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message 1: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
Welcome to the official discussion group. This board exists so you can have a voice and meet other readers. I also read the posts and like to participate when I have time.

I'd like this topic to serve as a space where you can introduce yourself. You don't have to write a Russian novel about your life story - though you can if you like - but a couple likes and dislikes or a little comment about who you are would be fantastic.

Thank you for coming!


message 2: by Tim (last edited Dec 15, 2010 06:30PM) (new)

Tim Wolfe (ryshon) | 5 comments Hi I'm Tim. I first discovered the Spinward Fringe about 1.5 years ago when I discovered mobipocket on my blackberry phone and how I could download books from Smashwords onto it. How great that I could obtain new books even without time to get to the library or bookstore. While cruising around Smashwords, I happened to see the SF-Origins as a free download. To be frank, at first the Triton Skull amateur look made me skeptical about the likely quality of the story (not terribly fair I know..) I figured, what the hell, it's free and I got nothing else going right now, might as well. Boy am I glad I did.. I read through all Broadcast0 in a day or two and proceeded to buy 1-5 over the next week or two and read them all as well. I was bummed when I finished 5 but then I happened to discover RL's blog and was thrilled to discover that 6 was only a couple weeks away. Bought that the day it was released and am anxiously awaiting 7. I will probably reread all the SW series after I finish the second read of WoT book 13, Crimson Guard, and Way of Kings books that I'm in the middle of now.

Well done sir!

I guess I didn't actually introduce myself. I'm a father to five, grandfather to 1.8 (2nd due in late Jan) network administrator. I'm an avvid reader and typically read at least 3 books per month if they are monsters like the 800-1200 page Jordan/Martin/Erikson, etc put out, more if they are of the shorter 150,000 word or less variety. I also spend a lot of time on the Internet and watching TV with my wife when not doing parent stuff like sports practices/games, choir/orchestra concerts et al. We're also huge Oregon Duck fans (since we live in Eugene) and are looking forward to the big national title game in a few weeks.

Go Ducks!

message 3: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod
Hey, I'm David from over on the FB forums and discussion boards. Have 2 kids who I'm trying to get to read (age 6 and 10.5 months currently Dec 2010) and am introducing to the wonderful world of RP Gaming. I've played D&D in most of the iterations for over 27 years, and multiple other systems throughout the years.
I first picked up Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins (older version) while I was in Africa on business. I needed something to read, and it was free. Can't get any better than that. I love sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, etc, and the book just absolutely blew the doors off all the competing books out there. I love the story, the backgrounds, and characters. In August 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer and while in isolation for treatment I purchased and read the released set (up to Broadcast 5 at that point) 4 full times. Upon receiving my copy of Broadcast 6 when it came out, I was able to find some editing issues and relayed them to Randy to be fixed in a future edit. He was greatful for the help as I found he was doing all his own work! How amazing!!!
I've since offered my help once Broadcast 7 comes to life and readers everywhere are immersed into the Season Finale, so to say to assist in jumping media format and bring the books to life into the RPG format. I've already a few alpha play-testers who'd be willing to play through what we come up with, and I'm been badgering to get and read the books prior to any playtesting.
Looking forward to the new Broadcast 7 soon, and write on, Master-Story-Teller Lalonde!

message 4: by Leo (last edited Dec 15, 2010 10:03PM) (new)

Leo Roberge (luvinleo) | 6 comments Hey there, name's Leo. I picked up Omnibus a couple of months ago and loved it! I work nights at a gas station, so I've been going through about 3-4 books a week since I got my kindle app, so I flew through the whole Spinward Fringe series damn fast! But I enjoyed every last bit of them and can't wait for the next one to arrive. Sure gonna miss the crew after the series ends...let's hope it goes on for a few more books at least. :)
Good job Mr. Lalonde, and keep up the good work.
Hope I don't get flaged for this, but to get updates on novels I'm finishing, follow me on twitter @luvinleo

message 5: by Allan (new)

