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Type (from which book):

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GSGS | 77 comments Mod
Name: Scalla ((F))
Age: 15
Type (from which book): Percy Jackson
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: Wavy blond hair, brown eyes, medium height.
Personality: Optimistic, shy, modest, calm, humourous
Relationships: Her father is loopy and she doesn't know her mother (Athena)
History: Nothing exciting much.
Others: ---

Name: Rilla ((F))
Age: 14
Type (from which book): HP ~ witch
Good/bad/SECRET: bad
Appearance: Black hair, fringe, brown eyes, pale skin
Personality: Gets jealous easily, doesn't care about other people much, likes to get her own way.
Relationships: Has no family
History: Rilla's parents disappeared mysteriously year ago and Rilla was brought up with family friends who, when seeing Rilla do some strange things, got alarmed and took her to an orphanage claiming they didn't have the money to raise her anymore. Rilla, since, has been taken to Hogwarts.
Others: ---

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Name: Spencer ((F))
Age: 15
Type (from which book): Percy Jackson (Poseidon)
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: Brown eyes, Short brown hair, litghly tanned skin, medium build.
Personality: Calm, friendly and pretty out-going.
Relationships: Whateva happens happens.
History: Long story. Moved schools a lot. Moved houses to find one with a pool (It helps her think...)Others: When she was young a racehorse spoke to her and told her to let him free. Turns out that race horse was worth over 1 million dollars...

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RCRC  (rcrc) | 34 comments Mod
((Im gunna change my mind again. Spencer is nowa girl again...))

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Name: Wind(called Wind, Lindy, sometimes even Tempest if you wanna piss her off.))
Age: 14
Type (from which book): Mortal Instruments..HELL YEAH!
Good/bad/SECRET: ......Secret Secret Ninja.... XD
Appearance: I'll draw a pic, but here's the down low- Windy has clear, light blue eyes with dark,full lashes and violet flecks here and there.Her pale blonde hair has a light greenish tint to it,and always seems to be moving.She's about 5'5, and has a farily curvy figure.Windy usually wears a pair of torn up,bleached light blue jeans, a light pink hoodie she usually keeps around her waist, and a long sleeve button down shirt she usually keeps rolled up to her elbows with a pair of gray ankle length combat boots.
Wind usually carries around a 5-foot kinfe named Not-Bobert XDtall scythe with a onyx handle and a silver-and-jade blade.On the handle, there are bandages to make the wieler have a better grip.At the top of her handle, there is a light blue and viloet stone that resembles a eye.

That was WAAAAYYY more than I expected. O.o
Personality: Windy's a gentle person, who cares deeply about her friends.She won't be afiad to slice someone's head off, though.Wind loves, well, the wind and the nighttime.She hates cruel people and isn't afaid, as I already said, to hack someone's head off.
Relationships:.....Meeep.OPEN YA'LL!
History: .....It's a secret!>:D MOHAHAHAHA!
Others:....MEEP!MEEP I SAY!

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Name: Not-Bob the Eraser
Age: ..3.
Type (from which book): Maximum Ride
Good/bad/SECRET: BAD GUYYY! Yay Bad guy Not-BOB!
Appearance: He looks like a bunny.
Personality: Evil,hates everyonr and laughs at pain.
Relationships: NONE.
BUT's He's free, ladies~!
History: NONNNNE
Others: ...Meep.

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Amaranta (foreverreader) Name: Raven ((F))
Age: about 15
Type (from which book): Maximum Ride
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: Raven has jet black hair that falls just past her shoulders that is often pulled back into a messy ponytail. She has extremely light blue eyes, so light, it almost looks like they're white. She's about 5' 9" and weighs about 93 pounds. She has an assortment of cuts, scraps, bruises, and scars from various fights.
Personality: She is quiet and tries to stay out of poeple's way. She doesn't trust very easily, but when/if she does trust you, she is willing to die for you.
Relationships: OPEN
History: Raven grew up at The Institute in NYC until she was nine, when she escaped. She was then adopted by a widow with two sons. She never told them about being a mutant and ran away about two years ago when a group of Erasers attacked her at a school dance. Her "mother" now has a reward on her for her safe return.
Others: She can see in complete and total darkness as though it's the middle of the day, and she can control shadows. She hates small enclosed spaces.

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 6 comments Mortal Instruments Characters

Name: Cronos
Age: 500
Type (from which book): Mortal Instruments
Good/bad/SECRET: Bad, bad to the bone :P
Appearance: Demonic Origins
Personality: Grey, he doesn't express interest in much. Laid-back and easily bored.
Relationships: Open, I guess.
History: No one knows where he originated, nit even fellow demons, though he was born on earth. He was believed to have spent much of his earlier life in Israel, before migrating to Greece. A trail of blood usually follows him, and those who have been lucky enough to escape his wrath wouldn't want to repeat it again. He has a twin sister, though she is believed to be dead.
Others: TBA

Name: Damocles K.
Age: 16
Type (from which book): Mortal Instruments
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: Photobucket
Personality: A wild kid, he's never wanted for anything, putting other peoples thoughts before his. He is wild and hides his emotions behind a mask of cocky fun.
Relationships: Open
History: His mother died in child-birth and his father was emotionally distraught and withdrawn, drowning his sorrows in a bottle. He lived eight years with his father before running away to England from his native Ireland.
Others: TBA

