anybody, including Superman despite the fact that he is just a man. No superpowers at all, nothing, nada.
Now having said that, I dont' like what they are doing with him right now...Although it is getting better.

message 5: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments I've actually really liked everything that's gone on with Batman since Morrison came on board. Okay, the R.I.P. back-up personality freakout was a little much, but in general I think that the Morrison tenure has given Batman more life and made him more fun in a totally offbeat way while also injecting some much needed darkness (he'd gotten a little to safe, if you ask me). I didn't go for all of the Return of Bruce Wayne caveman crap, but in general I've really liked what's happened since Wayne died, and the whole Batman Inc. concept brings with it a lot of potential, both for the Bat-Family and for their interactions with the rest of the DCU.

I'm torn, though, about whether they should have brought Wayne back at all. I know that you can't REALLY kill him, not forever, but I'm getting kind of sick (again) of killing characters just to create buzz and then bringing them back (AGAIN). Nobody at DC even wanted to pretend he was gone for good, just like Cap.

Seems like continuity is a huge double-edged sword in comics. On the one hand you can have these very rich, multi-layered stories that offer huge pay-offs for regular fans (and I'll throw in that I'm catching pup on my Marvel right now and LOVING a lot of what they've done over the last 7 years or so). But if everything has to stick to continuity AND has to return everything to the status quo eventually... well, that's when you get Bruce Wayne the caveman...

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Dinger | 18 comments You don't think there is an amazing similarity between what happened with Batman and what happened with Captain America?
First of all, I bought every issue of RIP that came out. MOST of it had nothing to do with the central story. Considering how many comics that was, I felt really ripped off. Especially given that Nightwing and Robin were characters in the basic RIP story, but the issues of their own mag had nothing to do with their appearence in the story.
Then, they do the most obvious thing which is make Nightwing again be Batman, after killing off the wasted Jason Todd. That just happened successfully a few years back and then they called it Prodigal and instead of Jason Todd it was Azreal. However the storyline was pretty much the same.
I am a huge fan of changing up the storylines. I love Marvel comics for just that reason, I love how they give us these characters and completly change them up. Marvel just does it right.
DC used too. They had the big storylines like Death of Superman and the whole Dark Knight Falls/reborn/return which was amazing. The latest though was done only because they saw what buzz Captain America was getting, and literally stole whole elements from that and it shows.

message 7: by Jack (new)

Jack (kcorstel) | 28 comments I DID notice the similarities between the Bats and Cap return storylines. I didn't comment on it before because I haven't read all the Cap stuff, but it certainly does look suspicious. I really hated the way that they offed Batman, whereas Cap's death at the end of Civil War was handled quite well, methinks. Conversely, even though I called the Batman caveman thing crap before, I do think it's kind of interesting how Morrison is (again) using the character to comment on stories, archetypes, etc. With Cap it felt more like, "well, we gotta bring him back somehow..."

And since this is a thread about favorite characters, I'll go ahead and say that I think Iron Man is my favorite super hero right now. I think Matt Fraction's work on Invincible Iron Man has been terrific the whole way through, mixing in lots about bleeding-edge technology, ethics, and terrorism. Tony bore the brunt of a lot of what happened in Civil War and Secret Invasion, and the book's take on him as a man who tried to do the right thing but was wrong every step of the way and is left looking for redemption is very compelling. There's a great moment after Stark: Disassembled where Tony has completely wiped his own mind and then, while recovering, stumbles upon a file of detailing his actions during Civil War and he's so stunned and ashamed... it's a pretty amazing moment from a character who is so often best known for his arrogance.

message 8: by Paul (new)

Paul Dinger | 18 comments Cap and Bats even met the same fate with being stuck in time. How unlikely is that? Yes, Cap's death was handled excellently. It was his 'rebirth' that given Red Skulls excellent reveal of his plans at the time of Cap's death didn't really make sense. Let's put aside how impossible that is for a moment and just say, wouldn't it have made more sense for Red Skull to just kill him? It was funny in Austin Powers when dr. Evil didn't just shoot the hero, here it was pathetic, more so since Red Skull's plan hinged on Cap dying and some one else taking his place. It made even less since when Darksied's Omega ray (Which means the end as in dead, certainly not back in time)should have done the same.
I saw Matt Fraction at WonderCon two years ago, and actually read Casanova when it first came out. Although it was hard to follow since, as with all Independents once you miss an issue it is nearly impossible to find it at comic book stores.
As far as characters go, it is ironic that just a few years ago Marvel couldn't do anything with either Cap or Iron Man. In fact, while Civil War starred both characters, interestingly at the time they were Marvel's lowest sellers. Cap's title had been recently cancelled and restarted and Iron man had met a similar fate even though it got a boost from a Warren Ellis mini that turned into a recreation of the character.

message 9: by Mark (new)

Mark Hearn (markhearn) | 3 comments I have two favorites, both dating back to when I first started reading comics.
ROM - Spaceknight an early to mid 80's character. Way back when I was in grade 8 I painted a 4'x 2.5' poster of him and I am currently painting a 7' x 9' mural of ROM and all the significant characters in the tilte on one wall of my home office.
The second character is Ultra Boy from the Legion of Superheroes. I've been a big fan of the character since I first discovered him. I recently got a tattoo of his chest emblem on my left arm (same place he had one in some incarnations). There are many stories which demonstrate how awesome he is, but one of my personal picks would be the 5 Years Later Annual #1.
It is an excellent characterization story.

