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((okay, I started a new RP! YAY!))

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Ji Mei  (jimei) The moon glowed on the rippling ocean. The stars a prick of light in the dark fabric of the sky. The slight breeze fluttered Jana's hair as the raft drifted aimlessly. She sighed as she didn't spot any land. She hung her head with weariness. Sleep overcame her, and that raft that survived the shipwreck floated to the west.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) Jana awoke to the sound of seagulls and heavy footsteps. She blinked in surprise, and sat up slowly to stare at merchants, sailors, and workmen bustling about. The raft slowly drifted towards the shore, until it bumped against the dock. She got unsteadily to her feet and walked towards the town.

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Rinette wandered the streets, bored with nothing to do.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) ((aww come on! I've been writing paragraphs and you write a sentence?!?!))

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((sorry. my person didn't have much to do.))

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Ji Mei  (jimei) There was loud music and boisterous laughter from taverns as Jana walked towards the center of town, looking for an inn.

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Rinette looked at the different shops and taverns. Coming to the housing part of town, she paused, then turned around. No one to visit. Rinette wondered what she was going to do next when her stomach rumbled and she winced, then sighed and headed back the way she came. Inn or tavern? she asked herself.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) Jana noticed a warm glow from a large building with a sign of a bed hanging over the door. She hesitated before she nudged the door open and warmth spilled out into the night. She quietly moved to a table by a window.

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The inn was closer, so Rinette walked into the inn. She walked to a tiny table in the darkest corner.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny rode through the fields on her way to aruluen.

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Devin stepping into the inn asks for " meat,bread and water"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny stopped by the inn and wlked in.

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Devin in the corner saw the door open and who came through.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny sneezed.

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Devin seeing the young ranger walks over to the innkeeper two coffees please

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny walks over to the counter bar thing sneezing.

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Devin sitting beside her saying "this will help" setting a coffee in front of her "where is your mentor?"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments She sipped it"he's in redmont. Where's yours?"

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"didn't say."Devin "so how is your training going?"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments "good thank you. Yours?"

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"pretty well"devin " you wanna move to that table in the corner?"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny smiled"sure"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny smiled"sure"

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Devin taking the seat so his back was to the wall asks "how has you mentor been?"

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Rinette listened to the two apprentices with a tiny smile on her face. Oh their mentors would be so mad if they knew they were in this inn where anything could happen to them.

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Devin "your good but not enough rinette."

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((we gonna play))

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((e-mail me when you start playin))

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny smiled"Excellent. Yours?"

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Fine"Devin said in a good mood

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments "Thats good." She looked at the bar"Hey can i get some coffee?! please?!"

The bar nman smiled and nodded and started it.

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"Two please"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments "Oh right sorry. I didnt know if you wanted any.... Sorry i should have asked. Sorry!"

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"It's okay"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments "Ill go get them." She stood up and walked over to the bar.

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Devin smiled

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments She came back and sat them down"There you go."

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments He sat down a jar of honey and put a spoonful into hers.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments ((hello?))

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Devin shook his head drinking his black

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments Penny made a face"You drink it black. Ewie."She sipped her smiling.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments ((i got Penny a pic:) ))

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Devin rolled his eyes smiling

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments ((there should be someone outside spying on them))

Penny giggled and sipped it again.

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Devin "What"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments "Nothing!" She said sitting it down.

A figure watched them in the dark of a alley.

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Devin "Sure"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 100 comments She laughed."So. Have you been on a mission recently?"

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Devin "Yeah just got back from a diplomatic protection to Scandia"

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