Allan (allanb) | 5 comments Hey, I'm just this regular guy. I discovered a free trilogy of sci-fi books (the omnibus) while waiting in the airport for a business trip flight one day and am very grateful that I did. One of the best Sci-Fi reads ever in my opinion.
Not sure what else I can say about it, the series just plain rocks!
I too have added Randolph Lalonde to my list of favorite all time authors. Not only for his incredible writing style and interesting books and stories, but for his fortitude and integrity when it comes to remaining true to himself and his writing, and in being one of the pioneers at self publishing in the modern ebook world.

message 6: by Joe (new)

Joe Dejudge | 1 comments I heard about Randy's work on the Somacow podcast. After hearing his phone interviews and reviews of his books from the show's cast I added them to my Amazon wishlist and also began searching in used bookstores for his work. I haven't read any as of yet but I'm still looking forward to doing so.

Joe @TheJudge1041

message 7: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod
The First book is free, and can be downloaded (newest versions always at Smashwords first) here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view...
Link copy/pasted from the Freebies thread for you.


message 8: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Fidgen (goodreadscompatrick) | 1 comments Stumbled across Spinward Fringe totally randomly and was sucked into its universe and out of mine for about two weeks of my life. Serendipity. It wasnt life changing but it was a bloody good read. I was hugely disappointed to finish all but the last (still in progress) and had to eek out the final eBook for as long as possible when I discovered I would have to wait for the next.

I have been looking for anything to match these stories and struggling to find something I havnt already read. Peter F Hamilton comes close and I am re reading some of his work while I await the next Lalonde installment.

Only improvement, if I may be so bold to suggest one, would be to have these works as an app and include audio, visual elements. These stories are crying out to be more than an eBook.

I have been recommending all these books far and wide over here in the UK to will continue to do so.

Its great stuff and thankyou to Mr. Lalonde for creating such a wonderful rich universe... one that I am keen to disappear back into as soon as I can.

message 9: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod

I know Randy had some audio track notes as to which songs were inspirational to the books and which sections. I will try and find and post the link to that when I find time if Randy doesn't beat me to it.

One of the few authors that have drawn me into a series as Randy has done has been Kim Harrison's (Pseudonym from Dawn Cook) "The Hollows" series which begins with "Dead Witch Walking" published in 2004. Available as an eBook, as well. I got my copy when Barnes & Noble offered it for free, and was instantly hooked, excellent series.

message 10: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
I'm deliriously happy to see such a good turn out so far.

To answer your question Patrick, I'm slowly stepping foot into other mediums with Spinward Fringe content at this point. So far I've managed to acquire rights to CGI footage, some music and several development tools that will be useful in the future.

Some of those assets have been tested in the Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0 book trailer and the testimonial trailer, which were basic tests. Here's the channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Randolphl...

There will be more in the future, including demo shots of CGI characters and early audio production coming in the months leading up to summer.

At the moment most of my time is spent working on Broadcast 7 and maintaining the business end of things though. That's why it's taking so long, oh, and I'm keeping the budget low and controllable so I don't run out of money - I call it the Paper Hat Prevention Initiative.

Wish that was more, but at least there's a little.

Anyone else care to introduce themselves?


message 11: by Sergey (new)

Sergey | 1 comments Hi all, my name is Sergey, as you may have guessed already I'm Russian. I discovered the first “Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins” riding a train on my way home. I was out of reading material, and remembered that I had a couple of soft books on my iPhone, so I looked them up and start reading the first Broadcast… and couldn’t stop until I’ve read all of them, one after another. I was reading PDF copies at work and later soft copies on my nook. It’s absolutely addictive, the characters are great and what’s even greater, is that just when you think they are lost, they keep coming back and better then before…
Thank you Randolph for an excellent read and please, keep them coming…

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Nicole. Married. Two teenage sons. All that good stuff. I read about a book a day, as new ones are available to me, and re-visit old ones when they are not. I write poetry and short fiction as well, but only to indulge my own conceit. It's easy to pretend your a fabulous writer when no one else reads it! When I'm not working, reading or writing, I run a home business selling wire-wrapped and seed bead embroidered jewelry, dabble in photography, and work on fantasy art. I'm not very good at any of it, but it keeps me out of trouble.... ish.

Started the Spinward Fringe series about six months ago, and will be re-reading it before Broadcast 7 is released. I'm notoriously forgetful when it comes to secondary characters and need to refresh my memory!

