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message 1: by Silver (new)

Silver I ♥ poetry :) one of my poems is about to be published in a magazine :) but most of them aren't as good as the one being published...

message 2: by Silver (new)

Silver the last line I had to throw in for the contest I was writing for otherwise I wouldn't have written it.

Lost Memory

I see this girl before me,
Who once was someone else,
What happened, I ask?
How could this happen?

Maybe I can change her back,
If I find her lost soul,
Will that change her back,
To who she once was?

I enter the room with her,
Following behind me.
Not understanding,
She doesn’t respond.

Everything is a dream now,
She won’t remember me,
Not even herself,
Can I change her back?

A room that’s full of lost souls,
Different colors and shapes,
Rainbow of colors,
Darkest, evil black,

A million long lost souls,
This girl’s soul is not here,
She never lost it.
She only forgot.

Time to move on, a new start.
Like being born again,
Nothing left for her,
And she will move on.

message 3: by Silver (new)

Silver btw I'm not posting the one being published online. it's sort of like a diary entry plus when it is published it will have my name.

message 4: by Jen (last edited Dec 16, 2010 03:14PM) (new)

Jen Great poems guys! here is one i wrote yesterday:
**Chasing Trust**
All the pain
You threw at me,
Trickles down my face.
Now you finally see the
Hurt clouding my eyes.
And you think it is okay
To try and laugh it off,
To apologize
Not to my face,
You coward,
But in a smudgy, crumpled note
Passed between hand
And hand.
I tore the note,
On which you scribbled words
To me,
You and I didn’t even know of
One another’s existence,
But then gradually
I began to
And you should know
It was the biggest
Of my life.
Because not too long after
That moment
When I placed my trust in you,
You stepped behind me and
Whispered in my ear.
I turned,
Only so that my eyes
Could see the blood
Off your hands
From the
You so ruthlessly
Is the game we play now.
You are running after me
Never to catch up
And I’m

message 5: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
Is it just me, or do you guys sometimes sing poems in your head?

message 6: by Jen (new)

Jen sometimes:P

message 7: by Talia, I like turtles. (new)

Talia | 1820 comments Mod
Oh my goodness, I love your poem Colby. I can relate to that, and I think it's extremely true.

message 8: by Silver (new)

Silver I love your poem Jen :) it's really really good. you got the line breaks just right for your message.

Laura - my mental voice says them outloud in my head so I can hear how they sound..

message 9: by Silver (new)

Silver Early Death

The darkness is closing around me
I cannot escape; I cannot get out
It's so unreal; it cannot be –
I hope this is not the end

So many things I haven't said
With no one here to hear my last words
I'm writing them down on paper instead
My trembling fingers, the trembling page

My strength is going
The blackness consumes me
I'm numb from the aching
And the paper slips, from my fingers

see my LOTR reference :)

message 10: by Jen (new)

Jen thnx silver!

message 11: by Silver (new)

Silver Fadhilah wrote: "*Trouble*

I know I'm in deep trouble
But you can't blame me 'cause life's horrible
And all those words are terrible
Can't you just see I can't live in humble (?)
'Cause people always give me trou..."

I don't really understand the line with the question mark... I think it would be "live in humbleness" but that doesn't really fit either. Also thought does not rhyme with throat and goat... "I hate living like a goat" made me laugh because it was so unexpected, lol, but that's probably not the reaction you wanted. what are you saying in that poem?

message 12: by Silver (new)

Silver I have to leave now (going to see the nutcracker!) but I'll read the other poem soon...

message 13: by Silver (new)

Silver the second poem sounds... very familiar... for some reason. also one line you say "I deserve you" and I'm wondering if it was supposed to be "I don't deserve you."

message 14: by Talia, I like turtles. (new)

Talia | 1820 comments Mod
Fadhilah wrote: ""You Shine for Someone Else"
by Fadhilah

You shine like diamonds
You glow like a lantern when it's dark and gloomy
You make butterflies flutter around
Around and around
Making everythin..."

That is like a song, I like your poem :) Although it's very depressive, it's something most people could relate to which makes it personal for each individual. It could use a little work on rhythm.

message 15: by Silver (new)

Silver btw I should write that I don't mean to sound negative, but I rarely come across poems where I'm like "wow that was amazing" and I'm not really into poems about falling in love/some guy who isn't in love with you when you're in love with them. It's not that I think your poems aren't good, I'm just not really into the whole romance thing.... you're a good writer :)

message 16: by Silver (new)

Silver that was cool. I can hear the song. (probably not the same one as you though)

message 17: by Talia, I like turtles. (new)

Talia | 1820 comments Mod
Ah much better rhythm than the previous one :D

message 18: by Silver (new)

Silver I wrote this when I was in 6th or 7th grade... it's really badly written but kind of funny. And yes I know a lot of my "rhymes" aren't actually rhymes... I think I studied that later.

Drat that history!

