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message 1: by GSGS, IS A MOD (new)

GSGS | 77 comments Mod
Basically this is a RP group where instead of having a RP for each indiviual book, you chuck in characters from different books into the one situation. So the good guys: wizards, bird-kids, demigods, Shadowhunters etc, fight against the corresponding bad guys.

For now, the RP will only include characters from Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson and the Mortal Instruments. Later on maybe some more books will be introduced =D Don't worry if you haven't read all the books, just RP the characters from the books you do know.

I have requested that you have no more than four characters, hopefully this will reduce confusion and the likes.

Have fun!! xoxo GSGS

message 2: by GSGS, IS A MOD (new)

GSGS | 77 comments Mod
Another thing I need to add:
There are two topics: Bad Guys' Lair and Good Guys HQ. Basically, in those places your charries communicate with others about the roleplay, and what some battle ideas could be.

message 3: by Cody (new)

Cody (rolinor) Can we have characters from Tolkien's world of Middle Earth please...

message 4: by GSGS, IS A MOD (new)

GSGS | 77 comments Mod
If you can please explain some stuff about it, then probably yes... =)

message 5: by Cody (new)

Cody (rolinor) Yay lol I will explain anything you ask about it, note: some stuff will get you a very long explanation

message 6: by GSGS, IS A MOD (new)

GSGS | 77 comments Mod
Okay :)

Is there any more bemusement??

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