Name: Astarte S.
Age: 17
Type (from which book): Mortal Instruments
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: anime
Personality: Withdrawn, she doesn't speak much and has a burning anger when provoked. She is dangerous to be around and doesn't make friends easily.
Relationships: Open
History: Orphaned as a child, she was raised by her grandmother in Romania. She travels the world and lives well off on her families money.
Others: TBA

Percy Jackson Characters

Name: Drust, also goes by Dust
Age: 18
Type (from which book): Percy Jackson
Good/bad/SECRET: Good, in a bad way.
Appearance: Photobucket
Personality: Quiet, doesn't draw attention to himself. Tends to make enemies.
Relationships: Open
History: Being the son of a death god (Thanatos) didn't come easy. He killed twenty people when he was eleven, earning him seven years in juvie.
Others: TBA

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Cody (rolinor) Name: Alatar the Blue
Age: 3,000
Type (from which book): Unfinished Tales of Numenour and Middle Earth By. J.R.R Tolkien
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Wise, reclusive, somewhat like Gandalf
Relationships: none
History: Blue Wizards are fictional characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium, appearing in The Lord of the Rings.
They are two of the five Wizards (or Istari) sent by angelic beings called the Valar to Middle-earth to aid in the struggle against Sauron. They are called the Blue Wizards on account of their sea-blue robes (each of the other Istari had robes of a different colour), and their individual names are given in the Unfinished Tales as Alatar and Pallando. They were both sent to the distant east of Middle-earth, and therefore played no role in the events of the west of Middle-earth, as described in The Lord of the Rings. Consequently, little is known about them.

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Amaranta (foreverreader) Cody, you do realize that the roleplay is currently only using characters from Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson and the Mortal Instruments, right?

message 11: by Cody (new)

Cody (rolinor) I quote "In this RP, EVERYONE is included" Tolkien is someone lol.

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Amaranta (foreverreader) And I quote from What you need to know, " For now, the RP will only include characters from Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson and the Mortal Instruments." http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/4...

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Cody (rolinor) Damn...

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Sydney ♡ Name: Nefertiti
Age: 18
Type (from which book): Percy Jackson
Good/bad/SECRET: Mostly Good ;)
Appearance: Bluish Black hair that falls to her mid-back -she has full forehead bangs, silvery blue eyes, pale skin (extremely white in comparison to her black hair), skinny, curves in all the right places, very beautiful, flawless skin, star tattoo on the back of her hand ( http://www.tattoocd.com/tag/star/page/2 )
Personality: It depends, she a little b*tchy when you first meet her but she easily warms up to people, slightly cautious around males because her mother is Artemis. She can be extremely stubborn when she wants, but has a kind and giving heart.
Relationships: Open :)
History: Grew up in Camp Half Blood because her father died when she was very young.
Other: She has always wanted to know the story of why her mother, the maiden Artemis, broke her vow to be with her father, but has yet to find out the tale.
Because her mother is Artemis, she has a faint silvery glow at night and is always welcome with the hunters. Nefertiti is very skilled in Archery and Poison making.

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GSGS | 77 comments Mod
All these characters are awesome =)

LOL Cody. OK, you can have your Alatar but can you give a little background info so I know what the hell you're talking about XD

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Sydney ♡ Name: Adrian
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Type (from which book): Percy Jackson
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: Faux-hawked(sp?), dark chocolate hair, gorgeous green eyes that look as if they can see into your soul, slightly muscular, slightly tanned skin, damn sexy :3
Personality: Bad Temper, Smart, Loyal, Flirtatious, Stubborn, Protective -When he is around people he truely trusts he is more Sensitive and Gentle
Relationships: Open but see "Other"
History: Adrian is a godling, he is the son of Aphrodite and Ares. He inherited his mom's good looks and powers of seduction -He inherited his dad's strength and temper.
Other: Adrian is hesitant to get into a relationship again because his girlfriend was murdered by the furies a year ago. He covers up his sorrow by his hot headed-ness.

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Cody (rolinor) GSGS wrote: "All these characters are awesome =)

LOL Cody. OK, you can have your Alatar but can you give a little background info so I know what the hell you're talking about XD"

Okay he is of the Istari (basically the wizards) they were sent by the Valar (angelic figures) to middle earth to help in the war against sauron, read his history from there it should help.

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Cody (rolinor) Name: Khamûl
Age: Unknown but a great many years.
Type (from which book): Lord of the Rings
Good/bad/SECRET: Bad
Appearance: description
Personality: Cold, bent on Sauron's will, speaks with a shriek, has an aura of dread
Relationships: Servant of Sauron
History: Khamûl the Easterling was one of the nine Ringwraiths, second only to the Witch-king himself in Middle-earth.

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Cody wrote: "I quote "In this RP, EVERYONE is included" Tolkien is someone lol."

*Epic Grey Girly Pervy Sage Face*
D-does this mean I can have my Deidara,Soul, and Kisame-kun~?