And now I'll stop talking about myself because I'm only mildly interesting, and I'm bordering on narcism. Not cool.

message 13: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
Mike wrote: "Randolph wrote: "I'm deliriously happy to see such a good turn out so far.

To answer your question Patrick, I'm slowly stepping foot into other mediums with Spinward Fringe content at this point. ..."

Since the answer to this question got a little long and involved, I answered it in the new TV Series thread, here: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/4...


message 14: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine | 16 comments Hello All, I'd consider myself new to the Fringe-verse, having only stumbled upon it this year thru Barnes and Noble's free offering. Broadcast 0 was too much fun and I had to enlist. When I went overseas for what I thought would be a quick week or so, I brought along 1 & 2, never anticipating the horror of finishing 2 and not having access to more. One month later, upon my return, the first thing I did was get 3-6 and devoured them while simultaneously raving about them to all who would listen. Managed to lure 3 people into this fascinating adventure ride ... and I'm waiting to hear their opinions.

On to another topic ... my novice question asking if "Space Opera" meant a fat lady in a vacsuit seems to have struck a funny chord amongst my fellow crew mates. At the very least RL, your online store should consider a possible t shirt design, to go alongside the Triton skull logo. I'm just not sure how to get the Viking horns and hair braids to fit with the visor, LOL! :D

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I'd buy a shirt like that. lol

message 16: by Tina (new)

Tina Dixon (glaciergal) | 4 comments Hi. I just wanted to say that I have just recieved a kindle for my birthday and one of the first books I found was Spinward Fringe Broadcast1 and fell in love with the entire series. I am an avid sci-fi reader and am always looking for authors I have never read. Randolf, you are truly gifted. Thank you so much for bringing us a new and exciting way of reading and a fantastic adventure.

message 17: by John (new)

John Bromehed | 3 comments Hi, my name is John, I am from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada and have been reading the Fringe series for over a year on Kindle. I have been a Sci Fi fan for years and immediately became totally absorbed by the series which is some of the best of its kind in years. Like everyone, I am waiting for the next broadcast with great anticipation. What I most like about your Style Randolf is the rich combination of both story and character. The story is innovative and often unexpected and the characters real and riveting. The emotional attachement to each character is amazing and sometimes unsettling to say the least. Thanks for the refeshing new material in the gendre....I can't wait to read more...and who knows, perhaps TV and a movie!!

message 18: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Nielsen (jeoffman) | 1 comments Jeff from Midland MI

I just found the Spinward fringe series about 3 weeks ago or so when B&N had the Spinward Fringe 0 for free on their free Fridays. Needless to say I am now anxiously waiting on SF 7. I think this would be a GREAT TV series! The books are easy to get addicted to.

message 19: by Eric (new)

Eric | 1 comments Hi,
My name is Eric. I am currently in Tallahassee, FL and I had never heard of any of the books until my dad bought the series(0-6) from barnes and nobles on his nook. Since my parents and my own nook are all accounted together, whatever one person buys a book we all get it. From the first broadcast (0) i was hooked and just finished broadcast 6. I am a huge syfy fan and cant wait for the next 2 broadcasts. I started reading serenity since i was told it is very similar in style to the spinward fringe series. Any other recommendations?

message 20: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (hardkillinpete) | 17 comments Hello, there good people. Father of two, night owl reader. Insominiac basically. Found series completely by accident and I have read it three times preparing for book seven. I live way out in the middle of nowhere Alaska, so I do all my reading and Internet on my wife's iPad! I cannot wait to read more of Lalonde's work. I only hope to see more of it published soon. Thanks

message 21: by Tina (new)

Tina Dixon (glaciergal) | 4 comments Hi Matthew, Just wanted to say that I am glad to see another Alaskan who loves Spinward Fringe. Keep warm!!!

message 22: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod

For other sci-fi, a decent read I recently read was Jack Campbell's "Lost Fleet" series. Decent characters, I particularly liked the fleet battles descriptions and tactical maneuvers.

message 23: by Matthew (last edited Dec 20, 2010 02:20PM) (new)

Matthew (hardkillinpete) | 17 comments Glaciergal wrote: "Hi Matthew, Just wanted to say that I am glad to see another Alaskan who loves Spinward Fringe. Keep warm!!!"

