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Jeff Watson | 46 comments A glimmer arose from the unmarked deeps, flaring yellow-gold as a lamp, or the fire that glance off the eye of a dragon

This was the first time I began to realize just what was going on with Davien's well and drops of water.

'Only the distanced memory of another night, lit by a fire the Sorcerer Traithe has laid on another desolate shore-line. His word to her then, imparted in kindness, had been of an augury shown to the Warden of Althain. For good or ill, she was the one spirit alive who would come to know Arithon best. 'Should your Master of Shadows fail you, or you fail him, the outcome will call down disaster.'

Sounds to me like this puts a lot on the shoulders of two people... seemingly the fate of the entire world.

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments Boy, is that the truth! I am just now rereading this one.

John | 139 comments I don't have my book handy, but I liked hearing Sidir point out that, you know, Lysaer was the agressor every damned time! I get so sick of hearing the Lysaer and the alliance bellyache about how they so many people have died at the hand of Arithon and his people. It's like they expect Arithon and the clans to just roll over and die because their cause is so righteous. Give me a break! So this is a shout-out to Sidir for offering a bit of perspective.

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