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Judy After we both read the book, my husband and I had fun speculating on the futures of the characters who so came to life in the story. How did Carlito turn out? Did he become a politican as Rose predicted, or maybe a doctor like his granpa? What about Jim and Rose--did they live "happily ever after?" And did she fare as a single mom during the Depression?

After you've read the book, we'd like to know what you think!

Marc94 Jim and Rose probably stayed together for a while, if not for the rest of their lives. I imagine Jim lived until probably around the mid-1960s and Rose a bit longer.
Grace probably returned to painting, but I imagine she had some trouble with the depression, but if she was ever in desperate need, she could go to Jim.
Carlito probably grew up to become quite smart and I could see him being either a doctor or politician. I wonder if he even ended up being in the Korean War?

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