BTW, if you are a fan of the Legion of Superheroes, check out

message 10: by Celeste (new)

Celeste (RedLotus90) | 1 comments the joker. without him there is no batman.

message 11: by Gabriel709 (new)

Gabriel709 (gcgsk8rvamp) SPIDER-MAN with out him marvel wouldnot matter ps. dc sucks

message 12: by Brad (new)

Brad | 20 comments Overall Batman

Jack Knight Starman
Hal Jordan Green Lantern
Tick (only by Ben Edlund)

Spider-man would've made the list but Marvel has turned that character into the most irrelevent comic book advertisement since DC had to put secondary numbers on Superman.

message 13: by Brad (new)

Brad | 20 comments I heard that Judd Winnick and Brubaker shared a hotel room at a convention and both talked about their resurrection stories, prior to any actual reveal in comics. Think it was article from Wizard

message 14: by Matt (new)

Matt | 3 comments Rorschach

message 15: by Tyler Banks (new)

Tyler Banks (capital_tea) | 3 comments Celeste wrote: "the joker. without him there is no batman."

I have to concure with this. But also I have to throw in that I think Batman himself is a lot more dynamic of a character, so I throw my Vote in for Batman/Bruce Wayne.

As far as Manga goes, I have to throw for Afro Samurai... A man on a endless search for revenge and to become God, cutting a path of Death through the world to do it.

Top Five in all:
2)Afro Samurai
3) Spider Jurusalem (Transmetropalitan)
4) Allucard (Hellsing)
5) Wesley Gibson (Wanted)

message 16: by Shaun (new)

Shaun Harris (major_g) | 2 comments Static.

message 17: by Lee (new)

Lee Mavin | 2 comments Wolverine!

message 18: by Nikisha (new)

Nikisha | 2 comments Storm (X-men) and Cloak/Ty Johnson (Cloak and Dagger). Storm just seemed so wise and together and human at the same time and Cloak's internal struggles (even the literal ones) were just so heartbreaking.

On the manga side I would have to say:
Sasara (Basara) - for being such a never say die kinda girl even while struggling to figure herself out AND fight a civil war at the same time! Where did she get all that energy?
Guts (Berserk) - probably because of all the carnage he inflicts. No definitely because of all the carnage!

message 19: by Annie (new)

Annie (louize48) It's a tad odd but I never connected w the whole Super Hero thing!
I know ... Sheltered life!!! So here are my GN and/or comic strip, manga, heroes:
~Buck E. Katt (I know! Embarrassing!) I assure you we have NOTHING IN COMMON WHATSOEVER!
~many in the cast of the Manga Bleach!!!
~anything drawn by Shaun Tan
~ Bill the CAt (ACk)!!!
~Last, buT BY NO Means LeaST: TOTORO!!!
Yes, I 'spect kind of an odd mix, eh??? ; }

message 20: by Lee (new)

Lee Mavin | 2 comments Yes, Love Storm and loved the Cloak And Dagger series! Also was a big fan of Rogue (the ability to absorb anyone else's mutant ability is way too cool)

message 21: by Ari (new)

Ari (acwulff) | 4 comments Cutter from the Elfquest series.

message 22: by Tom (new)

Tom (whitesox) | 4 comments lil depressed boy and Saga's Lying cat.

message 23: by Jason (new)

Jason (jas_geek45) | 1 comments Punisher & The Turtles

ΕyesNEiN|v|EisΝinΕ (eisnine) | 2 comments 1. Frank, the eponymous hero of Jim Woodring's 'The Frank Book', 'Weathercraft', & 'Congress of the Animals'.
2. Parker from Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of the Richard Stark novels, 'The Hunter', 'The Outfit', and 'The Score'.
3. Ogami Itto and Daigoro from the 'Lone Wolf and Cub' manga.
4. Marv from the original 'Sin City'.
5. The titular feline detective of 'Blacksad'.
7. Tintin, the Herge version, and his back-up Snowy.
8. Marvin the Green and Herbert from 'Dungeon: Zenith, Twilight and Monstres'.
9. Black and White from 'Tekkonkinkreet'.
10.'Little Nemo in Slumberland' by Windsor McCay.
11.Nixon, the confused insurance adjuster/Terminator-like cyborg assassin with genocidal tendencies from 'Hard Boiled'.
12.Luba, one-time topless, hammer-wielding voodoo-villainess turned hardworking mother, grandmother, loyal wife to a horribly burned husband, and matriarch to a quickly expanding community-in-exile. Gilbert Hernandez has allowed his favorite creation to grow and age with him in 'Love and Rockets', particularly the masterworks collected in 'Palomar' and 'Luba'.
13.Julie Doucet as herself in 'My New York Diary'.
14.Charles Burns 'Big Baby'.
15.Beth, Virginia Applejack/Amy Racecar, Orson, Monster and Spanish Scott, all from 'Stray Bullets'.

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