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message 1: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod
After Broadcast 7 (end of "Season" for practical reasons), we should have a wide enough amount of data to begin to change the multi-verse over to a playable format.

Want to hear your input on this. Randy most likely has a lot of ideas, and I want to see what the community is really looking for.

Some of the questions off the top of my own head:
Q1) Would you rather make your own characters, or would you rather go the more storyline approach?
A1) I'd rather make my own character and play with a group of like minded people, but my experience I would also like 1 or 2 person games (1 player with multi-characters & 1 Game Master to set the scene and be the NPCs, etc). I can see the reason behind the storyline, but everyone would want to play a specific person, and this could lead to unhappy players, which we'd obviously want to avoid.

Q2) If you want to make your own characters, what Abilities would you want:
Strength (physical)
Constitution (health, endurance)
Dexterity (coordination, agility, balance)
Intelligence (how well you learn and reason)
Wisdom (common sense, self-discipline, empathy)
Charisma (force of personality, leadership)
A2) I'd like to see Galactic Karma: add 1 dice per level, or adjusted per Major action moves (add Karma points for good deeds (freed slaves), or remove Karma points for evil deeds (took the slaves and sold to highest bidder) - I'm thinking maybe each point would be able to re-roll a lousy die roll - 3 dice max per roll, up to 9 total dice re-rolled per encounter, and once exhausted, wait X real hours or next game session to renew back to normal)

Q3) Alignment
A3) ... most are indifferent. Could be either way, and could be set towards the Galatic Karma ability if used. Discuss.

Q4) Gameplay. Need lots of discussion, if we go this route, we want to make this fun to play for all involved. How do you want to play. Card game? Pen / Paper standard w/ GM map and players with hand sketches? Minifigure game w/ hex or squares (hex works better if facing rules are in effect)? What dice to play with - multi 6 sided dice, or 4/6/8/10/12/20 sided standards?
A4) I want your input.

Q5) Bases of Operation. We'll most likely have a few options to start with, did you start from a coreward planet and... or where your character starts in the universe and areas to be developed.
A5) Discuss. I used to have an old computer game for flight sim - you were introduced to an area that needed cleansing, but you were part of an expeditionary force. You had limited equipment, limited ammo, limited funds. From that you did your missions, and based on your missions, what you used in ammo, fuel, repairs for fleet, and orders for new equipment & replacements you could increase the base and grow. Eventually could operate a new FOB (Forward Operating Base) and expand (RE: Samson as small base, then they took over the Triton which was a huge step up, allowed more profitable runs, but more dangerous, could also (as of broadcast 6 publish) run small side encounters with the smaller ships while operating the Capital ship.

Q6) Galactic Map as a 2-D poster.
A6) I know I'd LOVE one, and could be used to help denote corp / government / (other) faction boundries, could be used to make "hop" plans for travel, allowing distance to be calculated and time between to continue (repairs done while in hyper-transit, etc). Lots of possibilities.

Q7) Ships.
A7) LOOT!! Gotta love it. What types of ships, character starters, up the chain to Capital types, including fleet auxilliaries (cargo/fuel/food) to escorts.

Q8) Cargos
A8) When you pop or tackle something in space, and you're able to make it away... what did you capture?

Q9) Equipment
A9) Personal and fleet equipable items

Q10) Battle.
A10) I would love a mix of battles, some could be space based (grab and go's), some could be grab and tag (would use ship layout grid maps), planetside maps for port side captures.


message 2: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
I think these questions and topics are a great place to start. I really want to hear what other readers and perspective players think.

For now I'd rather stick with these questions rather than add my own or inject my own commentary. I do have a few things in the works for a Spinward Fringe RPG but I'm going to hold that in reserve until 1) they're developed further and 2) so I don't taint the answers people want to give to the questions asked here.

Just so everyone is aware, everything mentioned in this thread so far is doable.

Please, if you're a current or past gamer, take a few minutes to answer some questions or offer your own input.


