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message 1: by Leaning-Good (last edited Jan 20, 2011 09:25PM) (new)

Leaning-Good (suka) | 63 comments Mod
After I have been traveling to enjoy in Gary profile;

I have just found that some of my favorite quotes have been lost from my list,

It's truly show to me today that,
it has no true human right here :
The goodreads head can do anything
to the member profile as much as they want!

They specific removed just the quotes which have been created by me, some of it have more than myself to add as favorite quote, but the goodreads's head still removed them.

And this is Suka's Announmence

From today,
I will not change and remove or add any thing from this profile,

and if something wrong happen again to my profile it will come truly from the goodreads staff !
[except to prove some lovely friends request , if the goodreads head still not cancel my right for that]

May I should send you more a book of human right knowlegment, the GoodReads Head?

Regards to the GoodReads's Head, who can't control yourself from desire to destroy someone by the envious mind :

What thing you has did to me is "An Epic Of The Horrible Envious Mind", who has no way to release hisself from the poison ocean of his heart.

To someone who read this comment,
I tell the truth always,
and so glad to be "An Example Victim Of The Public Site's Managment By The Worst PreJuDice" !!!

Being escape from the envious GoodReads Staff,
who always do something wrong to my "Leaning-Good" profile :

I have move myself to the profile below already,

Real Suka's Profile

And if the Goodreads's Head continue going to do something wrong in my real profile above,
I will move myself to million profile, till they reaching their death with HeadAche !

And also, I will fight for my right till the end of my life ; through out Cyber World !!!

Do you think that the GoodReads staff give you a real RIGHT here,
as they pretend to do ?

Suka by Akus

message 2: by Leaning-Good (last edited Jan 20, 2011 09:13PM) (new)

Leaning-Good (suka) | 63 comments Mod

The arrival of The New Year Time has come,

Year by year,

Again and again,

that I have to say "Happy New Year ! "

to start a happy new year.


To obstruct the deception of the GoodReads's Head
to the public that they always give us a real freedom,

On the ruins of my favorite quotes in Leaning-Good's Profile,
which have been embezzled by the GoodRead's staff,
and they still not return it back
to my Leaning-Good's Profile, till Today :

I have start created some of lovely quotes,
again, for Suka's profile ;

Waiting for the GoodReads's Head
to remove it for their being drunk with power;

To show how much hungry as a hunter, they are,
to devour my "Suka's quotes"
the liberty of writing of "Suka" to the public !


Hot Suka

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