I am in delta junction, we alaskansmight just be the only ones who truly understand the cold of space!!!!

message 24: by Tina (new)

Tina Dixon (glaciergal) | 4 comments Matthew wrote: "Glaciergal wrote: "Hi Matthew, Just wanted to say that I am glad to see another Alaskan who loves Spinward Fringe. Keep warm!!!"

I am in delta junction, we alaskansmight just be the only ones who..."

No Doubt there Neighbor! I am in Fairbanks. I know I am alittle warmer than you, however, I used to live in Moose Creek, so I know cold. LOL Wish the weather would warm up alittle tho. Getting really tired of the -20's and -30's everyday.

message 25: by Tina (new)

Tina Dixon (glaciergal) | 4 comments Randolf,
I was wondering who are your favorite authors and which books are your favorites?

message 26: by Mycah (new)

Mycah | 2 comments Hello, I'm a college student pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Sci-fi/fantasy novels have always been some of my favorite reads and this one is definitely one of the better ones that I have read. I was introduced to Spinward Fringe by my girlfriend several months back and I've been addicted ever since. The characters are very well developed and the plot and storyline are very original and keeps me guessing. A lot of books nowadays are too predictable in where they are going. However I have to keep reading this series because I never know what's going to happen next! Good job, great series!

message 27: by Chris (new)

Chris (majorwedgie) | 1 comments Love the Spinward Fringe series - have been hooked since I picked up the original Broadcast 0 - and am looking forward to the next installment!

message 28: by Mike (new)

Mike | 1 comments Hi everyone, I'm Mike from New Mexico, USA. I first started reading the Spinward Fringe series about 6 months ago when I purchased my iPad. I had no idea what book I wanted to read, but I am a big Science Fiction fan. I was browsing the iBooks store and saw Broadcast 1 and it piqued my interest. After delving into it in the first time, I could not stop. I have enjoyed reading every book in the series and I look forward to revisiting them again.

I'm a big history buff, especially for military history, but I particularly enjoy Ancient Greek and Roman history. Although I recently got a degree in Business Computer Systems, I think I will go back someday to get a degree in History and Education to teach (if I ever become better at teaching).

I'm a big fan of the Spinward Fringe series and look forward to Broadcast 7!

message 29: by Lance (last edited Dec 23, 2010 11:06AM) (new)

Lance (tommyoutlander) | 1 comments Hi all! Just wanted to pop in and say how much I have enjoyed the books, I got started off with an ibooks freebie and was hooked! I am looking forward to Broadcast 7 and beyond!

message 30: by David (new)

David (mrwashingtoad) | 20 comments Mod
Glad everyone is stopping by and letting themselves be known! Make sure to view all the threads available in the group discussions and comment there as well!! I'd love more input for the RPG conversion side if anyone plays.

message 31: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
I thought you should all know that, by making yourself heard on the discussion boards, you've entered the first Spinward Fringe Holiday Book Draw.

It's expanded to include more than books. The details can be found here: http://randolphlalonde.blogspot.com/2...

Thank you very much for showing up. Make yourselves at home!


message 32: by Dave (new)

Dave | 1 comments Hi all, just an Aussie lad stopping by to say hi and all that. I've really enjoyed the series so far, so rare to find a really entertaining space opera. Merry Christmas to all!

message 33: by Dale (Aus) (new)

Dale (Aus) (daleaus) Hi, my name is Dale from Perth Western Australia, I had to order a Sony Reader from the US as none were sold here and then came the book hunt. The Spinward Fringe Books were a godsend and fully justified my ebook reader purchase and I have never looked back. Loved the stories and how they develop and now Randolph's name is in my permanent Google Alerts list to make sure I don't miss anything.

Thanks for the hours of great entertainment.

message 34: by Bluecobras09 (new)

Bluecobras09 | 2 comments I have always been in to science fiction. But after getting married and having kids my reading all but came to a stop. After my divorce started in April I decided to get back in to reading to keep my sanity. I bought a Nook and started looking for the books that I had in paperback. Of course my favorite at the time was Eon by Greg Bear. After reading the 3 books, I tried Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0 and I am glad I did. Within 3 weeks, I went through 0-5 and finished 5 just in time for 6 to be released. I have passed the time reading the StarFist series which I also found to be an awesome series.

