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message 4: by valee, Barrons Maniac (new)

valee | 1037 comments Mod
As soon as new info about KMM's new series comes out new folders about it will be created as well, meaning folders about the characters and the books in it.

So if any of you have information about it let me know at the thread call "news about KMM new series" so I can create the folders later. Thanks guys.

message 3: by valee, Barrons Maniac (new)

valee | 1037 comments Mod
Thanks to everybody who helped me to improve the highlander section. Now I have to thank as well to those who are creating threads about shadowfever! As I have not been able to read it yet I can't do it myself, but once I get my hands in the book I'll be all over updating the group.

So far if you feel something is missing let me know and I'll add it. I hope everything is as you all like it. Enjoy the group.

message 2: by valee, Barrons Maniac (new)

valee | 1037 comments Mod
You guys will have to help me creating the threads for the characters in the highlander series because I read it a long time ago and my memory sucks. The folder for the characters has already been created so feel free to create the threads for them.


message 1: by valee, Barrons Maniac (new)

valee | 1037 comments Mod
Some changes have been made. If you have not noticed, folders for discussing the highlander series as we have been discussing the fever series have been added.
Feel free to create any threads you wish in there as I probably wont be able to add a thread for each book and each character.

Also, I wanted to let you know that as soon as we have more information about KMM's new series we will be adding a folder for it as well.

For questions and suggestions visit this thread.
If you have new ideas for the group feel free to suggest them in there.

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