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Kristi (kristicoleman) I am a bit behind, since I work all day and almost every night till between 9 and 12...It's getting crazy here, but I am chipping away at my sections. I hope to get totally caught up during the week between Christmas and New Years.

'Till then I wanted to post this thread so all of you who are still on track can post your thoughts! Great job for keeping up!

Kristi (kristicoleman) oh wow...I think I hear crickets...

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Liza Reid (lizareid) I did finish this section a couple of days ago. It was interesting to hear the story from Miss Halcombe's point of view. I found it funny how she tries her best to be an unbiased teller of the tale, trying to give Sir Glyde the benefit of the doubt, and yet her pre-formed notions of him just keep slipping in there.

Jillian Anyone else love Miss Halcombe as a narrator? Hands down, she is my favorite character. Tired of hearing me write that yet? Too bad.

Actually, the part that I found the most interesting was the comparison between Limmeridge House and Blackwater Park. I couldn't help but feel that Blackwater was created as a dark mirror to Limmeridge. Both have gardens, but Limmeridge is full of light and flowers. Blackwater is dark, both inside and out. The halls are dark, the house is in need of repair, the gardens are overgrown. Both places share winding paths, but in Limmeridge, the path winds through rose gardens to a nice little garden spot to sit and draw (ironically, the first spot that Hartright sees Laura); Blackwater has the same windy path, but it snakes through overgrown fir trees to a eerie lake and a creepy little boathouse. And instead of finding Laura there, we see a Mrs. Catherick's dying dog. Very strange.

The house gives me the creeps...and I do think it sheds some light (ironic, I know) on Sir Percival's character as oftentimes the outside world can reflect something about the character's inner nature. I think this might be true of Blackwater Park!

Andrea Sorry, I was really behind so I'm very late in posting most comments on this section.

I also love Miss Halcombe as the narrator, I was happy to see that she is also starting off the 2nd Epoch. The stench of fishyness with Sir Percival is so rotten I'm dying to read on and discover what he has hidden!

Kristi (kristicoleman) oh, poor Miss Halcombe, and Laura too! I'm gonna go read the next bit so I can see what happens, but I was so bummed about the wedding! And Walter went to South! I wonder what will become of him? Off to get to the next section!

Andrea Ohh, how I miss poor Walter :)

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