I like everyone else am just chomping at the bit to get my hands on Broadcast 7!

message 35: by Vonnie (new)

Vonnie Hudson | 1 comments Hi, I am Vonnie from Oklahoma. I have just started with e- books on my iPhone. I love reading this way! Searching for Sci-Fi I came across the Spinward Series. Wow! I am so happy I did. Having just read the Omnibus I am now moving on to the next Broadcast. You can count me as a new fan.

message 36: by Eric (new)

Eric (dittman) | 4 comments I started reading the series when I bought my Nook. One of the free books that was available was _The First Light Chronicles_. I read it, then starting reading the other books in the Spinward Fringe series that were available.

The series is great and I've recommended it to my friends.

I'm eagerly awaiting Broadcast 7.

message 37: by John (new)

John Boettcher (tennisislife) Hi, my name is John and I just discovered the Spinward Fringe series when I purchased a new Nook, and have been absolutely hooked on the series since them. Through Frontline currently and am kind of sad that there are only a few left. KEEP WRITING!!! Love the storyline and characters! Can't say enough about the books. Barnes and Noble should thank you for your books because they have made me become a Nook addict, all because of Spinward Fringe! Thanks for writing!

message 38: by John (new)

John Boettcher (tennisislife) Cannot wait to read Broadcast 7! In the meantime, anyone have any favorites to read that can be obtained on a Nook? Thanks for suggestions.

message 39: by Robert (new)

Robert | 1 comments Hey all, I'm Bob I live in NYC, NY, but am from MI,KS,TN,OH,IN, and Fl and am not an Army brat. I'm a full time grad student in CIS. I found the Spinward Fringe books almost accidentally on my Kindle and was instantly hooked. This is excellent Sci-Fi!! Can't wait for #7 to come out. I keep checking Amazon in hopes that the 2011 date is wrong but at this point in time I guess I'll just have to wait it out...

message 40: by Leo (new)

Leo Roberge (luvinleo) | 6 comments Just wanted come on here to wish everyone a very happy new year and I hope you all had a happy Christmas. :)
Also, I want to say welcome to all the new members, it's good to see RL is getting a strong following.

message 41: by Kane (last edited Dec 29, 2010 11:47AM) (new)

Kane Ford (versteckt) | 2 comments My name is Kane. I am 30, live in southwest Florida, and am a creative consultant/graphic designer. We have our first baby on the way in March!

I've only read broadcast 0 so far... needless to say, I could not put my Nook down and CANNOT WAIT to continue on with Jonas' story.

I was completely and utterly blown away by the quality of what I read (to the point that I just gave you a 5 star review on BN.com and came here to tell you how much I love your work -- something I've never felt compelled to do before!). It seems like 99.99999% of the "free" eBooks on the internet are some sort of literotica garbage -- Spinward Fringe was a rare jewel to be found, indeed. I am so glad I picked it up and started reading. Now I have to buy the rest!!! :D

You have a new fan for life -- several actually, considering I've now turned two friends on to your works. How does it feel to be responsible for instigating a 3 hour long discussion over beer and pizza? :D

message 42: by Kane (new)

Kane Ford (versteckt) | 2 comments Jasmine wrote: "a fat lady in a vacsuit seems to have struck a funny chord amongst my fellow crew mates. At the very least RL, your online store should consider a possible t shirt design, to go alongside the Triton skull logo. I'm just not sure how to get the Viking horns and hair braids to fit with the visor, LOL! :D"

I just choked on my Mountain Dew. Funniest thing I've read in a while, LOL.

message 43: by Art (new)

Art Eshoo (arthure9) | 1 comments My name is Art, have worked in engineering/quality for last 25 years. I've always loved Science Fiction books, movies, etc. Studied mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in college, studies control systems and artificial intelligence systems in college, so the Spinward Fringe series really appealed to me on a number of levels.

