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message 1: by Dave-Brendon (new)

Dave-Brendon Burgh (davebrendondeburgh) | 40 comments Hey Everyone, hope you're all awesome. :-)

I've drawn the winner's name for the A Matter of Blood giveaway, so head on over to the blog to see if you're the lucky winner. :)

I've also posted the creepy-but-cool cover art for the second book in the trilogy. :-)


message 2: by Claudia (new)

Claudia (claudiavstoomanybooks) | 1779 comments Yay, I won! Thank you Dave-Brendon =)

message 3: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12658 comments Mod
Gratz Kahlan!

message 4: by Dave-Brendon (new)

Dave-Brendon Burgh (davebrendondeburgh) | 40 comments Hehehe my pleasure! :-) The book will be on it's way to you tomorrow, from 2pm, so it should get to you this week still. :-)

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