[Thank you very much for transporting this topic from FB, David!]

message 3: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod
No problem Randy! Just trying to garner interest, and by no means will this limit the RPG works to anything listed here as concrete. We all know this is pre-Alpha works and can change wildly in any direction at any time. Just figured to bypass the AD&D type learning curve they had with 3E rules that were horribly bad then eclipsed by (with much player interaction) 3.5E rules. And they didn't learn with the introduction of 4E, which was nearly immediately overwritten by the much more popular 4E "Essentials" build.
Would rather hash with the other potential players and ideas ahead of time to come out with a great product than release something that no one wants to play because it is either too difficult, or so rigid that you need 500 rulebooks to play.

message 4: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
I totally agree. In fact, I really want to see the answers to the questions you posed. That's why I hope to hold off on posing any of my own for a long while. :)

message 5: by John (new)

John Bromehed | 3 comments Hi David, as a beginning,
1. I would like to see both a single player and multiplayer option.
2. Either way I would like to see some method of improving outcomes by the right mix of team members and their skills and attributes. This could be very interesting when you add in allignment, ie political or economic and how each interacts to compliment any potential outcome.
3.There needs to be multiple plot options along the main story line which while generally working towards a conclusion, can be affected by the outcome and choices made along the way. (variable endings short and long term)
1.The characters need to include more than the basic "strenth", "constitution" etc but some emotional, intelligence and logical factors each of which have significant effect on the skill and potential of each character. This is a character rich series and an RPG needs to be the same in order to attract the same audience.
I will add more later but for now have to run. All the best John

message 6: by David (new)

David (myrddin955) | 3 comments One approach, taken by the GURPS system, for worlds like this is to create world books that provide the background for players and GMs to make their own stories. Im a little partial to the GURPS system, but I like it because its so adaptable.

The advantage of musing a system like that is that it's play tested, and designed to be adaptable to different story backgrounds.

message 7: by Charlie (last edited Jan 05, 2011 04:15PM) (new)

Charlie Heidal | 1 comments I've been playing RPGs and such for about 35 years (I was one of the guys writing the original MUDs for the mainframes) and utilizing the standarized Gurps template is a really good idea. This is a long response to go with the long question, ha.

RE the questions place above
Q1 : A template Crew for all the positions is a good idea. I played as parts of teams on and off and we would have our characters and a ton of NPCs to kill off, gain points from and basically expand the story around were great to have. Makes the initial kick off of the game ALOT faster (IE you don't spend an entire day working experience point tables for the Janitor character.
Q2: Add Special experience identifiers for things such as weapons use (bladed vs projectile vs energy) and powered armor skills etc. These are simple to add during the start up of the game. When playing Mechwarrior we made up some of our own skill sets and experience identifiers (head shots to the Mech caused a special roll because it might make you dizzy, etc)

Q3 Alignment: Rather huge actually. If you are a dick with regards to how you treat other characters you are going to have a harder time with barter and overall getting along.

Q4 : Game play: Hex for both the space map as well as the ground assault and space port interaction things. Experience has taught us that this translates well to making a board game into a computer game. Dice is variable really and will depend on your special identifiers and how big the "hit table" spread is. Squad Leader was 2 D6, AD&D was what seems like a 200 sided dice. :)

Q5: Either the game supports a support base for repairs and "parking" or it starts with seed money so it can be parked. That money would be supplemented by either capture of booty or going back to his old job of snagging bail jumpers (which from the story line sounds like he is out of)

Q6: Very recommended. A "you are here" map would make transition to computer or even a play by email game do-able, and, depending on the level of detail might be a great wall hanging either way. Insure you add the skull in a corner or something.

Q7: following what would be reality of supply routes and military operational/patrol areas you could make this quite interesting. User "detects" a mass on the sensors. Dice roll, select from the stack what is there. Odds are X in Y that its an Armed cruiser/destroyer/battleship/dreadnought/deathstar. Fight it out. A DM would have to be involved or a second card denotes that the enemy has in turn detected you and is A:Coming after you B:Running away from you C:Ignoring you as non-interesting. Of course the stealth technology would have to be factored as something like a 2d6 roll of cats eyes you got detected. Something interesting like that

A8: Use a random card or selection for the cargo. it could be a load of Berets you were getting shot up to grab (Dien Bieu Phu) or it could be new technology. That new technology and how it would be brought into the game play would be a whole seperate thread.