Found the series in iBooks and have read thru all 6 Broadcasts in under 2 weeks, very addictive story lines and characters, really easy to be drawn up into their universe.

Can't wait for the last of the series and I wish you good luck with the rest.

message 44: by Mark (new)

Mark | 3 comments Like Sergey, Eric and John, I got a Nook and started looking for free Science Fiction books. I really enjoy Jack McDevitt, Neal Asher, Peter F. Hamilton and now RL. The stories are fast-paced and really draw you in - I, like others, read straight through all the books up to Broadcast 6 with hardly a pause.

I'm an electrical engineer and work in the semiconductor industry. It's fun to read hard science fiction and dream about what comes next!

Great work RL, keep 'em coming.

message 45: by Charles (last edited Jan 01, 2011 04:03PM) (new)

Charles (zorgon) | 1 comments Hi, I just found this series about a month ago and I have been devouring it every since. I cannot wait until broadcast 7 is released.

Also, like others on here, I am very interested in any other SciFi suggestions that anyone might have.


message 46: by Randolph (last edited Jan 02, 2011 11:01AM) (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
Glaciergal wrote: "Randolf,
I was wondering who are your favorite authors and which books are your favorites?"

One of my all time favourite authors is David Gemmell. He primarily wrote fantasy and I was first impressed by him when I read Druss The Legend.

Aside from that, I check in on what Clive Barker is doing from time to time, and read him in my teens obsessively. I can easily say that he was one of my greatest influences. I wrote several terrible horror novels back then, partially because he provided an example of out of the box imagining combined with character drama that was above comparison with other horror novelists of the day. I was fortunate enough to read Cabal before it became a film called Nightbreed. I did enjoy the film, just not as much - still looking for a director's cut, actually.

I'm still reading George R.R. Martin's fantasy work, and am waiting for his latest release in the Song Of Fire And Ice series. I may re-read what's available before the television show comes out.

I read often now, but few authors stand out. Even the last chain of award winning books that I went through last year seemed very plain - even the non-fiction titles. A good book will last me several sittings, but most of those lasted an average of four hours from cover to cover.

The book I'm looking forward to at the moment is Render, from
Elizabeth C. Mock since I enjoyed Shatter, the first book in her series.

Sorry it took me so long to reply to that one, just noticed it!

On with the introductions!

- Oh, and that's 'Randolph' with a 'ph', not an F. :P

message 47: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine | 16 comments Kane wrote: "Jasmine wrote: "a fat lady in a vacsuit seems to have struck a funny chord amongst my fellow crew mates. At the very least RL, your online store should consider a possible t shirt design, to go alo..."

Kane, LOL! :D Can you picture it?! hahahaha.

message 48: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
Jasmine wrote: "Kane wrote: "Jasmine wrote: "a fat lady in a vacsuit seems to have struck a funny chord amongst my fellow crew mates. At the very least RL, your online store should consider a possible t shirt desi..."

Talk about an idea picking up steam! Well, I don't know if the shirt will happen, but you never know what might appear in Broadcast 7. Mwahahaha!


message 49: by Mario (new)

Mario (greito12) | 1 comments Hey all, I'm Mario from Northern Minnesota. I first found out about Spinward Fringe through the Free Book Friday promotion on my Nook. I read Broadcast 0 in little more than a day(I had to work somewhere in there) and was hooked. I've since bought the rest of the series on my Nook and am eagerly waiting for Broadcast 7 to hit the shelves figuratively.

message 50: by Tim (new)

Tim Wolfe (ryshon) | 5 comments Mike wrote: "(I guess this would be the default location for requests like this)

Okay, that time is at hand where I have run out of known authors to read. This happens WAY too often. Do any of you have any s..."

I recently stumbled across the Kris Longknife series by Mike Shepherd. They are quick reads and not terribly complex but a lot of fun. I know you also mentioned that you aren't a fantasy fan but you might check out George RR Martin's songs of Fire & Ice series, it's nominally fantasy but it's so understated that it reads more like historical fiction but very compelling and edgy, rated somewhere in the R to NC17 space. His Tuf Voyaging sci-fi novel is one of the most unique stories I've ever read. If you like Scalzi, make sure you've read all of Heinlein's stuff too :)

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