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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (lchacha) I need help. How do you show the shortcut that looks like a book? I tried right-clicking & copy/paste on the goodreads book cover image but it only copies the link and not the image.

Hope I made myself clear as to what I am trying to

message 2: by Wan (new)

Wan (wanwaddell) | 143 comments Above the comment box

1. click add book/author
2. at the bottom of the pop-up box -- choose if you want to add link or cover
3. type book title and click search
4. just add the book

Hopt this help.

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (lchacha) Haha..thx Wan, I never even saw that.

message 4: by Ladyhawk (new)

Ladyhawk | 381 comments Don't feel bad Elizabeth! That drove me crazy for a bit too. Finally got it! ;0)

message 5: by Wan (new)

Wan (wanwaddell) | 143 comments Elizabeth wrote: "Haha..thx Wan, I never even saw that."

You're Welcome.

message 6: by Marg (new)

Marg (margreads) | 76 comments Is it possible to mark all as read within a thread?

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