Q10 is going to be huge. Recommend the hexes for ship based battle and of course make it turn based on "action points". Energy and turn rates for vessels is a quality that exists in most StarFleet type games. Doing a 90 Left while traveling any speed in space is not really possible so most rules take that into account. There are ALOT of examples of that in current board games as well as ground combat (warhammer, StarFleet battles, etc etc). Boarding actions will be interesting, but there are examples of that too (Space Marines). The big question would be why would I be boarding this vessel (capture of stuff, capture of an individual etc).
If its to actually "take" the ship then you are going to be doing corridor to corridor combat, essentially what is now called Close Quarters Battle. Alot rests on the "surprise" and "first initiative" modifiers. I may step into a hall with my MP5SDK silenced weapon but if I don't surprise the bad guys already in that hallway Im toast as I lost the initiative somewhere (low Agility score(tripped over my own feet), Low sneak (dragging my feet or making clanking noises with my gear), low lockpick/bypass (shooting the door lock or loudly shorting it out)). All are factors on killing our fellow man in reality as well as in games. Funny how realistic we end up making games now-a-days.

message 8: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod
Charlie, thanks for the input, I'll definitely be looking hard at the GURPS templates as soon as I get some time to see how they play together. While I've known about them for years, I've never been able to get a group together to play. I've played Battle Tech and it's modules (Aero Tech, City Tech, etc, etc), Mechwarrior, AD&D (from original redbox basic through the recently released redbox 4e Essentials pack), and Shadowrun (from 2e to 4e).

message 9: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
Keep in mind that picturing Spinward Fringe with any one game system is very premature at this point.

Unlike the majority of what has surfaced in the marketplace over the last 20 years, I'm planning on developing Spinward Fringe (RPG and Other), from the core concept outward.

Any system that is adopted will be done so on a 'broken frame' manner of thinking. Meaning 70% or more of the rules may be tossed.

What I'm interested in hearing about is what people want to do and experience in the game from a GM's perspective as well as a player's perspective. Once we've got a plethora of ideas, I'll decide (while taking advice into consideration), how a system can make it happen without putting more than the bare minimum of focus on systemic detail. The goal with a system is to keep it so simple that people forget they're playing an RPG.

I'm no where near finishing the core concept design, so it's a perfect time to cultivate ideas that can include the kind of story experience people are having, what they feel is missing in current gaming systems, or what might be wrong with the direction gaming is taking.

So far, some of what I'm planning in the core concept hasn't appeared in RPG, MMO, PC-RPG platforms or anywhere else. I keep hoping to see some of the ideas somewhere else so I can see someone else try them first, but it's just not happening.

Thank you for continuing this discussion, I value everyone's experience. Having 26 years of story telling and system developing behind me, I know how important it is to discuss this stuff before development really starts.


message 10: by Griffin (new)

Griffin John (Packscrat) | 47 comments Hmn... I've played a few different systems in my time (and picked up a few more I haven't really had the chance to run/play).

Q1) Would you rather make your own characters, or would you rather go the more storyline approach?

A1) I'm not sure I understand what it is you're asking here. When my groups and I have played, we've ALWAYS created our own characters. Occasionally they'd run into someone "from universe" but those characters were usually left up to the GM to play. We pursued a rather loose storyline approach, usually "I'm starting here, want to go there... the ride to get there is where the fun lies.."

Q2) If you want to make your own characters, what Abilities would you want:
Strength (physical)
Constitution (health, endurance)
Dexterity (coordination, agility, balance)
Intelligence (how well you learn and reason)
Wisdom (common sense, self-discipline, empathy)
Charisma (force of personality, leadership)

A2) Most of the systems I've played have had pretty much all of those attributes (granted, they were named differently, such as maybe Agility for Dexterity or Vitality for Constitution). As far as Galactic Karma, wouldn't that fall under "Reputation"?

Q3) Alignment

A3) Even when playing AD&D, we didn't really concentrate too much on this (unless a particular magic item was too smart for it's and the person who picked it up's own good ;) ) I'd say let that be one of the things that comes through in how the player plays the part..

Q4) Game play. Need lots of discussion, if we go this route, we want to make this fun to play for all involved. How do you want to play. Card game? Pen / Paper standard w/ GM map and players with hand sketches? Mini figure game w/ hex or squares (hex works better if facing rules are in effect)? What dice to play with - multi 6 sided dice, or 4/6/8/10/12/20 sided standards?

