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XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 161 comments Mod
Good or Bad fallen:

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XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 161 comments Mod
Name: Leaf
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Personality: TBA
Good or Bad fallen: Nuetral
Apperance: http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_ima...
Family: Kouhei (Left) and Aiko (Right)
History: Never mind this!
Other: Her two pets can talk. She is blind.

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Shia (Shia_the_shadow_wolf) | 186 comments Mod
Good or Bad fallen:fallen but not bad
Family:my wolf that had aquired night wingshttp://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgur...
Other: i have a cross bow

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 50 comments Name: Aliera
Age: 17
Gender: F
Personality: Quiet, sad, a tad bit emotional
Good or Bad fallen: She honestly doesn't know


These are her wings:


Family: Sirius-the northern star
History: Aliera was a star before she fell. angels who have fallen, fall as shooting stars. She was a shining star before that. now she's a fallen angel.
Other: she has a hard time speaking in english. also she shines when she's really happy.

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XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 161 comments Mod
Name: El
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: TBA
Good or Bad fallen: hmmm... he has his sides
Apperance: get a pic soon
Family: Nah!
History: ...
Other: He hates flying.

message 6: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 50 comments YAY!!!!!!! *Hugs vigorously*

message 7: by XxxHidanxxDannaxxX, Epic One (new)

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 161 comments Mod
yeah i did lolz

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 50 comments Name: Rafe
Gender: male
Personality: quiet, not very self expressant.
Good or Bad fallen: has to chose


Family: None
History: Doesn't remember
Other: Likes Jewel, Is that ok?

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XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 161 comments Mod
I dont see why not. Shia said it is fine

message 10: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 50 comments kk.

message 11: by XxxHidanxxDannaxxX, Epic One (new)

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 161 comments Mod
i kicked Shia off the computer so i'm back lolz.

message 12: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 50 comments Where's Shia? Speaking of which, you guys know eachother in person?

message 13: by XxxHidanxxDannaxxX, Epic One (new)

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 161 comments Mod
Yeah we do. she is staying at my house for a whiles!

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 50 comments Cool!

message 15: by Alyson (new)

Alyson (aly9723) | 12 comments Name: Alice
Age: 16
Gender: Chick
Personality: Normally really quiet, but when pushed can become someones worst nightmare. Knows when to keep mouth shut, and can normally get almost any guy to do anything she wants. Girls typically hate her, but she does try to be nice to them.
Good or Bad fallen: Depends on point of veiw.
Apperance: Curvy (not fat, but not stick thin either), hazel eyes, brown wavy hair. About 5'6", and normally wears a frown but at certain times smiles very slightly
Family: Mom and dad, and one sister named Emily
History: When there was a war Alice found out something quite odd about it. Some of the Angels were killing humans. When she told someone, the person believed those killing the humans and was sent down to Earth because the other Angels believed she had gone soft for the Humans and said 'since you love them so much you can be one'
Other: N/a

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Kalie | 1 comments Name:Kalie Pratt
Personality:Sweet,Sometimes Aggresive,Tries to fight for whatshe believes in,and Needs trust
Good or bad:More good then bad
Apprence:Red neck length hair,Shamrock green eyes,tan,skinny,and tall
Family:All family was killed in a fire
History:There was a fire when she was eight a message was burnt into the ground and it said what she was then she disappeared.

Amphrite(Domina Vampiress) Naractular (yukiamucross_purebloodprincess) Name: Jemeline(Jem for short)
Age: 17
Personality: Short-tempered, Stubborn, kind, and fierce
Good or Bad fallen:Neutral
Apperance: Black hair falling to the mid point of her back, ice blue eyes, and usally in all black with black wings
Family: none

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Kassandra Patti Name: Storm O'Brian.
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind,fiesty, she can be really mean if she looses it.
Good or Bad fallen: She's not sure but she leans more towards fallen.
Apperance: Short icy blonde hair that reaches her shoulders, she has bangs that reach until the top of her eyes. She has dark brown eyes, she has grey wings that she hides when she's with people.
Family: Mother: Mirium, her father dissapeared.
History: Storms mother is an angel her father a mortal but he ran far away from them when he saw sotmr sprout her lucious grey wings. She's forever trying to hide her wings and trys to get accepted for her personality but when things dont go her way she sorta looses control of herself.

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