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message 1: by Lemunty (new)

Lemunty | 2 comments Where do you guys source your books from? I've been in Bangalore and I go to all the usual places: Select, Blossoms, Bookworm, Crossword, and so on.

I've also noticed that there are very few raddi-walas, you know, the sort who stock old magazines and sometimes comics too, and occasionally have stacks of cheap paperbacks.

Any hidden gems? Secret bookshops? Good places to go to?

message 2: by Ashwini (new)

Ashwini (bookshelver) | 7 comments Hi Lemunty,

For environmental reasons, I try not to buy books (Ok you can roll your eyes, I'm used to this whenever I state the above comment! ;-) ) I make it a point to keep my eyes peeled out for good libraries. And when Bangalore traffic got crazy, I was so relieved to find lending libraries that deliver books home. I was a member of one such. Now I hear there are more such libraries which do not have late fines! Like JustBooksCLC,MyLib etc! How I long to get back to Bangalore!! Sigh! But yes, I used to spend hours at Crosswords and Landmark just to chill and look for new books that I could ask my library to order! ;-)

message 3: by Anbu (new)

Anbu (anbutheone) When it comes to books, I would just forget environment and other stuffs and try to buy more hard copies.

My favourite shops to buy the books are LandMark, Crosswords and Strand.

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