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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments starting with 50 or so and then will try more if I pass it

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments 1.U is for Undertowis my first choice for the yr started in 2010 but I knew it would be first one done in '11

2Death by Darjeeling
3Sh*t My Dad Says
4Taking the Fifth

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Taking the Fifth--just finished it not sure what's next

message 5: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Now You See HimbyStella Cameron precedes A Grave Mistake which I read in 2010

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Done Paradise Valley

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Broken
UndoneKarin Slaughterboth are by Karin slaughter

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments I put undone aside for a bit as I found it hard to read two Karen Slaughter books. I wonder if she is going to continue with Lena in Macon with Jared. Anyway I am back to Undone which is a mix of Will Trent and Sara Linton.

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments finshed Undone
started The Perfect Husband

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments HideLisa GardnerDD Warren

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Fragile-Just finished

currently reading

Standing in the Rainbow

The Neighbor

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments just finished the neighbor--it was great. still working on standing inside the rainbow.

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments just finished Survivors Club

just started The Last Cheerleader

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments James Patterson--worse case

message 19: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Worst Case is done.
Just startedMimosa GrovebyDinah McCall

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Inferno by Karen Robards

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments currently reading The River by Cheryl Kaye Tardiff

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments finished The River by Cheryl Kay Tardiff
The Noon God-finished
Two Scoops Is Just Right
CURRENTLY READINGBingoed: An Essie Cobb Senior Sleuth Mystery

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Big White PantiesBY Dale Alderman--HILARIOUS READ SO FAR

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Buried in Wolf Lakeby Christine Husom

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments just finished DAUGHTER AM I --FANTASTIC BOOK

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments DAUGHTER AM I—PAT BERTRAM-KINDLE EDTION.
Mary Stuart has grandparents or had grandparents, but they were murdered and she has inherited their farm. It seems that due to family politics her dad disowned his parents’ years before. Mary discovers a little black book in her grandfather’s possessions and finds a ragtag bunch of former mobsters who Mary takes on and makes friends with –Sounds like a trip down the yellow brick road at first but turns into a rousing adventure to find the hidden gold from a long ago robbery. Their prime nemesis in this case is a gold obsessed murderer following them.
I found this book to have a really neat concept to it. Most people boo anything to do with mafia or anything criminal. In this case these characters are lovable octogenarians on a last adventure for buried gold and who provide our heroine with insight to what her grandfather was like. Ms. Bertram has written characters you can cheer on and hope the best for. There is a little bit of everything for everyone in DAUGHTER AM I; humor, adventure, insight and a love story when Mary meets Tim. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good road trip story. I GIVE DAUGHTER AM I FIVE GOLD BARS.

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Flower Child BY SHEILA DEETH
A Spark of Heavenly Fire PAT BERTRAM
A spark of heavenly fire.
The red death epidemic has hit the state of Colorado and there is a quarantine and Marshall law. Along with merely staying alive; three women manage to thrive and show how strong they really are in the face of adversity. Kate, Dee and Pippy show what it takes to get through the worst. That indeed is a spark of heavenly fire. Kate and Dee work tirelessly to provide for the homeless and a purpose and merely try to save people. Pippy, miles from home must find a way to get back home after escaping illness. Meanwhile her fiancé is researching the epidemic and what caused it. Is it a bona fide illness or did it come from somewhere else, he wants to find out before it kills every one.
Ms. Bertram has written some very strong characters that have the strength in the worst of times. She keeps the reader on the edge while writing a riveting story and a the same time give us all hope that we to can have such moxie when we need it the most. Congrats to the author. I give this book five gold stethoscopes.(less)

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Karen (karenvwrites) | 122 comments Flower child
This was Ms. Deeths shot at Heaven from the perspective of a child. Angela is an unborn child; One child that was never claimed by a parent. She describes it as being born from a flower and if the baby could not be claimed for whatever reason, the child would remain tethered to the earth by a cord until her fate is decided by her or her parents. Her friends in heaven are making decisions as to their futures choosing good over evil or vice versa and Angela and her mom, Mega...

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