There's one thing I do not like – History.
Why study something that is over now?
I'd rather sit and watch a bumble bee
Or play my violin and take a bow.

If history, you say, is filled with wars
Then count me out, for wars do bore me so.
I'd rather try to climb atop a boar
Or buy the things I'd need so I could sew

If you say history is interesting
Then you really should reconsider it
History is so very confusing
From all the Henrys and Edwards in it

Yet if you study this history well

You will not make their same mistakes as well

message 19: by Silver (new)

Silver I wrote this last year after my first major audition. I got in the year after that :)

Two hours of practicing each day,
Three excerpts joined by 0ne concerto.
For months and months,
My only thought was of violin;
My "summer vacation" did not exist.
Would I, could I possibly be ready?
The teachers told me it was too hard.
No one could perfect it, they claimed.
The day then came, with I,
Walking nervously into the building,
Assuring myself it would be over soon.
The first sound to reach my ears
Was the distant sound of violin,
My excerpts were played perfectly,
By someone else ahead of me.
I warmed up for a half an hour-
My G string must just stay in tune!
Will not this bow hold rosin for two seconds??
Then my audition did I face,
Nervously, my fingers slipping,
But it was okay.
Then the dreaded sight reading was shown,
With a warning to me of tricky rhythm.
Tricky indeed - I'd never seen those notes before!
And so I was not too surprised
When the mail brought me the sad, "thin envelope"
That read I was not accepted,
But to try again next year!
And Try Again I shall,
For I am determined to never give up.

message 20: by Silver (new)

Silver something random I wrote one time...

Monday, Mary went to town,
To buy some roses and flower.
But what she came back with was,
Blueberry, Strawberry pie.

Tuesday, Mary went to school,
And brought her lunch to school with her.
When the children asked to see,
Blueberry, Strawberry pie.

Wednesday, Mary left the town,
On her annual vacation.
And in the hotel she ate,
Blueberry, Strawberry pie.

Thursday, bright and early then,
She dressed up as the hotel’s cook.
And when people came to eat,
Blueberry, Strawberry pie.

Friday, she was home again,
Back to school and homework then,
But missing from her lunch that day,
Blueberry, Strawberry pie.

Saturday she ate two pies,
Wanting to catch up once again,
But she really shouldn’t have;
For something happened late that night…

Sunday is when she woke up…
As Blueberry, Strawberry pie!
And this, my children, is why,
You do not eat pie every day!

message 21: by Silver (new)

Silver hmm... I don't remember when I wrote this but I just found it in microsoft word under "Blue flower"

Trees swishing like rain
The Blue Flower hiding mysteriously under
The mushroom
Curtain of water, and then –

message 22: by Silver (new)

Silver I'm falling asleep.
Falling asleep to the sound of the rain
Trickling to the ground outside my open window
Falling asleep the sound of the neighbors across the street
Outside having fun, yelling at this time of night…
To the soft humming of my power strip
Which I forgot to turn off, and now I'm too tired to get out of bed.
Falling asleep to the sound of the washer,
Doing the laundry I forgot to do earlier.
Falling asleep to the quiet tick, tick, tick of my clock.
Falling asleep….


Something thumps onto my bed and my eyes open again,
And I smile at the Maine Coon who walks up to get in my face
To say goodnight
And to take advantage of the warmth of the sleeping bag I am lying in.
The dark brown feline who has been my friend ever since I was born.


Notes: I later was informed that Cocoa is not actually a Maine Coon. Also, I don't sleep with my door open anymore and Cocoa hangs out with my sister, when she isn't just sleeping in the basement. She's very old :(

message 23: by Silver (new)

Silver Lady of Secrets

In the land of a world that is near and yet far,
Lived a maiden whose memory we shall not mar.
Her sad eyes spoke of love and a secret untold,
So she wrote and she wrote with her fingers ice-cold,
In a book full of things that she dared not to say,
Lest the fear they'd inspire a treasure might sway.
And yet even the maiden herself was unsure,
For the meanings of things still remained too obscure.

So she slept and she ate and she waited and waited,
Her hope disappearing as happiness faded,
When one day a message arrived and was read,
But was not what she longed for; her hope away bled.
Then she lay on the bed, tossed the paper aside.
Till the sun went below and she gave up and cried,
And for hours uncounted how so she remained,
Till of tears and of fear she was totally drained.

Then she took up her pen and conveyed onto paper,
What thoughts plagued her dreams; as she wrote she grew bolder,
Till sun was again shining down from the sky,
And her message was naught but the truth – not one lie.
'Twas a sigh of farewell sent the message away,
Leaving hope to sustain her throughout all her day.
When the sun was just setting a letter came back,
And so open she broke the loved seal of a lilac.


that's the most I've ever concentrated on rhythm and rhyme. Though I gave it that title, its real title that I think of it as is "my lady of Shalott." (The Lady of Shalott is my favorite poem) And no, I'm not going to say what it's about.

