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•EM• Jake stood up on the hill watching out for predators

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•EM• Jake heard a noise, he morphed into his human form.

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•EM• (why do people clime/sit in trees? haha)
Jake walked around for a bit, wanting to get use to the area

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•EM• Jake didnt notice anything, he just kept walking and looked around at the wonderful landscape

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•EM• Jake walked up to the hill again, looking out to world. it looked amazing

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•EM• Jake heard her fall and looked back at her.

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•EM• Jake ran after her, he wanted to help her if she was hurt

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•EM• Jake was fast, he caught up to her easily. "Hey! wait.."

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•EM• Jake caught her and stopped. "Are you ok?" He noticed her ankle was swollen and it was hurting her

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•EM• He knew she wasnt fine. "Let me help you." He tried to look at her ankle and see how bad to was

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•EM• He could tell in her voice that it hurt bad. He didnt touch her if she didnt want him to.

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•EM• He moved back just a bit. "Ok, if you say so." He knew she wasnt going to be ok

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•EM• Jake watched as she tried. She wasnt going to be ok, he knew that for sure

((i gotta go for a while, ill be back in about 30-45 mins))

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•EM• He laughed, but tried not to be rude.

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•EM• Jake kept an eye on her, watching as she tried to walk away

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•EM• Jake watched her, but soon enough walked away

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•EM• ((Bye bye :P))

Jake sat on the hill, looking out towards the way she ran

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•EM• Jake didnt have anywhere to stay, he thought it would be best to stay at the hill near the trees

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•EM• Jake was laying on the ground watching out for things that might be interesting

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•EM• Jake looked up and saw her. "Kinda..."

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•EM• Jake got up and followed her. "does your ankle still hurt?"

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•EM• He nodded. "But your feeling a bit better?"

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•EM• "Cool, so where are we going?"

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•EM• "And where's that?" He asked her

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•EM• He looked up ahead and saw the house. "Cool."

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•EM• Jake followed her close behind. "Its nice."

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•EM• Jake looked around. it was nice

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 2 comments Aiko sat on the ground before running her fingers through her hair and looking around at the things surrounding her.

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•EM• Jake heard her fall and turned to run to her. "Hey!" he realised she was unconsious and called the hospital

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•EM• Jake took her to the hospital and they got her onto the bed straight away.

"Now what happened?"
"I dont know, we just walked into her home and i was looking around when i heard her fall and she went unconsious on the couch... But earlier on she fell out of a tree and i think may have broken her ankle."

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•EM• Jake looked at Luna and tried to calm her down. "Luna, it ok. no need to worry, were in the hospital..." He tried to explain to her that it was ok, and nothing bad was going to happen

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•EM• The doctors didnt notice the scar on her face, but Jake did. he thought it was best not to ask about it.

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•EM• Jake turned. "No, you need to stay."
The doctor came around and tried to make her calm. "Now.. luna is it?".. jake nodded... "Luna, you need to stay, we can help you. Jake told us what had happened."

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•EM• Jake looked at her, trying to give her the impression of DONT!

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•EM• Jake went and sat down next to her. The doctors left. "Whats wrong?"

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•EM• "But what..?"

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•EM• "What happened?" He tried to understand

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•EM• He nodded. "Why?"

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•EM• "What did he do?" He asked, he wanted to help

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•EM• Jake nodded. "Like how?"

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•EM• jake looked at her eye, it looked bad. "Oh shit."
(Sorry g2g for a bit... be back later i hope)

message 42: by Walter (new)

Walter | 60 comments Timber watched all this progressing he lol youngens. Dont nknow how to act or conceal themselves

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Walter | 60 comments (GTG NEWBies lol jk )

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•EM• Jake realised she blushed

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Walter | 60 comments Timber quietlu walks past there doorway and smiles

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•EM• "Its ok."

message 47: by Walter (new)

Walter | 60 comments He can feel the girl freeze up.She probably has caught his scent.He stopps and waits to see what she will do about it.

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Walter | 60 comments Here she comes he waits tell she sees him.

message 49: by Walter (new)

Walter | 60 comments "Hello he smiles and shows off his fangs Then turns and sprint into the opposite directtion

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•EM• Jake was following her as he caught the sent as well

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