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Room only Fires can come into

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica entered the common room and started painting her nails. When she finished she walked into the girl's dorm.

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Jamie walked in and studied, not seeing Jessica.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica blew on her nails as they dried, impatiently, she lit small fires on each of her nails and put them out with in ten seconds to revel a perfect coat.

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Bree (breej6434) "The smell of Fire not your type?" Jessica said with a smile

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Bree (breej6434) "The look on your face did." Jessica answered. She turned and noticed Jamie studing. She sent a ball of fire, hanging in mid-air next to him.

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Kate Apollo walked in to the common room to find two boys and a girl. The girl was beatiful, but she looked like she knew it, and both of the boys seemed to be doing their best to ignore her. One was even asleep.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica was now bored. She snapped her fingers and the ball of fire went out, just as another boy entered the room. She gave him a smile as her phone beeped. She pulled it out. It was a text from Sirus, who wanted to hang out at the lake.

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Kate The girl was distracted, so Apollo took a closer look. Yep, definitely the snotty type. Well, he could always find a girl who wasn't fire.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica got up and left the room. I already hate the guys here. She thought, they're either ignorant or anti-social. She went to the lake.

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Kate "Well, this has been stimulating." Apollo left as well.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica entered the common room.

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Bree (breej6434) "Can I help you?" Jessica asked with an annoyed expression

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Jamie looked up, making a glare on both eyes with an invisable smoke making them dissappear in the other's eyes.

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Bree (breej6434) "Maybe you should leave, after all, you are the one with the problem." Jessica replied.

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"Calm down." He said, looking at Jessica, slightly. He made a spinning circle of fire. He spun it faster, then a man formed. He made an elemtal. ((Creature of the element)) It stood, about to blast Jessican and Xander.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica glared at the boy from the lake who challenged her earlier. In reply, she sent a bright, burning ball of blue flame at the elemtal.

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The elemental grew larger. Jamie did the sequence again, twice and had three elementals.

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Bree (breej6434) ((you mean jamie??))
Jessica decided to take a different approach. with a flick, she set all of the boy's clothes on fire. It was a distraction method.

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He didn't notice, as all fire were ammune to fire, but his clothes weren't. He stood there, Onfire, making his elementals stronger.

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Bree (breej6434) Annoyed, Jessica snapped again, both physically (making his clothes return to their normal state) and verbally, "What is with the males of this school? ALways having to be better and dominant to the women?"

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"What?" He then noticed his clothes were hanging ash. "I was practicing my talent, and I'll be right back." He said blushing as he went to change. He came back, and extingueshed the elementals.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica rolled her eyes. "So who are you?" She asked, a little calmer now that she knew he was just showing off.

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Bree (breej6434) "And you are how old?" Jessica asked again, ignoring Xander

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica nodded. "How long have you gone to school here?"

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"First year."

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Bree (breej6434) "Same." Jessica said.

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He smiled. "Want to go do something?"

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Bree (breej6434) "Depends on the something." Jessica said with a smile.

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"like what?"

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Bree (breej6434) "Like I said, it depends." She laughed. "You've got all the answers, why don't you suprise me?"

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"I don't have any answers."

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Bree (breej6434) "Not about me, you don't-but you know the campus. where can we have fun?" She asked.

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"About anywhere."

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Bree (breej6434) "Well, lead the way."

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"lake." He walked to it.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica followed.

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Bree (breej6434) ***later that day***

Jessica passed through the empty common room on her way to her bedroom.

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Jamie sat in the common room.

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Bree (breej6434) ****another day****

Jessica hoped through the common room dorm, thinking about guys that might like Kristen.

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica jumped. She turned around, "Oh, Hello Jamie. I haven't seen you around."

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He nodded. "Relaxing for C-miss halidays."

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Bree (breej6434) "I still hardly see you." Jessica replied.

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He kissed her. "You could if you weren't everywhere, I'm always here or in my dorm."

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Bree (breej6434) "Not a people person?" She asked

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Bree (breej6434) Jessica smiled, "For now, people aren't so bad you know."

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