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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom (takular) | 2 comments Mod
Got to thinking today, if I could handpick all of my friends...... Most of them

(excluding all of you of course) Would be fictional characters. So, here is a top ten list of folks I would hang out with.

So, take a minute and give me yours.

1. Bertram Wooster (PG WODEHOUSE)

2. Archie Goodwin (REX STOUT)

3. Menion Leah-Stee Jans-Garet Jax (TERRY BROOKS)

4. Logen Ninefingers (JOEL ABERCROMBIE)

5. Blaise de Garsenc - Bertran de Talir (GG KAY)

6. Bud (Meyer, me and Caleb)

7. Rand Al Thor (ROBERT JORDAN)

8. Harry Dresden - Karen Murphy (JIM BUTCHER)

9. Michael Valentine Smith (R HEINLEN)

10. Petruchio of Verona (BILLY SHAKESPEARE)

Elena Traduzioni Oceano Mare Oh, this is a tough one. I'll have to go through my list of books to refresh my memory, and then will give you my list.

message 3: by Caprice (new)

Caprice | 2 comments 1. Bertram Wooster (Jeeves and Bertie books,PG WODEHOUSE)
2. Archie Goodwin (Nero Wolf, REX STOUT)
3. Stephanie Plum, Bob the dog (Stephanie Plum books, Janet Evanovich)
4. Shadow (American Gods, Neil Gaiman)
5. Tante Lulu (Jinx and Cajun series Sandra Hill)
6. Henry (Gertrude Chandler Ward BCC)
7. Will Stanton (Susan Cooper Dark Rising)
8. Harry Dresden &Bob the Skull(Dresden Files, JIM BUTCHER)
9. Vianne Rocher (Chocolat, Joanne Harris)
10. Thursday Next (Eyre Affair Jasper Fforde)

message 4: by Caprice (new)

Caprice | 2 comments I can't believe I forgot one other set
Peabody, Father of Curses, Ramses and Nefret (Elizabeth Peters)

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 1 comments Do they have to be in any kind of an order? I'll have to review (like Elena), but I'll start with these:

1. Tom Bombadil (LoTR, TOLKIEN)
2. Elizabeth Benneth (P&P, AUSTEN)

As much as I love character development, it's possible I don't actually like a lot of characters I read. Hmm...

message 6: by Tom (new)

Tom (takular) | 2 comments Mod
For everyones information, the characters Beorn, Tom Bombadill and Smith of wotton major, were based on me :-)

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