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cabins} 4 to a cabin
cabin names-

beat ya feet:
we are heroes: Finn,
millenia: Alice, Nicole
extreme dynamic: Ethun,
vogue evolution: Keegan, Kenzie

counsler/camper(counsler has to be 16+):

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- 대박 - (dopehyung) Cabin : Vogue Evolution

Name: Keegan Sanders
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Keegan is sweet, funny and the person that everybody loves. She's never really had anything bad happen to her. She's so sweet, caring, and nice. And whatever bad thoughts she has about somebody, she keeps them to herself, or tells them to one person, who would be her best friend.
History: Her parents are happily married, they're Christian, but she doesn't want to be. She has a younger sister, Anna who is about 6 years old and just all around amazing.
Crush: Open
Mom - Tina Sanders
Dad - Nicholas/Nick Sanders
Sister - Anna Sanders
Other: Post later ["

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Name: Ethun
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Counsler/Camper: Counsler
Personality: Ethun is a pretty cool guy, he's nice and he loves to fool around and have a blast.
History: Ethun started to go to this camp around when he was about 8.
Crush: Open
Cabin: extreme dynamic
Family: Mom and Dad

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Name:Kenzie Currie
Cabin:Vogue Evolution
Personality:Kenzie is somewhat quiet, but gets pretty loud when she's comfortable with the people around her. She is very happy-go-lucky, and is rarely in a bad mood. Though she does get a little moody when she is tired, or upset about something.
History:Kenzie started going to this camp because, her best friend asked her to when they were both in 3rd grade. They have to camp together ever since. Kenzie's family consists of a widowed mother, her father died in a car crash when she was three, and an older brother named Collin.
Crush: Open
Family:Maura(mom), Collin(brother)
Other:Loves playing sports

Name:Nicole Lundeen
Personality:Nicole is very daring, and outgoing. She will go up and talk to complete strangers and be best friends with them in two minutes. Though she is friendly to begin with Nicole can have a mean, and snotty streak. She is very flirty, and will do anything to get a guy to like her.
History:Nicole has been going to this camp every since 3rd grade when she invited her friend to go along with her. Nicole is an only child, and lives with her mom and dad. She is very spoiled, and expects everything to go her way.
Crush: Open
Cabin: Millenia
Family:Bella(mom), Jacob(dad)

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name: Alice Bane
gender: Female
age: 14
counsler/camper(counsler has to be 16+): camper
She usually wears a oversized gray hooddie with bunny ears sown onto it, a light green tee, light blue bleached jeans and light pink convese.
personality: Alice is very girly and down to earth.She can be a little harsh when put under pressure and loves to dance.
history: Alice has been coming here since she was 12 and can forget her way around camp.
crush: OPEN
cabin: Millena
family: Finn(brother, will be made soon)
other: meep.

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name: Finn Bane
gender: Male
age: 17
counsler/camper(counsler has to be 16+):Counsler
personality: Laid back, a little dumb, can be a player but dosen't realize it.
history: Same as sis but actually knows his way around camp.
crush: OPEN
cabin: We Are Heros
family: Alice(sister)

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Name: Elise
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Counsler/Camper: Counsler
Personality: Elise has a very hyper and energetic personality, she loves to have fun and to sneak around with the campers and to disobey the rules.
History: Elise has been as counsler here since she was 16 and a camper since she was 8.
Cabin: beat ya feet

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sandra Name: Danni
Counsler/Camper: Counsler
Personality: Danni is very cocky, hyper but sometimes lazy. She enjoys to run around and have fun, while shes having fun her inner child comes out which is funny sometimes.
History: This is Danni's second year being a counsler, she enjoys is very much. Shes not the best counsler, she breaks the rules on a daily basis.
Cabin: Beat ya feet

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) name: Nick
gender: Male
age: 17
counsler/camper: Councilor
personality: Strong, Silent, Thoughtful, Open minded , Kind , Friendly, Understanding.
history: Parents told him he needed to get out of the house for a while and forget about a few of the problems so they sent him to camp to work and keep his mind off of things.
crush: Open
cabin: 3
Mother - Cindy glaze
Father - Lee Saunders
other: Likes to be around water, Loves to swim, Notices the small things, is always thankful.

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