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Art, well Art. This needs a teacher

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Lucas walked in.

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"It's ok."

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"Lucas." He said as his fingers shot out electricity. He played with it for fun.

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"Si." he made a ball of lightning and threw it at her. He made it unshockable, so it was a throwable element.

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He looked for the right words "Non, il suffit de le toucher, il l'habitude de vous blesser. J'ai utilisé mon pouvoir pour que ce soit jeté".

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"Corriger, je parle la plupart des langues étrangères, mais pas en anglais"

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"Je suis mauvais en anglais"

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((I am))


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((Let's use english))
"waht?" he asked in a heavy accent.

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He shot Zalia, seeing it dissappear. "Lightning Hu.... ehh?"

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He smiled. "Want to have a duel, teach won't be here for a while?"

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He smiled. "not like the element, are you?" He said floating on his feet using his powers. His hands sent and ubsorbed, it looked like he was wasting it, but he was supercharging do to his conducting shoes.

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He smiled. "I could train you, I practiced all my life." He floated to the window. He shot electricity out the window. It hit the clouds and it started a thuder storm He walked outside and was hit by lighting, he was getting a ton more elecricity than before.

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his foot was in the ground. The clouds dissappeared. He walked in, his body sparking. "Which is why i stuck my foot over a metal pole that lead to nowhere."

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He sat down. "What?"

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He shrugged.

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Hestya was in the corner. Orion was in the other corner.

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He noticed the paintings and materials. He grabbed the canvas, and painted a picture of a ball of electricity. He used electicity to controll the paints, he wanted to try this. He kept painting with electricity.

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(S)  | 199 comments Ari was late, her plane was delayed. She opened the door quiety, her face red and blushing.

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He looked up from his painting, and saw Ari, He felt electricity coming from her and felt her ethnicy, "こんにちは、私の名前はルーカスされており、ですか?"

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Lucas drew randomly now. ((Could we make it like 7th period, people are only commenting in class pages))

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Kate Pomona waltzed into class and realized everyone was leaving. For the first time in the day she frowned. "What's going on?" she asked feeling like an idiot.

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"Schools over for today." One kid said.

message 26: by Kate (new)

Kate "Aw, I missed class." Pomona stamped her foot, and began to pout like a four year old.

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"Hang out at the lake, people are going there." He left.

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(S)  | 199 comments Ari giggled when lucus spoke in japanese, she couldn't help it. Then she sat down and started drawing her manga, a bit downharded, and very nervous for her first day.

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He spoke in Japanese, "What's wrong?"

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(S)  | 199 comments Ari looked up, didn't he just leave? "No-nothing." she stamered. "Just..nervous. It's my first day."

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"Mine too, doesn't mean you have to be so shy, what house are you in?"

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(S)  | 199 comments "It's your first day?" she looked surprised. "I'm in electricty." then smiled, and in enlgish said, "I better practice my english."

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He switched to English. "It first day is. I am elecfisaty." He said in a french accident with terrible translation.

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(S)  | 199 comments She looked confused. "What is elecfisaty?" she asked quietly.

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He made electricty spark from his hands. "Elfish porem." He said speaking a mix of English and French

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(S)  | 199 comments She looked even more confused. "" she looked nervous again.

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He spoke in Japanese. "I cannot speak English good, I can understand, but when it comes to speaking I mix French with it. I ment to say my English is terrible."

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Hestya got up, sighing.

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(S)  | 199 comments She nodded. "Oh. Maybe being around more english speakers will help your english. I hope it helps mine. I have a hard time reading it."

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He smiled. "So, do you use your powers much?" He asked in Japanese.

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(S)  | 199 comments She nodded. "Here and there, you see... my family doesn't exactly know about them..."

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"I could help you, we have the same element."

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(S)  | 199 comments She looked up from her drawing. "Really?"

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He nodded. "I've got good at it".

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(S)  | 199 comments She smiled. "That is... amazing!" for some reason, her heart thumped quicker ((aww.. gtg))

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He felt something roung with her nerves, ((They use ELectricity to send messages.)) He smiled. "Yeah."

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(S)  | 199 comments ((whoa! ill just disapper soon...)) "ummm.. what are you drawing?"

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"Nothing, just doodling"

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(S)  | 199 comments she nodds. "How did you learn japanese?"

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"I learned all but English." He smiled.

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