A4) I'll have to go with pen/paper myself. Though when we played, it was more minimalist (no hexmaps - if anything the GM might draw a map of the region with travel paths/times from city to city and the rest was left up to the deviant benevolence of the GM :D ) Now when you get into space, it all depends on how realistic you want it to get (See Chameleon Ecclectic's Babylon 5 starship combat system for a more labor intensive version of space combat) As far as dice, that's up in the air..

Q5) Bases of Operation. We'll most likely have a few options to start with, did you start from a Coreward planet and... or where your character starts in the universe and areas to be developed.

A5) I'm thinking that this is where the GM will have to put in a little time.. working with the players as the campaign grows. Maybe they want a mobile BoO and buy/steal an Overlord.. or maybe they find a moon or asteroid belt to call home?

Q6) Galactic Map as a 2-D poster.

A6) Babylon 5, Star Wars, Star Trek, Mechwarrior...every space-based game I've ever seen has had something along those lines..a very good idea :) Just remember to leave room to add on! There's a few good sources on this subject from Serenity out there too..

Q7) Ships.

A7) Definitely. Though with ships I'm thinking you might want to incorporate something to control how much "stuff" a crew could bolt/jury-rig onto the ship.. No matter how high your technical rating, a heavy turbolaser battery from a star destroyer can NOT be shoehorned onto an x-wing fighter :D

Q8) Cargoes

A8) Reminds me of the treasure tables out of AD&D... maybe it should half depend on what the GM's got up their sleeve and a randomized remainder dependent on which corporation (if any) owns the ship and the size of the cargo deck?

Q9) Equipment

A9) Always a good way to separate industrious little party members from their hard-earned funds :D

Q10) Battle.
A10) I would love a mix of battles, some could be space based (grab and go's), some could be grab and tag (would use ship layout grid maps), planet side maps for port side captures.

- Sounds like a good idea to me :)

message 11: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Hunt | 7 comments I would love to play this as an rpg, but I would suggest checking into the tri-stat system, particularly Big Eyes Small Mouths before it went over to the D20 open license. Big Eyes, Small Mouth A Universal Japanese Anime Role-Playing Game by Theodore Serafica or even better Space Fantasy Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG Supplement by James Maliszewski

With the TriStat system, you only use two D6s, and you have three base stats (Mind/Body/Soul) that are used to calculate the rest of you stats (Hit Points/Energy Points/Combat/Defense/Shock)

They have some of the most comprehensive and best detailed ship building rules that I've ever come across, including suggestions on building ships run with an AI.

I've both gmed and played in several different types of campaigns using these rules, and I've enjoyed each of them.

message 12: by Griffin (new)

Griffin John (Packscrat) | 47 comments Got a bit bored (and curious) so I did a little research LOL. Sunspire/First Light is a little over 1km long (I believe). Crewed with 200 people (though could take more). The Paladin (Freeground Supercarrier) was 12km long. The Lockheed (Freeground Abolisher-Class Carrier) is 3km long. The Triad carriers attacking Freeground during the sim were at least 18km long. Now..to put that into perspective, an Arleigh Burke class Guided missile destroyer is 510 feet (Only 160 METERS) long. The USS Nimitz (aircraft carrier) is only 844 feet (257.3 METERS long)! In Star Wars, the Imperial I and II Star Destroyers are 1,600 METERS long, and the Executor Super Star Destroyer weighs in at around 19Km. Kinda puts it all in perspective for me :D Nothing we have currently comes anywhere close to anything in Freeground...and based on her combat record, the First Light could run rings around most of the Imperial fleet :D LOL

message 13: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
When I was writing the First Light Chronicles - now Origins, I was working under the theory that the further away from your base of operations you go, the more people and equipment you have to take with you.

It's not an uncommon theory, but it doesn't allow for much romanticism in space. A tour through one of those huge ships would take someone past hundreds of metres of big automated machines that quietly go about their business: reprocessing waste, collecting and storing energy from gravity, solar collection, particle collision, etc... The fact that Freeground uses 70% old reliable technology that's much bigger than what most of space faring society had in service sort of added to the scale.

