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This is the office of MR.Golden, the president of Golden Academy, who is also the Guidance concler.

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate "Ah, Mr. Golden?" Luci hesitated at the doorway, wondering if he'd try to stop her.

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He nodded.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate "I'm going to need to um, UNenroll, I guess..." she looked at her feet. Please don't ask, please don't ask...

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate He didn't respond, so she placed a letter with the tuition owed on his desk and went to leave.

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message 7: by Kate (new)

Kate "I just...need to," she looked down at the floor.

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"Tell me."

message 9: by Kate (new)

Kate "I'm getting my powers bound," Luci said in a clipped tone, shoving all feelings away.

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He felt it. "That girl... Ashley?"

message 11: by Kate (last edited Dec 30, 2010 01:59PM) (new)

Kate "I killed her, and she wasn't the first one. My Powers are uncontrollable, so I'm getting rid of them, and then moving in with my Aunt in Austria," she grimaced.

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"She was killing that boy, Brandon."

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Kate "But I killed her. Just because she was unkind didn't mean she needed to die. She wouldn't have killed him anyway," Luci shuffled her feet, hoping he would finish soon.

((Did you mean Paul?))

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Kate "I need to go now," Luci walked out of the office.

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