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When did you know the identity of the clown?

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John Brinling This is a mystery thriller. When was the idenity of the bad guy - the clown - obvious to you? Was it at the warehouse or before? If before, when exactly?

Nancy I was starting to get an inkling but didn't really twig until in the warehouse.

John Brinling That's great! That's what I wanted. A few people have said they deduced the identity earlier, but didn't say what gave it away. Thanks for your read and your comment. You might like several other books I have just published: The Hitler Project and War Of Choice, both thrillers. Again. thanks for your time and interest. John

Nancy I will keep an eye out for those. Always love a good thriller, but the Stieg Larson types are too violent for me.

John Brinling Generally a good thriller with reasonable sex and violence is okay with me. I don't care for the really lurid stuff either. The two books I touted don't have graphic sex or violence, just lot of intrigue with great risks for the characters and humanity.
Hope you enjoy the coming weekend. Best wishes.

Nancy Thanks. I have one concert and 2 rehearsals coming up this weekend, so it's a busy time.

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