In Spinward Fringe Broadcast 1, I made the leap to the more romantic notion of space travel, where the ships were closer in size to what we've seen in our life times. It didn't take long for me to realize that these smaller ships were better for story, and it was easier to write for a ship like the Triton, which, by internal volume is about the size of 3 USS Nemitz roughly put side by side. Futuristic automation plus great big growing and leisure areas justify the size.

In short, the scale for the First Light Chronicles trilogy will be adjusted on the high end, even though the rambling rationale that's been in the back ground of scifi for 80 years or so says it's fine. I've found that some of the old scifi masters might not have realized that an 18km long ship is practically impossible to picture in your head all at once. :P

Could the First Light / Sunspire run circles around a Star Destroyer? Only if it got the first shot in. If it came down to a completely even fight, automation would begin to break down on the Sunspire, so it would be less effective as the fight went on. With a full crew, the Sunspire might win.


message 14: by Griffin (new)

Griffin John (Packscrat) | 47 comments Ahh call me biased, but...to bastardize an old saying... I'd rather serve as an ensign aboard the Triton than as the first officer aboard anything in the Imperial Navy :D

message 15: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
I second that.


message 16: by Scheherizade (new)

Scheherizade Mq | 29 comments And then there are those of us who are not only numerically challenged but unable to process, let alone calculate, the metric system. So in my world, where everyone knows me, the ships are all just really freakin' big. Does that count? Or better yet. When can we have pictures? :D P.S. Those comparisons do help make everything a bit clearer in my head.

message 17: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Hunt | 7 comments Scheherizade wrote: "And then there are those of us who are not only numerically challenged but unable to process, let alone calculate, the metric system. So in my world, where everyone knows me, the ships are all jus..."

1 km is something like 30 football fields end to end if my math is correct. So if the Sunspire is indeed 1 km long, take how long it takes you to run the length of one football field (100 feet or approx. 33 meters) and multiply it by 30. I don't know that doesn't sound right, I think my math must be off somehow.

message 18: by Griffin (new)

Griffin John (Packscrat) | 47 comments How long does it take to run around it? Why just ask Doc Anderson and Jonas :D

message 19: by Brandy (new)

Brandy Hunt | 7 comments Griffin wrote: "How long does it take to run around it? Why just ask Doc Anderson and Jonas :D"

I think my math must be off, because I looked it up on line and 1 km = 0.62 Miles or conversely, 1 mile = 1.61 km. Put that way, it sounds much more reasonable.

message 20: by Griffin (new)

Griffin John (Packscrat) | 47 comments It always throws me for a loop when talking to someone from across the pond and they tell me something like "Oh I'm 27.94cm tall..." They forget of course that here in America, the closest I've ever gotten to that portion of the metric system was the flip side of the ruler I was using to measure inches LOL. If it's any help, I've found a website with a metric-American (for lack of a better term :) ) online calculator: http://www.worldwidemetric.com/Measur... Just type in whatever measurement you need converted and hit "calculate". (fyi, 27.94 cm tall is 5 foot 11 inches :) )

message 21: by Jack (last edited Sep 17, 2011 02:49PM) (new)

Jack | 23 comments For what it's worth, the GURPS system does include a SF/Space expansion tht will include the creation of solar systems and planets (playing in a group now and our GM is a wiz), BUT the one problem I foresee is trying to incorporate a storyline into a game conversion: TSR tried it with the Dragonlance series (the first 3 books of the Chronicles series) and in my opinion it failed miserably. The adventure/module had the players trying to recreate all the decisions made in the book's storyline to be translated then into the game -- total linear play that many find boring.

message 22: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (osiris) | 32 comments My Character

Joe Joestein

Q1: make my own

Q2: be framework!! awesomeness, full model ie jacob.

Q3: Citadel

Q4: mmorpg 2nd person with ships (see 0-7)

Q5: for me, jupitar shipyards

Q6: 2, a 2d with alliances and a 3d with distances for travel

Q7: 1 class progression, ships change with different systems

Q8: depends, possibility to fire to maximize casualties and minimize damage, also depends on what the ship is carrying.

Q9:everything! totaly customisable

Q10:statistic and tactical based on weapons and sheild frequency vulnerability.

email me for elaboration and to help design BUT ONLY IF RL SAYS YES, i still waiting on that post.

message 23: by Rich (new)

Rich (wideawakenow) | 2 comments I haven't visited this site in a while and just came upon this thread.

