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Jennifer To be copied and pasted here... Nawjk :P

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Jennifer Name: Kylie

Gender: Female

Age: Draki Age- 150 years. Human Age- 18 years

Human Appearance: Kylie isn't bad-looking for a teenager. She tends to radiate beauty effortlessy. As for her hair, it is a chocolate brown color, and sometimes looks like it has golden streaks under the sun. Her hair curls at the end, cascading down her shoulders like water over a watefall. Her eyes are a vivid green color, piercing and narrow. Being slim and lithe as advantages. She is able to dodge things quickly, and her long legs help her run faster.

Looks somewhat like this:

Draki Appearance: When in draki form, her skin looks like a light shade of violet. Her wings are a darker shade of violet, almost appearing black. As for her eyes, they are still a piercing green color.

Personality: Though being a girl, Kylie is not afraid to get dirty. She is athletic, although may not seem so, and can spring into action quickly. She is defensive of her personal belongings (if she had any with her) and pride. You can always except her to greet a challenge and never back down. Everything she does is with pride and confidence. Hardly the type to be put down, Kylie can be sarcastic and care-free at times. When insulted, something inside her will explode, and it can get ugly. She tends to forget about the past very easily, and won't let fights get in the way of her friendship. Her personality lets her make friends really easily. Sometimes, when not in the mood to be friendly, Kylie can be hostile and a bit mean. At times, she can have a quick change of mood and go from nervous to angry.

History: Her mother and father were both draki. Born in a pride, Kylie has adapted to all of the normal draki ways. She was manifested at the age of ten. Her mother died when she was eleven during a foggy night. She was trying to hunt for food, and ended up crashing into boulders. As for Kylie's father, his death is unknown. He was found on the shore of a lake with gashes on his neck, arms, and legs.

Family: Mother and father are deceased.

Crush: Open

Mate: Open

Other: Air draki (is there such thing?). She has abilities to fly swiftly though the air and maneuver better than most draki.

message 3: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Yay! Right now she's accepted, but I'll check on the air draki. :) So Accepted.

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Jennifer Kay :P

message 5: by Kayla (new)

Kayla I believe she would be an onyx draki, which gives her agility, speed and strength. :) But she's still accepted.

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Jennifer Okee dokee :P

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