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Amanda Hoffmann (amandavonhofmann) Hi, I'm Amanda, a book addict, gamer geek, daydreamer and writer. My first novel was released May 2010. Please check out:

Behind Green Glass by Amanda Von Hoffman

"Perched in the maple outdoors she saw a figure, human in shape, animal-like in posture. A smooth expanse of bare muscled chest, light tangled hair, glowing irises. The glass slipped from her fingers…"

Sixteen-year-old Isolde believes she has the dullest life imaginable. She is homeschooled by her anti-social mother, she has just moved from the city to a house in the middle of nowhere, and she is too painfully shy to make any new friends in the rural town of Thornville. She escapes boredom through painting and daydreaming. Then, Isolde hears rumors that her house is haunted. She discovers a shard of green glass in an antique dresser, and through the glass she sees Lyric, the boy who is watching or haunting her. Lyric is one of The Forgotten Ones, a clan of ethereally beautiful creatures that live in the nearby woods. As the mystery of The Forgotten Ones unfolds, Isolde discovers adventure, love and her own inner strength.

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