For a TT RPG, I hope d20 or other level based system isn't being considered. I certainly wouldn't consider getting it if it were.

I suggest a modified version of the d6 system. I play mostly NWOD Vampire myself, but I picked up the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and I have to say, it's probably the best system I've ever encountered. It has a system that is used for combat, intrigue and large battles.

message 24: by Adam (new)

Adam (Adam_Bryant) | 17 comments I would like to build my own character around a set class tier system.
The current ship character's defined so far should be restricted to NPS/Events

Have a look @ Death Watch or rogue trader by Fantasy Flight games to get some ideas.
So far there are 4 system that basically run of the D20 system, these are:
DND (WotC)
Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press)
Death Watch/Rouge Trade (GW)
There is a newer system available but can't remember the name.

message 25: by Griffin (new)

Griffin John (Packscrat) | 47 comments Just as a side note, with everyone tossing system ideas around, I recently stumbled across a rather interesting one called the Synergy System.. used to great effect in a game called Blue Planet (think Jacques Cousteau meets Shadowrun meets Waterworld - explorers discover a wormhole at the edge of our solar system linking us to a solar system in orbit around the star Lambda Serpentis... which contains a life-supporting (mostly) waterworld...)

message 26: by Yarganoth (new)

Yarganoth Darqurion | 1 comments Well for my touch on the general subject. I would like to have a relative open world system where we have general concepts to explore. but can be adapted to the storyline as the GM sees fit.

the main characters can be NPC's of course

a character can hail from a variety of worlds or space stations each can have its own perks or hindrances. In my own opinion, instead of having a leveling system, have a skill or tech progression tree in its place. that way a character can begin their specialization early on in the game system. each progression within an area of expertise would of course require a greater amount of experience to progress in that area. then comes the issue of racial modifiers. so far I think we are up to 3 races. I would also like to nominate the idea of an AI character and its modifier.

Until Mr. Lalonde furthers the storyline I would like to hold off on the possibility of having framework characters unless the GM would be able to introduce a framework first gen as a knock off alternate bad guy in a plot somehow. my problem with this is that they can easily be min maxed for a particular skill-set when their programing switched on.

so far as ship based/world base/station based. these would all be plausible in that you can have Npc's that can challenge the characters on different levels of interaction.

for ship based scenario,as in the players own a ship. It is possible to have a system in place for seed money to start of with and "ship" centric abilities IE the clever dream. in effect a player could have two sheets to deal with instead of just one. this would be quite an interesting concept if you could get players to "buy in" for shared ownership of a vessel as long as they concede as to whom would be captain of the vessel. each officer player would have certain perks that came with each position an example would be that the captain would have the perk of first right to any loot or technology that they would encounter a + to negotiation encounters. science officers would have a perk that would allow them to develop or implement new technologies, engineering would be able to have a perk within their field specialization. such as shield technology, which can be towards stronger shields more energy efficiency or whatever. the ship could have beginning stats that can be raised with initial seed money and or initial stats of the players as part of the buy in process. it would be nice to have a game in which players would be more vested into the overall welfare of the team.

I will post more ideas sooner or later.

message 27: by Cyber (new)

Cyber Killer | 1 comments I'd love to see a Spinward Fringe RPG setting, but it should be mechanic-agnostic, so every GM can use his favorite universal mechanic to run the game. This should contain:
- a list of worthwhile places in the universe with descriptions
- notable NPCs described in words, not numbers
- a rough plan of the timeline of the whole universe also in regards to the novels
- a list of technologies, also described in words not numbers.

With this any GM would be able to run a Spinward Fringe campaign using his favorite system.

message 28: by The Pirate Ghost (new)

The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) (pirateghost) I am an old timer when it comes to RPGs, from the late 1970s and early 1980s but, I've not had much experience with them in a few years (not that many). I've loved the idea of translating some of my favorite books to RPGs.

I was curiouis. Is there any area that someone is looking for opinions and outside ideas about, any gametesting scheduled or purley speculating over ideas?

(and I'm reading these posts. There's lots of information here, so, I may find the answers to my questions as I read. If so... my bad.)

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