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"Couldn't Have Done it without Alan Watt and the 90 Day Novel!"

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Carolynstotes The 90 Day Novel is a savior!! Having never written a full piece before, I signed up for one of Alan Watt's 90 Day Novel Workshops and now am forever grateful!
I truly believe I never would have finished my first novel without the brilliance of the 90 Day Novels guidance. The structure it gives along with a 90 day time commitment creates an environment for creativity to freely flourish within the natural journey towards a transformation. The Daily Writing Exercises that stoke the fire of the imagination, along with the Structure Questions give a perfect balance through the writing process.

Now having experience how effective this way of working is, I am thrilled to begin my next project, and the 90 Day Novel will be there the whole way. This book is an inspiration, an illumination, and a solid instrument of story which allows anyone to play the beautiful symphony of their heart and mind toward a tangible creation. It's a must have for any writer, and after reading several other books on writing, it is my number 1 choice and recommendation.

Boingboing I have this book and started using it before unfortunate familial circumstances had me making choices about what became a priority. From the parts that I had done prior to being forced to stop, I had enjoyed the process immensely.

Now, that is behind me and I look forward to cracking open this book again, starting from scratch and this time making it all the way to the end.


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