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valee | 1037 comments Mod
Book summary**

Aspiring romance novelist Jane Sillee was completely in love with her fantasy man---the hot and strapping dark-haired Highlander who'd been coming to her in her dreams for years and inspired her sensual flights of literary fancy.

But is was more than her imagination that conjured up the brilliantly woven tapestry sporting the spitting image of her magnificently arrogant warrior. It was more than than a dream that transported her to medieval Scotland to break an evil spell. And it was more than she could handle when she found herself wrapped in the muscular arms of Aedan MacKinnon, who had his own fantasies to fulfill...

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) | 73 comments Is this one a companion or Novella? I was confused when someone told me that it wasn't really part of the series.

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valee | 1037 comments Mod
It was shorter than the rest, but still very good!

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather Book Savvy Babe (booksavvybabe) I just finished this novella, loved it! It brought up some interesting prospects for me to think about for the fever series….like maybe Barrons was a vengeance??? Or maybe the unseelie king hurt the queen which is why she's so absent in the fever series…...

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☻Nikki☻ C (nikkic1998) I'm really torn on whether to buy this & read it before Shadowfever comes out. What's everyone's opinion? Should I?? I can get Tapestry (Includes Dark-Hunter, #1.5; Were-Hunter, #0; Highlander, #8) by Lynn Kurland on my Kindle for $7.99 but are the other stories in the book worth reading? Is it worth buying it just for "Into the Dreaming"?

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Heather Book Savvy Babe (booksavvybabe) so far, I've just read into the dreaming, but I loved it, I highly recommend it. I am getting to the other stories now, but the other stories seem pretty good too. I like reading these anthologies because they introduce me to new authors. I would say, go for it!

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