And I think that's it for interesting but non-depressing poems found on my computer...

message 24: by Silver (new)

Silver I forgot this one:

The Last of the Dragons

The dragons are flying,
Flying away,
No room for them here,
Nowhere to play.
Yet as they leave,
Their wings will flap,
In one last heave.
And their last breath,
Will leave their lungs.

And they shall be no more.

message 25: by Silver (new)

Silver thanks :)

message 26: by Silver (new)

Silver I'm reading through. just thought I'd say because I've been reading for a while but I haven't actually left/gone to bed yet.

message 27: by Silver (new)

Silver I finished reading it. (most of it) it made me cry :( but your poems are really good.

lol I went to one of your other blogs and my web browser offered to translate it to English so I said yes... haha it sort of worked but it was really weird because it didn't translate everything right. I'm a follower. I don't write in my blog very often though.

message 28: by Silver (new)


have you read Junie B. Jones books? (they're for little kids) if not, you probably won't understand the first part... I think I have to go soon.

message 29: by Silver (new)

Silver to message 42... interesting... bleh I was going to say 'worser isn't a word' but then I looked it up and wiktioanry says "While common in the 16th and 17th centuries, worser is now found only in some regional dialects, and is considered nonstandard." So it's a word, but I wouldn't use it...

message 30: by Silver (new)

Silver would it bother you if I went through and corrected your grammar in your poems? I know I type like this but I'm actually a grammar freak.

message 31: by Silver (new)

Silver Um, no, I don't know... what are you saying?

message 32: by Silver (new)

Silver I mean like little things like these three lines:

I wish I was alive
I wish I can speak to them again
I wish wont be like this

message 33: by Silver (new)

Silver it would be the same number of syllables if you said:

I wish I was alive
I wish I could speak to them again
I wish I wasn't like this

message 34: by Silver (new)

Silver or if you wanted to switch to present tense you could say:

I wish I was alive
I wish to speak to them again
I don't want to be like this

message 35: by Silver (new)

Silver Okay... I really like your poems but I just wanted to let you know that every once in a while there's a spot like that that sounds really weird to people like me. Meaning, I've never heard someone say "I wish I can" or "I wish it won't." But it's your poem so do what you like :)

message 36: by Silver (new)

Silver sometimes I feel extremely depressed and the next morning I'll be fine and I can't understand/remember how I felt the previous night and I'll only remember it if I write something at that time.

message 37: by Silver (new)

Silver *I can't say

that is sad :(

message 38: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
I've never had a crush. I think I'm better off being completely non-romantic. >:)

Sorry I can't sympathize with you.

message 39: by Silver (new)

Silver I wrote a depressing poem today :(

message 40: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
I didn't.

Will you post it plz? I want to read it! Depressing poetry is the best because it holds most emotion. :)

message 41: by Silver (new)

Silver Alone

I've never been angry at you before-
Only hurt, just like I said,
But you've done this too many times
Just abandoning me for stupid reasons
You said I was important
But you never said you loved me
You never said you missed me
Except for when I asked you.
You lost the things I gave you-
Or at least that's what you said.
You said they were too special
And you locked them far away.
But I see now I wasn't important,
Or your idea of importance is wrong.
I know I'm going to regret writing this
But if I don't, I'll just forget
And let you use me again and again
I have no one else
You follow the path
Of many others
And I will lose you too.
I am alone.

message 42: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
I sang that in my head. I find myself tending to do that a lot. :P

Maybe, instead of saying 'I'll just forget/ and let...etc'

Say that you'll lock it away just as the other one does with the gifts.

message 43: by Silver (new)

Silver That doesn't really make sense though... I meant I'd forget what she did and pretend it never happened.

message 44: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
Okay...that makes sense. :) Really nice rhythm you had in that poem. I enjoyed reading it even though it was sort of depressing.

message 45: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
'like' button, APPEAR! *poof*

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message 46: by Jen (new)

Jen ALONE is a great poem Silver! I really enjoyed reading it:)

message 47: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
Wow! That's really good. :)

message 48: by Silver (new)

Silver that is so sad :( it makes me want to go shake the 'friend' and tell her how stupid she is... lol sorry.

and thanks for the comments on my poem :) I didn't just make something up, btw. it all makes sense..

message 49: by Laura , in a public relationship with rasputin??? (new)

Laura  | 3132 comments Mod
. . . . because it's written in song format?

message 50: by Silver (new)

Silver I've made up stuff before just to prove that I can do it but it doesn't turn out very well. like this one:

Friendship Bracelet

Blue for the blue of your eyes and mine,
Pink for the polish that sparkles on your nails,
Yellow for the summers we spent at the beach,
Orange for the color I dyed my hair,
Purple for the color of your big, soft towel,
Black for the color of the sky at our sleepovers.
Five backward knots, six forward knots.
One for each of your fingers,
And one for your piano.
Row after row, color after color,
Reminding me of all the times
You helped me with my homework.
Two braids at the end – that one's me and that one's you,
And a knot to keep us together,
Friends forever.

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