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GSGS | 77 comments Mod

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All my most favoritest anime characters EVARRR~!

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GSGS | 77 comments Mod
No. I'm sorry but I'm gonna draw a line at anime =)

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Hareem (callmehimo) | 4 comments how do we add pictures???

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GSGS wrote: "No. I'm sorry but I'm gonna draw a line at anime =)"

Kai kai.^^

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Cody (rolinor) Copy and paste this, follow instructions [image error]

Where it says put the picture link here do so but also put quotes around the link

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Kate Duerksen Name: Amy
Age: 15
Type (from which book): Percy Jackson (child of Athena)
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Personality: Kind person, very caring towards animals. Is very quiet and shy to people but eventually warms up to them. Helpful, happy person.
Relationships: Open
History: Was born in the United States by the God Athena and her father, a lawyer who has no time for her and ignores her a lot of the time when she visits him.
Others: Has a cat named Fluffy. She is the cat she is holding in the above link.

Name: Robin
Age: 16
Type (from which book): Harry Potter-Witch
Good/bad/SECRET: Good
Appearance: http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/HIIS... In Muggle Clothes. If it does not appear right scroll down and it is the girl in brown with a book open
http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h... Non-Muggle clothes
Personality: Kind, brave girl but likes to keep to herself. Does not have many friends because she is quiet and mysterious.
Relationships: Open
History: Has a witch mother and a muggle father. Grew up on a small prarie land. Her mother had to leave one day but she never came back. Robin thought she had run away but her mother had been killed. She lived a sad life from there.
Others: None

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Yay!! Finally, another Harry Potter character!

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Name: Alice Lane

Age: 13

Book: Harry Potter

Good/Bad/Secret: Good :3

Appearance: description

Alice's a tiny blonde girl! She’s short, usually wears her hair in pigtails or pulled back, and dresses in simple button-up shirts, sweater vests, and short skirts and a long, black jacket. When dressed casually, she’ll leave her hair down and wear sweats. She has a slim, athletic build, and is good at gymnastics. Green eyes, blonde hair, fair skin, usually armed with a book and a friendly smile.

Personality:A perfectionist, and honor student, a hard worker and a natural talent. All this has combined to give her, not a superiority complex exactly, but a furious need to be the strongest or the leader in a given situation. She hates being helpless, hates being weaker than her opponent, and will push herself to the literal breaking point to try and become more powerful.She’s generally level-headed and clever, using terrain and the enemy’s own strengths and weaknesses to her advantage, but her fits of rage are violent and oftentimes irrational. You do not hurt her friends. You do not threaten them. She will end you and make sure that it hurts. Her loyalty, once earned, is as fierce as her affection, and betrayal takes her a long time to process and accept--and even then she’s quick to forgive. She assumes the best about people even when a situation screams ‘dishonesty’.Her relationship with her father is rocky at best. She gives him the cold shoulder despite his clumsy attempts to get close to her, regularly and publicly insults him, and voices her preference for her mother whenever someone asks. She does love him, but his philandering is a bone of contention between them that she will never stop worrying at; it broke their family up, and Alice blames him in part for her mother’s absence. Her affection is buried under her faking of disliking him, but her father continues trying to get close, his own adoration for his daughter bearing up to her insults and persevering.

Realtionships: Open

History: When she was still young--probably around six--her parents had a falling out and got divorced several years later after attempting to patch things up. Her father is a legendary philanderer and Alice openly scorns him, despite the affection she keeps hidden.


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Amaranta (foreverreader) That's awesome! Um, why does she have a sythe with what looks like a girl with fangs on it?

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

XD Not the 'girl'(It's a guy XDDD) with fangs, but she does have a scythe.

message 33: by Amaranta (new)

Amaranta (foreverreader) Oh, I couldn't tell, but why does she have a sythe?

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Urf daaa.
Ask the artist. :X

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Type (from which book):Gone
Appearance:Mid length black hair,hazel eyes,and tan skin
Personality:Outgoing,loves to laugh and run around and fight
History:Doesnt like to talk about it
Others:Can control ligh and shot powerful blasts from hands

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Lionlord | 6 comments Name: James
Age: 16
Type (from which book): Hp and pj ,Tolkien, hades dad pureblood witch mom 1/4 easterling
Good/bad/SECRET: bad
Appearance: tall black hair evil looking
Personality:harsh evil
Relationships: none
History: dad fell unloved with a pureblood witch.
Others:uses a Stygian metal sword.

Name: Peter
Type (from which book):hp,pj,Tolkien.Hermes dad mom half witch half elf
Good/bad/SECRET: good
Appearance: tall,lean,dirty blonde hair.
Personality:funny sarcastic
History: dad fell in love with mom while traveling.
Others: has a short sword Celtic dirk and miniature crossbow.

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Lionlord | 6 comments Name: Josh
Age: 15
Type (from which book): PJO,fma.dad Zues and he is an alchemist.
Good/bad/SECRET:good,with attitude though.
Appearance: tall,blue hair.blue eyes.
Personality: sarcastic,but has a good heart.
History: as a child was taken and trained in alchemy.

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